We all have gone through or are going through the perils of working in a small kitchen. Along with bearing limited storage and a dingy look, small kitchens are also tedious to move around in. We see and hear your problems and have some ideas up our sleeve for the ideal kitchen design.

Follow all or a combination of these ideas to turn your kitchen from cramped to highly functional. 

#1: Use a neutral colour palette

Neutral colours create an illusion of space

This basic and most important rule applies to every room of a compact home. A property of neutral colours that we all are thankful for is its nature to create an illusion of space. So, paint your kitchen in neutrals such as whites, greys and tans to make the room bright and airy.  

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#2: Follow the Golden Triangle

The golden triangle ensures efficiency in the kitchen

The kitchen golden triangle is a fairly simple rule to follow. It advocates that the hob, sink and refrigerator fall in the lines of a triangle. This ensures a smoother workflow by balancing the distance between the three hotspots of a kitchen.

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If you are wondering which layout is good for small spaces, it is the U-shaped layout. It is convenient and can facilitate a lot of storage and countertop space in a small area. 

#3: Take advantage of vertical space

Using the vertical space makes the ceiling look higher

Vertical space is often overlooked. You don’t have to make the same mistake. Using vertical space for storage is one of the cleverest ideas for an ideal kitchen design. You will not only get adequate storage space, but it also will make the room appear spacious by directing the gaze upwards and away from the small horizontal area. 

#4: Make it bright and airy

Dark shadows further shrink compact spaces. So let the light in

Open those doors and let the light in. Natural light is good for you and your kitchen. It instantly brightens up any compact space. All this is possible only if you have a window or balcony in your kitchen. If it is not the case, all you do is opt for good lighting fixtures instead. Throw in some pendant, ceiling and task lights, and let them work their magic.     

#5: Choose reflective surfaces

High gloss laminate finish is a popular choice for small kitchens

Reflective surfaces, like mirrors and glossy laminates, create an illusion of space. This happens because light bounces off the surface and makes the room appear spacious and bright. A high gloss laminate finish for your kitchen cabinets will do the job. 

#6: Opt for smart modular storage

Declutter your kitchen with smart storage accessories

For a practical and tidy looking small kitchen, everything comes down to how you store your kitchenware. Thankfully, modular storage is here to save you. Have enough deep cabinets and shelves. Also, get your hands on kitchen accessories like pull-out trays, carousel units, bottle pull-outs, baskets etc., to neatly arrange all of your cookware and ingredients. 

Remember to have a space for every object so that you don’t clutter the countertop and other areas. 

#7: Have clean horizontal lines

Visually widen the space with long rows of cabinets

For your small kitchen to appear wider, clean horizontal lines will do the trick. Have many rows of cabinets and shelves to widen the compact space visually. You can even use wallpapers with horizontal lines to widen your field of view. 

#8: Clean and minimal flooring for ideal kitchen design

Pick flooring options that are plain and simple 

Flooring is another area to focus on if you want to achieve that spacious look. Choose plain, clean flooring such as wood, cement or natural stone. Avoid patterned tiles as it can make the already small area look cluttered. 

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#9: Use under-cabinet lighting

No source of natural light? Task lighting is your best friend

Haven’t we covered lighting already? Yes, but we can’t emphasise the importance of kitchen lighting enough. The ceiling light fixture is not sufficient for brightening up the room, especially if there’s no natural light source. So, fix recessed lights or LED strip lights under the cabinets so that the area looks bigger and brighter.

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#10: Don’t clutter the counters

Your workstation must be a clutter-free zone

The first and the last step to a spacious-looking compact kitchen is to clean and maintain it regularly. Cluttering the countertop and open shelves with unnecessary things will make your kitchen look too busy, shrinking it. Therefore, ensure you store away everything properly so that the workstation is neat, facilitating a good flow of work.  

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