Thinking about doing or re-working on the interior design for 3-room HDB flat?  Well, there are a lot of options to explore! Most homeowners prefer to strike the balance between comfort and functionality. And we know something about that balance at Livspace. If you are looking for 3-room flat design ideas, we bring you inspiration from our own 3-room flat interior design examples.

#1: A Maximalist, Dark-Hued Interior Design for 3-Room HDB Flat

Do not miss the mirror on the left that makes this living room visually airy
A kitchen island turned to a dining table
Can you spot the drawers built-in to the platform for extra storage?

Who livs here: Habib Noor and Zullaihah with their baby boy

Type of home: 3 Room BTO spanning 93 sqm 

Livspace team: Interior Designer Sheik Kader and Project Manager Alvin

Livspace service: Full home design, demolition, masonry & tiling, wall finishing, electrical, lighting, plumbing, flooring, partitions, erection of walls (and full height wardrobe), false ceiling and painting

Budget: $$$$$

It is quite uncommon to see the incorporation of maximalist interior design as one of the prominent 3-room apartment design ideas in Singapore homes. However, when Habib and Zullaihah expressed their desire for it, Livspace designer Sheik Kader came up with creative, yet optimal usage of space with dark hues. As you can witness, this 3-room flat interior design is packed with some creative ideas of flooring, walls and custom furniture. These pictures are just the tip of the iceberg. Take the hometour here!

Ideas You Can Steal: 

  • Use of mirror in the living area which creates the illusion of space
  • Kitchen island-cum-dining room for the couple to share their meals is perfect for any compact home 
  • The use of rich patterns and textures which complete the bold, maximalist interior design of this home. 

#2: A Cosier and Bigger Interior Design for 3-Room HDB Flat

Sleek designs for the kitchen and dining room
Fill every corner up with oodles of storage

Who livs here: Ivan and HuiMin

Location: 58 Havelock Road, Singapore

Size of home: 3 Room HDB spanning 69 sqm

Design team: Interior designer William Chong

Livspace service: Full home design including demolition, masonry & tiling, wall finishing, electrical, lighting, plumbing, flooring, partitions, erection of walls (and full height wardrobe), joinery, painting and shopping for furniture and fixtures

Thinking your old flat is beyond saving? Then, let these 3-room flat renovation ideas inspire you! This 30 year old HDB has gone through a massive transformation. Livspace designer William Chong worked hard to make this a clutter free, airy and functional space. Given the fact that all these magical transformations were done within the area of 69 sqm., these efforts are appreciation worthy. Here is the complete hometour

Ideas You Can Steal:

  • Seamless white kitchen that is soothing to the eyes as well as compact and functional
  • Home-office fits right into the master bedroom corner 
  • All-white foyer that blends into the background, without overwhelming the space, and has ample storage 

#3: Animal-Themed Interior Design for 3-Room HDB Flat

Kitchen island that extends to function as a dining table
Consider hanging shelves for storage in compact spaces

Who livs here: Woo Liew Mei and family

Location: Blk 91 Lorong Toa Payoh

Type of home: 3-room HDB

Livspace team: Interior designer Thomas Chng

Livspace service: Furniture, decor, carpentry, electrical work 

Budget: $$$$$

We love the 3-room resale flat renovation design that comes from this house. The homeowner had approached Livspace to turn her dark and dingy 3-room flat  into a bright and cheery space. Livspace designer Thomas Chug was able to do it all along with giving this 3-room flat interior design some functional storage as well. You can get all the details here.  

Ideas You Can Steal:

  • Use of animal-themed wallpaper (you can catch a glimpse of it behind the dining table!) 
  • Of course, the clever usage of kitchen island as an extendable dining table 
  • Addition of storage in the master bedroom using hanging shelves as well as open and closed modular units

#4: Inspired Artsy Interiors in this 3-room HDB BTO

A sneak peak into the extendable living room
Skip conventional designs for experimental elements like this one-walled kitchen and sleek TV unit

Who livs here: A young couple

Location: Blk 91 Lorong Toa Payoh

Type of home: 3-room HDB BTO

Livspace team: Interior designer Juhi Rajesh Shah

Livspace service: Furniture, decor, carpentry, electrical work Budget: $$$$$

Mixing their 3-room flat renovation ideas with zen interiors was the best decision this young couple made (of course, the second is trusting their home to Livspace! *wink*). They met Livspace designer Juhi who delivered them this meditative space filled with positive energy and aesthetic designs. If you are looking to get something like this, click here for the home tour.

Ideas You Can Steal:

  • Bifold door in the living room (Such a smart use of an extra room!)
  • The stunning white open kitchen with several storage units
  • Tripod tv unit, a perfect illustration of when modern meets zen interiors

#5: An HDB Renovation with Smart Solutions for Compact Spaces

Royal -navy adorns this kitchen with an eccentric look
Structural changes add more than 70 sqm. floor space in this bedroom

Who livs here: A couple

Size of home: 3-room HDB  spanning 85 sqm

Design team: Interior Designer Shim

Livspace service: Full home design

Budget: $$$$$

Modern 3-room flat design ideas are here to stay and for good reason. Take the example of this interior design for 3-room HDB flat which was renovated to add storage and smart solutions to its compact design. The stark navy blues trademark these 3-room apartment design ideas to be bold and beautiful. Even the track lights have been carefully placed along with the shoe cabinet in the living room. Cannot see them in the above pictures? Find them here on the home tour.

Ideas You Can Steal:

  • Colour! The navy blues do not disappoint anyone
  • Entire kitchen with the rich blue colour, matte finishes and its functional designs
  • Compact bathroom with oodles of storage

These are the best five 3-room flat interior design ideas from Livspace. Feeling inspired? Check Out 5 of the Best Singapore Home Renovations By Livspace too. Want personalised interior design for 3-room HDB flat  for your own home? Reach out to us. 

How Can Livspace Help You?

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