This three-bedroom HDB BTO design is dressed in whites, pops of pastels and stunning wooden grains. The Scandinavian-styled home is simply a visual treat!

Inspired by minimal Nordic-Scandinavian interiors

Who livs here: A couple, Ian Ng and Wong Huiting

Size of home: A five-room HDB

Design team: Interior Designer Noel Tan & Project manager Ricky Lee

Livspace service: Full Home Design

Budget: $$$$$

For homeowners, Ian Ng and Wong Huiting, it was all about creating a light and airy home with a specific colour palette. They also had their hearts set on a transforming a complete room into a walk-in wardrobe and getting a bar counter in the living room. Sounds like the perfect home to unwind in at the end of the day, doesn’t it?

With a keen interest in Nordic styles, Livspace designer Noel Tan has given this flat a whole new contemporary look. Strictly sticking to the theme, Noel has chalked out a space-efficient design characterised by cool tones. Here’s the tour!

This Living Room Design Puts the Fun in Functional

 Designed with a false ceiling and minimal track lights
Rose gold pendant lights adds a touch of luxury to the bar counter
 Dressed in plenty of gold detailing and pastel fabrics

Stepping into the all-white living room, the design is quite restful on the eyes. The aim was to create a space that was visually minimal and uncluttered. “White marble-looking materials are chosen as the primary detail that resonates with the modern Scandinavian theme,” says Noel.
Moreover, a noteworthy and unique feature in this room is the simple bar counter. Why? Well, the homeowners enjoy a drink or two after a long day. On other days, they use the bar counter to enjoy their meals while watching a movie. Constructed by the team, it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the decor. 

However, the lounge is not devoid of colour. This HDB BTO design is the perfect blank canvas for wooden finishes, rose gold lighting and pastel green fabrics.

Dining in Style & Comfort

A Scandinavian-themed dining room
A unique glass partition that separates the kitchen from the dining room
The linear sprawl chandelier ties the room together

The dining room represents the Scandinavian style to the T. However, it’s also a lesson on designing a spacious room with limited space. The dining room is separated from the kitchen by a glass partition. This helps in giving the kitchen an open look while it contains its function to its own layout.

Subsequently, the couple liked the idea of having a wooden six-seater dining table even though they enjoy their meals at the bar counter. The basic round mirror on the wall reflects natural light from the windows.

Moreover, soft lighting is an important element in Scandinavian style. Therefore, Noel and the homeowners opted for a trendy linear sprawl chandelier.

Kitchen Design with a Touch of Teal

A durable design for a compact parallel kitchen
Packed with functional storage like tandem drawers
Dark teal handle less cabinets in laminate finish 
Backsplash covered in ceramic tiles with a marble motif design

Now that’s a dreamy kitchen! “The third colour in the overall scheme is a dark shade of teal. I used this modern hue in the kitchen cabinets and master bedroom,” says Noel. The wall and base cabinets are in a laminate finish as they are less susceptible to colour change. Consequently, a mix of brass-gold handles and seamless cabinets elevates the look too.

The backsplash is covered in marble motif ceramic tiles similar to the flooring in the living room and hallway.

Pastel-themed Master Bedroom

Plenty of natural light for this pastel teal and grey coloured bedroom
Light wood vinyl flooring brightens up the room
The glass ball floor lamp acts as the perfect reading lamp

A cool calming colour scheme like this one for the bedroom is a breath of fresh air. Similar to the living room and kitchen in this HDB BTO design the scheme has whites, greys and pastel teal colours. Furthermore, adding to the Scandinavian design is the light wooden side table and chest of drawers used for storage. Since minimal lighting is a key component in this style of design, Noel has opted for one glass ball floor lamp and track lights for task lighting. Lastly, the bedroom has all new vinyl flooring.

Step into Their Spacious Wardrobe

The storage is made of durable plywood and laminate finish

Moving away from the set theme of whites and greys, this room has a dusty pink setting. The homeowners wanted this room to act as their walk-in wardrobe. The storage carcass is in plywood while showing off a durable laminate finish.

The table top with a terrazzo finish
Vanity unit designed with a built-in display cum organiser

The room converted into a walk-in wardrobe has a striking feature, the vanity unit. This has a pullout drawer that also serves as a semi-display organiser for their accessories and jewellery. Consequently, the counter laminate has a terrazzo-look.

And lastly, the beautiful bathrooms

The floor and walls are covered in sleek ceramic tiles
 Attention to detail with gold leaf-pulled handles
A minimal design for the common bathroom
One wall is covered in chevron pattern ceramic tiles

The master bedroom bathroom is in a sleek grey and black theme that comes from the ceramic tiles that were used for the walls and flooring. Subsequently, both bathrooms in this HDB BTO were designed with great attention to detail.

While one of them has dainty gold coloured leaf-pulled handles, the other has hexagonal handles. Moreover, the chevron pattern tiles in the common bathroom adds texture while the ladder is a great hack if you don’t want to drill holes into your wall for a rack.

“My favourite part was designing the wardrobe. Using the empty room to create a layout that gave the couple a practical space. The design elements were made to suit each of their individual preferences. So the walls colours became a dusty pink while the carpentry became white and gold.”

– Noel Tan, Interior Designer, Livspace

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