When you buy an HDB flat, you may or may not have the intention of selling it in the future. However, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect its HDB valuation if you choose to sell it later on. In most cases, it’s always better to plan ahead to avoid any resale hiccups along the road. The same way, it can be fairly hard to ascertain the best possible ways to safeguard your HDB resale valuation. You might have a vague idea of what could increase your home’s value, but a dedicated list is one sure-fire way to protect yourself from financial loss in the future. 

To help, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow list of methods you could consider to improve the HDB valuation of your home. Read on for more details!

How to Increase Your HDB Resale Valuation

So, what does the whole idea of HDB valuation really mean for a homeowner? In simple terms, your HDB valuation is the estimated value your home holds once it is up for sale. Depending on how the HDB is purchased, buyers can negotiate the sale price and request an HDB valuation for exact estimates. Wondering what you can do to increase your HDB flat valuation? Here are some important ideas to consider:

#1: Pick a Style That’s Timeless and Tasteful

When in doubt, keep it minimal with neutral palettes and a functional design

Are you someone who loves to embrace the bold and avant garde? If yes, you might want to reconsider your options while finalising your design preferences. Though there is a certain charm in new and emerging interior design styles, they might not be as well received by all audiences. The same goes for your HDB valuation running the risk of being valued lower. That being said, when you design your home in a very unconventional way, the chances of finding a buyer who would accept it as it is might be just as low. 

Most buyers in the market will want a home that is easy to customise in a way that is personal to them. However, if your home has atypical features, they would have to renovate and redesign the space to customise it as they see fit. This, in turn, runs up their overall costs and in turn lowers your HDB flat valuation.

Conversely, a more timeless style that is widely sought after in the market, is more likely to find a willing buyer and fetch a higher HDB valuation. If you’re wondering what exactly would qualify as a ‘tasteful’ design, you might benefit from consulting an interior designer

Don’t Forget to Make Functional Updates for Your HDB Flat Valuation Too

Besides design, you also need to ensure that certain functional-level updates are carried out to improve your HDB property valuation. Older HDBs run the risk of using old wiring that might be a potential risk to newer appliances. In some cases, old wiring might trip the circuit breaker and set a bad precedent for new homeowners. To avoid this, ensure you replace all the necessary wiring before buyers apply for an HDB valuation. 

Additionally, also consider replacing your exterior-facing windows to boost your HDB valuation. However, please take note that such changes will require an HDB permit to proceed with. So before you make any drastic changes, be sure to consult with a designer or renovation contractor on HDB laws and regulations.

#2: Upgrade Your Kitchen to Improve Your HDB Resale Valuation

A clean and functional kitchen design is key to improving your HDB flat valuation

A fully functional kitchen is a must-have in every home. Just as you would want your kitchen to be at the top of its game, the same goes for prospective home buyers. That being said, one of the sure-fire ways to increase your HDB valuation is to upgrade your kitchen design before you sell your HDB flat. 

While upgrading your kitchen to improve your HDB resale valuation, your focus should be on a design that is functional and tasteful. Since this space will be the most used spot in the home, buyers would want a design that is neat and well organised. You can deliver on the same with an upgraded kitchen that would not require further renovation by new homeowners. 

Also note that the degree and type of upgrade you choose should be in line with the buyer demographic in your area. If most buyers are not in the high-spend category, they might not be able to afford a home that you have spent a fortune on upgrading. If your home runs the risk of requiring drastic upgrades post purchase, your HDB valuation further drops. 

A few HDB valuation upgrades you can consider for the kitchen are: replacing the backsplash, refurbishing the cabinets, adding kitchen accessories for storage etc. If you are short on space and would like to give off the impression of a spacious kitchen, you could also go for built-in kitchen cabinets. 

However, you should narrow down a design and style that is timeless to ensure that future buyers do not have to re-do the cabinetry if the built-ins are not functional. This, in turn, ensures that your HDB property valuation stays in the green.

#3: Consider a Simple Bathroom Remodel

Ensure your bathroom upgrades are family-friendly for a better HDB property valuation

Much like the kitchen, bathrooms are next on the list of high-priority areas that your HDB valuation depends on. Since bathrooms are known to be wet areas, they might require a fair bit of attention to ensure that they are in good condition. Similar to refurbishing and upgrading your kitchen cabinetry, look at upgrading your bathroom vanity if it is in poor shape. 

Other than this, you could also replace your fixtures, accessories and lighting options if they are at the end of their lifecycle. Similarly, be sure to check if all your plumbing is in working condition as this is an important criteria for HDB valuation and buyer assessment. If you have tiles with exposed grout joints, you might also want to consider cleaning this as it could be off-putting to new buyers. These simple upgrades also double as small scale, cost-effective ways to boost your HDB resale valuation.

Instead of looking at redoing the entire bathroom, embrace smaller upgrades that can take this space up a notch without breaking the bank. Similarly, you could also explore family-proofing the space to make it safe for multigenerational use. The inclusion of essentials like non-slip bathroom tiles and handlebars can improve your HDB valuation.

