This Singapore kitchen renovation underwent a major overhaul and now has the perfect accessories and space for get-togethers and fun times!

A peek into this amazing white kitchen

Who livs here: A family of four

Location: Glentrees

Type of home: 4-room condo

Scope of work: Kitchen renovation

Livspace team: Interior Designer Ava Gui with Project Manager Kent Huang

Livspace service: Design and space planning, demolition, masonry, carpentry

Budget: $$$$$

No amount of praise can do justice to this elegant, classy and unique kitchen renovation at Glentrees. The family residing at this condo wanted to completely redo their 15-year-old kitchen. And this time, they were looking for something that was more open and allowed them to have an active social life. This meant that our designer, Ava, had to plan the design in such a way that it accommodates all their needs without compromising on quality or finesse.

Together with inputs from the couple, she envisioned and designed this kitchen to create a style statement in itself. With pristine white cabinetry and accessories to suit every requirement, this kitchen will leave you wanting more. Read on.

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An overview of this Singapore kitchen renovation

Open kitchen made for fun and entertainment
Well-placed cabinets for maximum space utilisation

The first thing you notice in this kitchen in the unique layout which has been changed completely. Since they wanted an open kitchen, Ava has built an extra counter that serves as a bar counter and also as a divider. On one side, you can spot white profile cabinets and on the other, you will notice appliances and loft storage. The entire space has been expanded to make this kitchen more spacious and comfortable. Let us take you through the highlights of this kitchen renovation.

A bar counter with sleek metal rack

A breakfast corner turned into a bar counter
The rack should hang at appropriate height
Glass shelves make for a visibly lighter rack
A close-up of the powder-coated metal rack
Do not forget the bar stool

Since the couple residing in this condo enjoy their artisanal spirits, they needed a dedicated bar counter for good times. You can spot this extended bar counter that also acts as a connection between the living and dining room. In addition, Ava has added this hanging wine rack where they can display all their favourite bottles and exclusive glasses.

The addition of this bar counter with a hanging rack instantly turns the kitchen into an entertainment zone.

An integrated hob unit

A stainless steel hood looks sleek
Get an integrated cooktop to make the hob area look less busy

This Singapore kitchen renovation is a classic combination of black and white with steel appliances that look very sleek. Moreover, the hob unit here has an integrated oven beneath and a stainless steel chimney on top. Also, this area, with white porcelain tiles on the backsplash and black countertop, looks timeless and sophisticated.

Cabinets and drawer storage

White cabinetry and black handles make a classic pair
Black cabinet knobs look elegant
Classic shaker-style cabinets are an evergreen choice

Coming to the intricate detailing on the cabinetry—you will notice that Ava has taken care of the cabinet finishes and handles for this kitchen too. Tiny black knobs for the cabinets and sleek black handles for the drawers match with the overall theme of this kitchen. Also, storage comes easy with so many cabinets and drawers in this huge L-shaped kitchen layout. It’s a chef and socialite’s dream kitchen, we’d say!

“I wanted to create an open kitchen concept that’s both suitable for entertaining, as well as practical for a family. I incorporated a design style that is elegant, timeless and sophisticated, using black and white. The clients were open and trusted my design ideas and recommendation, making this project a fulfilling one.”

Ava Gui

Interior Designer, Livspace

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