A minimalist design dressed in soft hues is usually a winner when it comes to HDB designs in Singapore. Add a sophisticated contemporary touch, and you have a house that is sure to draw attention, just as we, at Livspace, refurbished this 4-room resale HDB interior design at Fernvale Street. The brief? This young family desired a cosy, breezy and minimalistic home with soft hues where they can relax and enjoy after coming back home. Keeping up with Singapore’s interior design trends, we also included space-saving and storage elements to keep the layout simple and airy. Let’s tour this home!

Who Livs here: Li Meihui and her family 

Location: Fernvale Street 

Type of home: 4-room resale HDB flat 

Design team: Interior Designer Yong Kun and Business Manager Danson 

Livspace service: Flooring, hacking, carpentry, painting, tiling, electrical rewiring, false ceiling, and appliances  

Budget: $$$ 


To create a cosy HDB interior design for this home at Fernvale Street, Singapore making the best use of limited space

What We Loved
The seamless storage units designed throughout the home

Look Out For
– The sliding door partition between kitchen and dining area 
– The use of soft colour palettes throughout the home
– The long hanging pendant light covering almost entire dining space

Biggest Indulgence
Strategic planning and placement of the power points and electrical outlets to suit the appliance needs

This Living Room Sparkles with Pleasantly Minimalistic Vibes

resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-minimalistic-living-room
Keep your living room uncluttered and clean to keep it spacious
resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-TV-unit-storage
Storage-intensive TV unit is a good idea for HDB homes

The house has a spacious, breezy living room that is appropriate for a modern, contemporary dwelling. Livspace ID Yong Kun followed the open layout in this HDB interior design at Fernvale Street in Singapore with a natural flow of light. As requested by the couple, our Livspace ID made sure to include lots of storage to maintain a spatial flow throughout the house.

The living room is bathed in soft wooden tones, and furnished with only the essentials. The focal point of the room is a modern, storage-intensive TV unit dressed in neutrals. The sleek coffee table with a white top adds necessity and practicality to this minimalistic design. The walls sport the neutrals and the false ceiling with track lights enhance the room’s softness.

A Dining Area Flaunting Soft Colours, Curved Edges and Seamless Storage

resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-open-layout
Curved edges with soft neutral tones maintain the spatial flow
resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-storage-intensive-space
Add a seamless storage to your living space

According to Yong Kun, the dining room is one of the best spaces in this 4-room HDB design in Fernvale Street, Singapore. It lies directly between the living room and kitchen, and is designed very elegantly. The Livspace design team made the deliberate choice to “soften the edges” of the home due to the angular designs of the floor plan. The dining table and the chairs follow the same colour theme as there is throughout the house. The hanging pendant light with curved edges draws immediate attention. A sliding door separates the kitchen from the dining area which not only demarcates the two regions but also maintains the continuity of space even when it is closed. 

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The Kitchen in This 4-Room Resale HDB Design at Fernvale Street Is Packed with Utility

resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-parallel-utility-kitchen
Parallel design is perfect for compact kitchens
resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-dreamy-white-kitchen
Light colour scheme is a hallmark of a modern contemporary aesthetic

The kitchen in this resale HDB interior design at Fernvale Street is renovated in whites and neutrals, and has lots of storage space. The light colour scheme and straightforward design of this parallel kitchen give it all the hallmarks of a modern contemporary aesthetic. It’s interesting to note that the cabinets are painted in whites and are handleless for a seamless look. With the white laminate countertops this kitchen is both functional and practical.

We Revamped the Electrical Plug Points Too

resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-revamped-power-points
Plan your kitchen power points strategically to distribute the load of equipment

Another noteworthy element in the kitchen design (actually the entire home) is the alignment of the electrical and power sockets with the requirement. Li Meihui wanted our designers to rework on the electrical plug points. So, Livspace designer Yong kun planned the power points accordingly in this HDB interior design at Fernvale Street, Singapore. The original 4-room resale HDB design at Fernvale Street had asic power points but based on the appliances the homeowners had, he planned them strategically. We also installed a line socket in the kitchen and the living room as we foresaw that there’s going to be a huge use of appliances in these two areas. Also, we can always add more sockets to it.

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A Simple and Comfortable Master Bedroom with Maximum Storage

resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-minimalistic-bedroom
Keep your bedroom simple, uncluttered and clean to keep it spacious
resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-seamless-bedroom-storage
Big windows in bedrooms maintain continual flow of natural light and air

The homeowners wished to maintain a tidy and uncluttered bedroom. The absence of extra furniture gives the area a serene, minimalist atmosphere that is perfect for them to unwind in.

The room also features the same neutral colour flow with seamless wardrobe for storage. Next to the bed, attached to the wardrobe, is a nightstand creating a cosy nook for the decorative accessories. The big window, on the other hand, maintains the flow of natural light and air.

We’ve Played Around With Colours and Accessories in This Bathroom Design

resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-quaint-bathroom-designs
The glass shower partition in the bathroom keeps the space neat and tidy
resale-hdb- interior-design-fernvale-street-common-bathroom
Wood-finished cabinets in the bathroom help the space feel lighter despite its compact size

Yong Kun and colleagues were restricted by space, as in most HDB toilets. They were, nevertheless, able to give the two bathrooms a contemporary appearance, though. Both bathrooms include shower stalls, and even feature floating cupboards with wood finishes for all the homeowners’ storage requirements.

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