It’s that time of year when all things new are flowing in. Be it resolutions or haircuts, January is the time to reflect and change things that aren’t working out. Whether you’re looking to renovate or simply trying to keep up with the recent interior design trends, we’ve got your back with the insider bits from the world of interior design trends in Singapore, hot off the press. Learn about all the latest interior design trends 2024 here.

Interior design trends 2024 #1: Scandinavian interior design

Scandi-chic: Where clean lines meet cosy vibes

Scandinavian designs are known for their simplicity and natural and clutter-free appearance, which is exactly what the people of Singapore are looking for. The trend that started around the 1950s has stayed for this exact reason. The design style brings a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for interior design. The latest interior trends are leaning towards a warm approach and the Scandinavian designs fall perfectly in this space. Homes designed in Scandinavian style also seem welcoming and peaceful after a long day of work.

Interior design trends 2024 #2: It’s all about the curves

Sculpting spaces with swoon-worthy soft curves

Continuing the theme of a warm approach, current home interior design trends are expected to have a lot of soft curves, leaving sharp edges behind. Rounded furniture, soft edges in kitchens, and arched doorways are a few ways you can incorporate the same into your home. According to the new home interior design trends, people are moving away from straight and sharp designs as the curves bring in an inviting appeal.

Interior design trends 2024 #3: Paint colours to look out for

Unleash the palette of your imagination with the trendiest paint colours

If you’re seeking some decor and inspiring ideas to paint your wall, look no further. We’ve got you covered with the current home interior design trends in the world of paint. The right paint colours make a world of difference and the latest interior trends are leaning towards warmer colours in homes. When in doubt, opt for simple neutral colours that bring in charm and tranquillity.

The recent interior design trends are seeing an influx of white, pink, purple, peach and grey. You can also go for colour combinations that reflect the personality of your space. Go for peach in the bathrooms for a spa-like ambience and off-white paint in your living room for a serene vibe. They also fit perfectly with bohemian style interiors.

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Interior design trends 2024 #4: Bringing back the retro

Groovy vibes and nostalgic chic – welcome to the time capsule of style!

Vintage lovers can rejoice because retro is back! The latest interior trends are seeing the retro style making a comeback. Expect funky decor, pastels in kitchens, chunky furniture, bar carts, bold counters and more to make an appearance in current interior decorating trends.

Introducing retro elements in your home adds character and a playful vibe. It also makes for a great conversation starter and is an ideal choice of design that complements bohemian style interiors! Make it a point to pick decor when you travel as you will end up with a unique and eclectic collection.

Interior design trends 2024 #5: Sustainable design choices

Eco-friendly living: where style meets sustainability!

Sustainability is a feature that is making its rounds in every field and the latest interior trends are incomplete without it. Consumers are becoming more aware of their choices and the recent interior design trends are a testament to that.

You can incorporate the same by choosing the right lighting, using durable materials, planning ventilation, using renewable energy, utilising organic materials and bringing in plants. Sustainable decors go hand-in-hand with eclectic and bohemian style interiors.

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Interior design trends 2024 #6: Modular furniture

Embrace the modular madness – reinvent and rediscover your space one piece at a time

Modular furniture is here to stay. They are designed to maximise space and functionality, a combo that you just can’t say no to. Modular furniture is also easily customisable which allows you to get creative with your space.

You can design your home based on your preferences and style leaving you with a truly personalised interior design. It has been a favourite in the list of current interior decorating trends as it also provides great storage space, making your home clutter-free and neat.

Interior design trends 2024 #7: Unique and personalised designs

Personalise your space with quirks that make you smile

Gone are the days of standardised and one-size-fits-all designs. The current home interior design trends suggest that people want their homes to be a reflection of their persona and are seeking customisable designs to turn their houses into homes.

Styling your home may seem like a daunting task but take your time to fill the house with the right things and be sure to keep up with the current interior decorating trends. A home that is an extension of your personality is charming and warm.

Interior design trends 2024 #8: Artisanal touch

Crafting a home with heart and hand – the artisanal way!

2024 is turning out to be a time to embrace all things charming and artisanal. Homeowners are shifting away from mass-produced cookie-cutter designs and are now seeking unique and handcrafted products to infuse charm into their spaces.

Artisanal touches bring a sense of authenticity and individuality, transforming homes into personal sanctuaries. From hand-painted tiles and bespoke furniture to intricately woven textiles, this trend celebrates the human touch and the skilled craftsmanship of artisans.

Interior design trends 2024 #9: Quiet luxury

Whispering opulence, shouting style – the quiet luxury revolution is here

Who doesn’t love a little bit of luxury? However, it’s taking a new form among the current home interior design trends. We no longer seek loud and exorbitant luxury that seems like a mish-mash of shiny and royal things. Quiet luxury is the new path being paved and we’re here for it.

The concept of quiet luxury is all about highlighting the underrated elegance by using chic decor, neutral wall paints and sophisticated design that bring in a calming presence. Feel free to throw in plants and warm-coloured decor to make your room look more cosy. Quiet luxury is turning out to be a popular choice in the list of living room interior design trends 2024.

Interior design trends 2024 #10: Composed maximalism

Embrace the organised chaos with a touch of tranquillity

In theme with the rest of the trends, maximalism is being reborn in a composed manner and it is entering the minimalist homes of Singapore. Maximalism is all about using coordinated colours, rich textures and curated mementoes that bring in personality to the space.

However, homeowners are not fully embracing the bold and beautiful concept of maximalism but rather going for it in a composed manner. They are adopting it with control and infusing their spaces with small bursts of maximalist features. By doing this, you can add character and elegance to your spaces. Going with composed maximalism is also a great way to incorporate a chic bohemian interior design.

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