The hardest part of living in a compact condo is maintenance. Too many things can clutter the whole space, making it a pain to clean it. So, we were surprised when we looked at Katherine and Daniel’s one-room condo. It is small yet sufficiently filled up with furniture, that too in an orderly fashion. Their neatly done space inspired some small condo renovation ideas. 

Note down these ideas for reference as they are immensely useful.  

#1: Let the floor and tabletops be visible, devoid of unnecessary clutter

This condo follows an open layout
A svelte TV unit like this doesn’t consume a lot of floor space
Keep the countertop clean for a neat-looking kitchen

Half the job is done if you keep the floor of your compact condo clean and clutter-free. The thumb rule is to keep what you need and discard the rest. It is okay to make a few sacrifices for an airy home. 

What about the furniture, you ask? Go with compact furniture designs for a compact home. Take a look at the TV unit in this living room. It is just a sleek and slim ledge in marble laminate finish, but it efficiently does the job of holding all the electronics and decor items. 

Even in the kitchen, the many storage units are meant for kitchenware, while the countertop holds only a hob, sink, kettle and a plant, making it extremely tidy.  

#2: Use vertical space

Fit in more storage units in the vertical space
Wardrobes with sliding doors save space

Ever heard the phrase — when one door closes, another one opens? Vertical space is like that for a small house. When you don’t have enough horizontal area for storage, you can count on vertical space. Luckily, this condo has high ceilings, and the vertical space is smartly leveraged in the kitchen and bedroom because that’s where you need a lot of storage units. 

A bonus point of utilising the vertical space is that it will make the small area appear larger as one’s eyes will be travelling upwards. 

#3: Have hidden storage 

The arm of the sofa is a good place to have a couple of shelves
The trunk of this dining table has a concealed storage
The niche storage unit is a useful addition to the toilet

Many small condo renovation ideas may come and go, but storage-related ones will stay on top of every list. One of the things that we rave about Katherine and Daniel’s home is how they have seamlessly integrated storage with their main furniture. 

The living room sofa has a few shelves on its arm while the dining table is a trunk-style one, facilitating a concealed storage unit. One other room that requires storage space is the toilet. Here, they have included a cabinet hidden behind the vanity mirror as well as a niche storage unit beside it. 

#4: Make it visually light

A straight kitchen is perfect for narrow spaces

In what ways can you keep your home looking visually light other than avoiding bulky furniture? Designers vouch for paints to do the trick. Neutral shades are the go-to option in this aspect. But a room can be made visually light by opting for the same colour for walls and furniture or, in this case, different tones of the same colour. 

Here, the wall is also left empty, further making the space appear less busy. 

#5: Multifunctional/floor bed and floating furniture saves space

For small bedrooms, a sofa-cum-bed is ideal
Consider floating storage units for toilets too

Always, we repeat, always opt for furniture that has more than one purpose. What you see in Katherine and Daniel’s bedroom is a sofa that transitions into a floor bed. When not in use, it saves a lot of floor space and makes movement easier. 

Floating units like the one in the toilet also helps in maintaining a clutter-free space. Therefore, when it comes to small condo renovation ideas, floating and multifunctional furniture are unavoidable. 

How can Livspace help you?

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