You’ll never guess that the marble-esque finishes in this private condominium in Singapore is actually glossy laminate! This home uses monochromes to recreate the feel of the interiors of a plush hotel.

condominium singapore-bedroom design-mirror panelling-floor lamp-wooden flooring
Platform bed with mirrors for storage that doesn’t look cluttered

Who livs here: Mr Chua N.S. and his wife, Haniza Hashim
Type of home: Condo spanning 100 sq metres
Livspace team: Noel Tan for Interior Design and Kent Loke for Project Management
Livspace service: Living room, kitchen, master bedroom and study, including design, demolition, masonry, wall finishing, false ceiling, floor polishing, painting, lighting and electricals
Budget: $$$$$

Mr. Chua N.S. and his wife, who run a home-based digital services company, were eager to have their private condominium in Singapore renovated. And since they had rented it out for the past nine years, the wear and tear needed mending as well. Having gone through the designs of four leading interior design firms in Singapore, the couple had a hard time deciding – until they spoke to Livspace designer Noel Chong.

In the very first meeting, Noel understood exactly what the homeowners were looking for—this is an extremely important and underestimated step. His design ideas breathed life into the home interiors that the couple always wanted. Peek in and see how this condo turned out!

Plush Living Room Design

condominium singapore-living room-marble finish laminate
Black panels create the illusion of depth in the otherwise flat false ceiling
condominium singapore-living room-marble finish laminate-dark green curtains
Dark green drapes breaks the monotony of this black and white room
condominium singapore-living room-marble finish laminate
Marble finish glossy white laminate makes the TV unit stand out

Keeping the luxe theme in mind, Noel designed a marble-esque feature wall for the TV. Made of marble finish glossy laminates, this black-and-white feature wall comes with gold trims. A copper-tinted mirror completes the look.

In keeping with the monochrome colour scheme, Noel designed the false ceiling with black recess, with ceiling strips in a black finish. This creates an interesting contrast for the false ceiling and creates visual depth. The black recess also has twin spotlights with soft white lights for ambient lighting.

Dark green drapes complete the room. While it can be a bold colour choice, , it works as a daintier accent colour that adds to the plush look of the interiors. The marble-esque tiles on the floors were regrouted and cleaned to add to the charm of the space.

The overall ambience in the living room is reminiscent of hotel rooms and plush private condos, just as the homeowners wanted. 

A Custom Home Office

condominium singapore-home office-living room-laminate finishes-gold trims
Gold trims tie the home together
condominium singapore-home office-living room-laminate finishes-gold trims
Grey-green leather chairs from Ikea

Noel had impressed Chua with his ideas for the small home office. Since the couple works predominantly from home, the design is a marriage of storage and functionality. Noel finalised the table and seating heights with special attention to the couple’s requirements. Instead of the typical black office chair, Noel picked grey-green leather chairs that add to the modern look of the space. The cabinets are covered with glossy white laminate strips with gold accents.

“In my very first discussion with Noel, I realised that he had grasped the concept of the home we wanted. Since he could envision what we wanted in the home, the time it took to design the condo was cut down considerably. We love the final look!”

– Chua N.S. and Haniza Hashim, Livspace Homeowners

High on Storage, Low on Clutter Bedroom

condominium singapore-bedroom design-mirror panelling-floor lamp-wooden flooring
Platform bed with mirrors for storage that doesn’t look cluttered
condominium singapore-bedroom design-mirror panelling-floor lamp-wooden flooring
Mirror panels on the wardrobe to open up the space
condominium singapore-bedroom design-mirror panelling-floor lamp-wooden flooring-marble finish laminate headboard
Floor lamp from Ikea for bedside lighting

We love the black marble-finish glossy laminate headboard in the couple’s condominium in Singapore. To add to the rich look, Noel has used white laminate and gold strips. A platform bed ensures ample storage space, while mirrors on the platform as well as the wardrobe open up the space. Noel has also created cove lighting as a part of the bedhead.

Since the condo had bay seating in the living room and master bedroom, Noel has beautifully integrated them into the design. In this room, they are separated from the main room by sheer white curtains. This creates a cosy nook to catch up over a cuppa.

The extensive use of mirrors help to create a spacious look for the compact bedroom. In addition, the matte grey laminate flooring provides an interesting hotel vibe while still tying in with the overall colour scheme of the room. The wardrobe, coupled with a simple dressing console, makes the most of space.

A Space of One’s Own

bedroom-study unit-man cave
Glossy grey laminates for the man-cave

This study unit or man cave is a part of the common bedroom. Chua wanted a dedicated space for gaming and the storing of collectibles. Since they also had part-time staff or freelancers working out of their residence, they wanted this room to be designed in such a way that they could work out of this space comfortably. The glossy grey laminate in this room adds to the masculine feel of the space, as opposed to white laminates used across the home.

“I enjoy working on modern luxe-themed homes, but this took the design element up a notch. I was able to understand exactly what the homeowners wanted, and gave them a home they loved!”

– Noel Chong, Interior Designer, Livspace.

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