The first meeting is always exciting. Meeting an interior designer in Singapore to discuss your HDB or condo renovation would make you feel like you are steps away from setting up your dream home. You discuss everything from how you picture the colours and furniture to detailed requirements – like how do you make your home more kid-friendly or how to make a compact home look spacious. 

If you are unsure about how to begin things, don’t worry. It can get slightly overwhelming for first-time homeowners. We realised that many of you might be stepping into uncharted waters, so we asked Andee Ching, a business manager at Livspace Singapore about such situations. 

So, if you’re still wondering what you can ask your designer when you first meet, here are some pointers to get you started!

#1:  What design style will suit our existing furniture while we renovate our home?

Your existing furniture plays a major role in deciding what design style works best

Each home is unique. Interior designers believe in creating distinct interiors for each of them. We start by taking a look at the site or its pictures to take stock of existing details that can be incorporated into the new design.

So, if homeowners want to reuse their existing furniture in the new home, it’s an absolutely great idea. Your designer would take a look at the pieces you wish to have in your home and start the designing process. We can use your old furniture in a totally different way to give your home a fresh new look!

#2: Is there a design style you tend to lean towards? Can we see some samples of homes you have designed in the past?

Interior designer singapore-living room design-wooden panel-profile lighting-display shelves
Minimal designs suit most homes

An interior designer in Singapore will no doubt have a favourite style –  who doesn’t? However, while designing your home, our designers will put their own interests aside and understand your vision for your home, while simultaneously chalking out what could work best in your interiors. Want to take a look at tailor-made interiors that suit our homeowners’ lifestyles? Check out A Massive Home Kitchen for This Professional Chef.

Our designers understand that every homeowner’s requirement is different and focus on making each home unique. So the first meeting is always about understanding the homeowner’s vision and style to create the right design for their home.  

#3: What is the scope of the changes you can make to HBDs/condos?

You can use creative ways or partitions to demarcate spaces

In Singapore, condominiums can have different renovation guidelines that are dependent on each developer. If you’re looking for a unique design for your condo, hiring an experienced interior designer becomes a necessity. You can choose to merely refresh your HDB flat or private condo with new furniture, wall finishes, and a paint scheme that ties everything together. For an older condo or HDB, you can redo the plumbing, electrical wiring and lighting. You can also choose to renovate your bathrooms and kitchens, in which case hacking and tiling becomes a necessity.

#4: Can you tell us about the process of renovation? How long is it likely to take, and what are the charges like?

Interior designer singapore-bedroom-wooden furniture-blue accent wall
Your renovation can be a simple matter of refreshing walls and electric fixtures, or demolishing portions of the house to suit your needs

When you walk in to Livspace, the process of renovation will be explained in detail. You can choose to refresh the interiors of your home with painting, wall finishes, lighting and plumbing. Some homeowners also like to leave their unique stamp on their homes by demolishing walls to recreate them as per their desires. You can choose to leave the kitchen and bathroom as they are, or redo the masonry and tiling as well.

Depending upon the scope of work, your home renovation can take between 4 to 6 weeks, after obtaining all necessary permits. Prices also vary depending on the extent of the renovation. Once the design is finalised, you will receive a breakdown of the costs as well. Livspace is a brand that prides itself on price transparency, so you will know what you are paying for, and the results will be worth it!

#5: What about warranty?

Interior designer singapore-kids room
Multiple quality checks at Livspace cut down on the possibility of material and manufacturing defects

The Livspace Quality Promise brings you an unparalleled experience when it comes to designing the interiors of your home. That includes one year’s warranty and insurance.

#6: How can Livspace help in making our journey to get the perfect interiors smoother?

interior designer singapore-kitchen-laminate backsplash
Livspace becomes your only touchpoint to getting the perfect home interiors!

We at Livspace, aim to ensure that homeowners get the smoothest transition from their existing home to their new home. We believe that by putting ourselves into your shoes, we treat your home like it is ours! And we take as much care in designing your home as we’d have done for our own.

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