Take a cue from this HDB interior design that flaunts a black-and-white colour theme to go with a minimal style.

It’s a white world in this HDB!

Who livs here: James Goh with his wife, Tim

Location: Block 890A, Tampines Ave 1

Type of home: 4-room resale HDB

Livspace team: Interior Designer Weigen Pan with Project Manager Kent Huang

Livspace service: Design, mansory, demolition, carpentry, electrical, plastering, painting, FF&E purchasing

Budget: $$$$$

It all started one day when James Goh and Tim, the couple living in this HDB, decided to stir things up a little. They went looking for interior designers who could bring their ideas to life. This resale HDB has been home to the couple for years now and, as ardent lovers of a minimalist lifestyle, they wanted a very clean design for their home. In stepped Weigen, their designer, and promised to deliver their dream HDB interior design! After a briefing session, Weigen knew he had to take care of the minutest of details to come up with a design that would resonate with the couple.

You will be surprised to see what happened next. Read on.


Check out this unbelievable transformation


The living room is dipped in neutral colours

Grey and white make for an elegant statement
Sheer white curtains are great to let natural light seep in
When there’s enough natural light, keep artificial light minimal
A glass panel extension to create a partition

Weigen describes this space as silent and soothing with sail-white paint on walls that calm the mind. And we couldn’t agree more! Keeping up with the minimal theme is the lone grey-upholstered two-seater sofa. Since Weigen wanted to get a clean look for this HDB interior design, he steered clear of all other furniture. The highlight of this living-cum-dining area is the TV unit in bold matte black and is one of those great 4-room HDB interior design ideas to try.

The customised TV console extends to a matte-black framed-glass partition that has a ledge which can be used for display.

“Since we are very busy, we wanted someone who would keep us informed about the progress of our home. The team at Livspace is very responsive and gave us regular updates. Weigen’s designs are great and he also accompanied us to shop for tiles for our home and gave us recommendations to buy things online as well. It was a fulfilling experience for us!”

James Goh

Livspace Homeowner

A bold statement on a white canvas in the kitchen

hdb-interior-design-kitchen-parallel-layout-glass door
Stark white cabinetry and flooring
Under-cabinet lights are the best task lights for a kitchen
Sleek appliances are like cherry on the cake in a kitchen

There was one thing that could not be compromised while renovating the kitchen and that was the golden triangle and functionality of this space. Weigen took care of even the smallest detail to design this kitchen.

Dark wood textured with a hairline brush-white laminate has been used for the kitchen cabinets. He also added a white quartz non-drip profile for the countertop and backsplash, which is very easy to clean. The appliances and under-cabinet lights make it a lot more functional. It would indeed be fun to cook up a storm in this kitchen now!

The master bedroom is simple and functional yet elegant

This home has a lot of glass doors
A fully upholstered bed for ultimate comfort
Minimal furniture and plain white walls
Tinted black glass wardrobe with sliding shutters

The master bedroom has been opened up by hacking a wall which increased the available space by at least 30%. Weigen wanted to give this bedroom the look and feel of a luxurious presidential suite of a hotel. A queen-size bed with two side tables can now fit in comfortably. We love the tinted black glass wardrobe with sleek profile handles. The couple always wanted a posh-looking wardrobe and this seemed to be the best fit. We love this bedroom in this minimalist 4-room HDB design.

Lending some warmth to this grey-black bedroom are the wooden floor tiles that look natural and soothing.

We turned the common bedroom into a workstation

An ideal workspace for two
An open workstation with light and air circulation

Since they are a working couple, it was essential to create a workstation where they could work peacefully. Weigen hacked the common bedroom and turned it into a workspace with plenty of storage space and natural light. It’s a unique open-concept work zone that is both functional and compact.

The toilets and powder room renovated to be more attractive

Black and white colour combination for the master toilet

For the master bathroom, Weigen wanted to achieve a classic look that would never go out of style. So he chose black tiles for the walls and white slate tiles for the floor to give the illusion of height.

The powder room feels like a walk in the cherry blossom garden
Niches carved into the wall for storage

Since the couple wanted a powder room, Weigencreated it by hacking the common toilet. The inspiration for the concept was hanami, which in Japanese means flower viewing. So what you can see here is a soothing colour combination of pink and white. He had added quartz on the countertop and backsplash and a full-size mirror for the vanity. A smart addition to this powder room is the storage-intensive vanity unit which is water-proof.

“Working with the couple was a rewarding experience as a designer for me, since they were open to my ideas and I could experiment and share my thoughts with them. I had complete freedom to design and they had a lot of ideas that we discussed during our meetings. They are highly professional and fun to work with. I personally loved designing the powder room because it stands in stark contrast to what it was before renovation.”

Weigen Pan

Interior Designer, Livspace

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