Buying a new home isn’t an easy process – it involves multiple steps and requires you to make numerous crucial decisions. Among these, one of the most crucial decisions that you must consider is whether to choose HDB OCS.

OCS or Optional Component Scheme is a plan offered by the HDB wherein you can choose to outfit your home with some necessary fittings and fixtures. However, whether this HDB or BTO OCS is a good idea or not will depend upon your requirements and circumstances.

So, before you make your choice, read this comprehensive guide on HDB OCS.

What Is HDB OCS?

Should you choose this scheme for your new HDB or condo?

So, what is the HDB Optional Component Scheme? This scheme, offered by the HDB, allows you to include the cost of fixtures and fittings within your overall BTO cost. As such, you can choose to pay the amount with your CPF and mortgage loan.

The main advantage of the HDB OCS option is that certain pertinent parts of your home will be ready and completed at the time of handover, thereby reducing the effort you need to put in.

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Components Included in the Optional Component Scheme

Here are the main components that are included in the HDB BTO optional component scheme:

Internal Doors3-Room Flats: 2 Bedroom
and 2 Bathroom Doors
4- & 5-Room Flats: 3
Bedroom and 2
Bathroom Doors
HDB OCS FlooringBedroom: Vinyl Floor Strips
Living/Dining/Dry Kitchen:
Polished Porcelain BTO OCS Tiles
Sanitary FittingsWall-Mounted Wash Basin
With a Tap Mixer
Shower Set With a
Bath/Shower Mixer

Cost Breakdown: HDB OCS Prices vs Interior Designer Prices

Your budget will determine whether you should go for OCS or an interior designer

While deciding whether you should choose HDB OCS or go for an interior designer (ID), the cost plays a vital role. In the following table, we’ve tried to break down the cost differences between the two to help you decide:

FlatFlooring for Living/
Dining and Bedrooms
Internal Doors and
Sanitary Fittings
3-Room (OCS)S$3,000 – S$4,000S$2,000 – S$3,000
3-Room (ID)S$6,860 – S$7,080S$3,200 – S$4,200
4-Room (OCS)S$4,500 – S$6,000S$3,000 – S$4,000
4-Room (ID)S$10,000 – S$12,000S$3,600 – S$4,750
5-Room (OCS)S$6,000 – S$7,000S$3,000 – S$4,000
5-Room (ID)S$12,500 – S$13,500S$3,600 – S$4,750

All costs mentioned above are indicative. Actual prices will vary depending upon multiple factors like size, materials, finishes, labour costs and more.

Pros and Cons of BTO OCS

The following infographic will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the optional component scheme:

Before choosing the OCS, take a look at these pros and cons

Should You Choose the BTO OCS?

While the HDB OCS is a great option for homeowners who have a tight budget, as it allows you to use the CPF to pay for some parts of your BTO renovation. However, opting in for this scheme will not allow you the flexibility to choose certain parts of your reno.

In addition, if you want to change anything, that can prove to be more expensive than just getting the fixtures installed yourself. Therefore, before choosing the HDB BTO OCS, ask yourself the following questions:

These questions will help you make the right decision

The Verdict

To choose or not to choose!

So, what’s the verdict? Should you opt in for the HDB OCS? If you want to avoid paying directly by cash or other methods, go for the HDB optional component scheme, as it allows you to pay via your CPF. However, do keep in mind that the amount you pay will incur interest as it’s a part of your housing loan.

However, if there is a specific theme you want for your home, or you want to be selective about the finishes and materials, avoid the HDB BTO optional component scheme as it will not allow you the flexibility to choose.

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Check out this black, white and grey HDB:

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1. What Is OCS in HDB?

OCS or Optional Component Scheme is offered to home buyers. This scheme allows you to opt-in to certain items, fixtures and fittings. The HDB will provide these items and the cost will be added to your total cost.

2. How Much Is OCS HDB?

The OCS packages differ based on the size of your home. For a 3-room flat, the cost range for internal doors and sanitary fittings is $2,000 – $3,000.

3. What Is Included in OCS?

Internal doors, flooring and sanitary fittings are included in OCS.

4. Can I Opt Out From OCS?

Yes, the OCS is completely optional and you can choose to opt out of it.