#4: Plan Your Renovations in a Timely Manner

Time your renovations in a way that keeps your home move-in ready

It’s important to find the right time to renovate your home before selling, as the newer the renovations, the better it is for your HDB valuation. However, this also depends on the nature of the renovation and the type of style you have selected. As we mentioned before, functional and minimal designs tend to improve HDB valuation over atypical designs. This is because such homes are easy to redesign and decorate as the buyer sees fit. 

For modern homes, some particular easy-to-maintain design styles, like modern, minimalist or contemporary, are typically more in demand and are more flexible than something very specific and catered. Old-fashioned homes run the risk of requiring more upgrades for which can, in turn, lower your HDB resale valuation. 

Also note that renovations over 10 years old are mostly seen as a liability to your HDB valuation. Banks typically value newly renovated homes/HDBs at a higher rate compared to older unrenovated units. In some cases, the buyer demographics also play a role in determining your HDB valuation. Younger buyers might be more likely to upgrade their homes themselves and might prefer an older, less expensive unit. 

Similarly, older buyers might prefer a home that is in ready-to-move condition rather than one that needs renovation. With these factors in mind, you can determine when to renovate your house for a better HDB flat valuation.

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#5: Pick the Right Kind of Flooring

Pick your flooring based on the buyer demographic you would be selling to

Flooring is another area that can hike the HDB resale valuation of your home. Based on the type of materials you choose, you stand to increase or lower your home’s value. Marble and parquet are commonly known to be popular choices for flooring that can increase your HDB valuation. 

However, these materials are also fairly high-maintenance and will require proactive care to sustain. This could also lead to potential buyer turn-offs if you are looking to sell to budget buyers. Invest in high-end flooring materials to boost your HDB valuation only if the buyers in your area can afford to match the price.

Renovation Works That Could Hurt Your HDB Resale Value

Now that you know how to increase your HDB valuation, let’s also look at what could reduce it. This way, you can make a well-informed decision on how best to approach your current and future home renovations.

#1: Built-in Furniture Units

Only go for classic built-in furniture if you’re sure it will retain its value in the future

In terms of storage and a clean finish, built-in furniture might seem like a perfectly viable option. However, being difficult to replace, they might not be the most conducive option for your HDB valuation. The built-ins that work well for you might not be ideal for others who have a different vision for their home. 

For this reason, loose furniture is a lot easier for new homeowners to modify as they see fit. So, the more built-ins you have, the more likely your HDB valuation is to drop unless they are highly functional in design.

#2: Elaborate False Ceilings

Keep your ceiling height intact by only using the edges of your ceiling

It’s no surprise that a well-designed false ceiling can amp up the style quotient of your home. Despite the classy look these ceilings lend to the space, they can also be a risk to your HDB valuation. Standard HDB ceilings rest at a height of 2.6 m while false ceilings take up about 15 cm of this space. In turn, this reduces the height of your ceiling and can make your room appear shorter/lower than it is. 

If a false ceiling is a must for you, safeguard your HDB resale value with a partial false ceiling. This way, only the corners/edges of the ceiling are covered and the centre is left free to install a fan or other fixtures. 

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#3: Wall Hacking to Minimise the Number of Rooms or Open Up the Space

Consider creating flexible spaces that do not require structural changes or hacking

Besides requiring an HDB permit to carry out, hacked walls can also reduce your HDB valuation for various reasons. The main one being that it reduces the overall number of rooms in your home which might not have much appeal for families. Families looking to buy a home might prefer the option of more bedrooms to accommodate each family member. If you hack away most of these rooms, the chances of a lower HDB valuation are high if the home lacks functionality. 

Instead, to partition spaces, use flexible partitioning such as siding doors or movable screens. This can help give your space the privacy it requires without the effort of making structural changes.

#4: Opting for Flooring that is Hard to Maintain or Needs to be Replaced 

Instead of options like cement screed, try homogenous tiles for durability

You might think that more expensive flooring materials offer better durability and add to your HDB resale valuation. While you are right to assume that materials like hardwood and marble are better for your HDB valuation, they might work against you depending on the buyer demographic. Since a lot of high-end materials border on the high-maintenance side, they can be too much of an investment for some homeowners. 

In some cases, you might have opted for relatively cost-effective options like cement screed for your flooring instead of marble. Though these materials come with their own set of benefits, they can actually turn out to be high-maintenance if not cared for properly. If buyers have to shell out more money to replace such materials, your HDB valuation is likely to take a hit.

#5: Extensive Wallpapering

Go for a fresh coat of paint or a simple painted mural wall instead of wallpaper

With extensive wallpapering comes just as much effort to remove it, if the new buyers opt for paint instead. If your entire home is covered in wallpaper, it’s going to be quite the task to replace the coverings in each room. So instead of redoing the wallpaper before you sell it, consider going in for a fresh coat of paint in neutral colours. Keeping a neutral or minimalist palette/design to the space is a sure-fire way to improve your HDB valuation.

Other Tips to Enhance Your HDB Property Valuation

  • Embrace minimalism and declutter 
  • Consider repainting your home 
  • Maintain your bathroom and toilet 
  • Replace any occurrence of damaged flooring  
  • Seek professional support for major renovations

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