Choosing the right kitchen backsplash is just as important as picking a countertop for your cabinets. There are a lot of things to consider, from materials to prices, and even how it’ll look in the overall design of your kitchen. We’re here to help with this guide on some of the most popular kitchen backsplash materials in Singapore.

What Is a Kitchen Backsplash and Why Do You Need One?

Your backsplash is, quite literally, the back bone of your kitchen. It takes up the space on the wall behind your stove and above the cabinets. Because of its placement, the kitchen backsplash is susceptible to cooking stains and water splashes. It is also one of the first things you see when you enter the kitchen. Because of these factors, the backsplash not only holds the kitchen together but adds to the beauty of your home.

The backsplash can be made from many different materials, like ceramic, stone and glass. Selecting the right kitchen backsplash material depends on the type of meals you cook, as well as how often you prepare them.

So, let’s look through the different materials for a kitchen backsplash in Singapore and find what works best for your home interiors!

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#1: Tiles as Kitchen Backsplash

You can not only choose the colour and pattern of your tiles, but also how they are laid!
Take a look at these colourful Peranakan ceramic tiles in this all-white kitchen

The versatile tile is an evergreen choice for backsplashes during kitchen renovation in Singapore. Not only can you choose from multiple colours and patterns to liven up your kitchen, they are also easy to install and maintain, without pinching the pocket too badly. 

Pro Tip: Use a regular cleaning agent to keep your backsplash kitchen tiles clean. Pay close attention to grout lines. Make a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, and scrub away at them with a toothbrush until you have a clean backsplash.

#2: Glass Backsplash for Kitchen

A seamless glass backsplash makes your kitchen look classy

A single, seamless sheet of glass backsplash sprayed with the colour of your choice can make your kitchen look uber stylish! The light bouncing off glass also makes a kitchen with minimal natural light look much brighter!

Pro Tip: Use a lint-free cloth while cleaning your modern kitchen glass backsplash to avoid scratches.

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#3: Quartz Backsplash for Kitchen

Quartz resists discolouration even when exposed to sunlight and high temperatures

The non-porous quartz backsplash is made of finely crushed pieces of quartz mixed with resin. While the quartz backsplash may seem expensive, homeowners agree that it’s worth its weight in gold! Moreover, you can take your pick of colours and patterns, and add drama to your cooking space with just the kitchen backsplash. Similarly, if you choose a quartz countertop as well, you will have a seamless kitchen that takes your breath away! 

Pro Tip: Clean any stains with a mild detergent and water. In case you need to scrub a tough stain, make sure to use a delicate scrub pad that doesn’t scratch the quartz surface!

#4: KompacPlus Backsplash for Kitchen

kitchen backsplash-KompacPlus
Mount a KompacPlus backsplash over your existing one for a new look

The waterproof, scratch-resistant and non-porous KompacPlus backsplash is all that you could have ever wanted for your kitchen. Made of pulp paper soaked in resin, this material can also perfectly mimic the look of cement or wood. What’s more, our designers can simply mount the KompacPlus backsplash over your existing backsplash for a fresh new look! 

Pro tip: Wipe it daily with a wet cloth for a clean and spotless KompacPlus backsplash.

#5: Marble as Backsplash for Kitchen

Marble looks great in monochrome kitchens!

While following the trends, you would’ve often noticed marble backsplashes on highly-aesthetic Pinterest and Instagram images. Homeowners are opting for this material despite the fact that it is a comparatively difficult to maintain. However, like other natural stone, marble also has a high resistance to heat and when varnished regularly with a sealant, it can also resist water.

Pro Tip: Clean spills and splashes as quickly as possible to avoid permanent staining of the material.

#6: Natural Textured Veneers as Backsplash

If you like raw natural textures, opt for veneers

Veneers have also gained a lot of traction recently as they have a unique aesthetic and give a 3D-effect to your kitchen design. They may be harder to maintain due to their texture but if you don’t use your kitchen as frequently, then this is a great option for open-concept kitchens.

Pro Tip: There are a wide variety of veneers that also oil- and waterproof apart from being heat-resistant. However, keep in mind that these panels are only heat-resistant and not fire-resistant.

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#7: Granite as Kitchen Backsplash

Granite backsplashes handle spills from heavy cooking effortlessly

Suited for homes that regularly cook fulfilling meals, the granite backsplash adds to the natural charm of your kitchen. Whether you choose to tie it in with a granite countertop, or choose a different material, you’ll love your kitchen backsplash!

Pro Tip: Avoid using harsh cleaning agents – use a stone-safe cleaner. You can also consider maintaining a regular sealing schedule to keep your stone backsplash intact!

Cost of Popular Kitchen Backsplash Materials

The cheaper material for the kitchen backsplash is tile, since they can be installed at the rate of S$7 per sq. ft. However, they can be hard to maintain. This is because it requires thorough cleaning on a day-to-day basis.

An easy-to-maintain option is glass that is available for S$24 per sq. ft. Since there are a lot of colours available, it is becoming a popular choice among homeowners.

Before we talk about the prices of stones (natural or engineered), there is one other highly durable option that you should consider – KompacPlus. It is not as appealing as natural stones, but it can be customised to look like wood, which can give a unique look to your kitchen. You can install it over any surface (wall, tile, glass or stone), without hacking, for S$13 per sq. ft.

Stones are age-old materials and, undoubtedly, make for the most appealing backsplash investments. In Singapore, you’ll often find quartz used in the kitchen, and sometimes even marble and granite. The price for a 50 mm high quartz backsplash starts at around S$80 per ft., while marble and granite sell from S$220 and S$110 per ft.

Tips for Styling a Backsplash

Opt for colours that complement the kitchen
brown and white parallel kitchen with brown lacquered glass backsplash
Glass backsplash is popular because you can paint its back with a colour of your choice

When it comes to a backsplash, it is more like an opportunity to showcase creativity for most homeowners. Given the countless number of options to incorporate colour and texture into the space, you’ll also enjoy choosing a backsplash. 

Once you have decided on cabinets and overall theme of the kitchen, you can pick a backsplash for kitchen that complements the same.  For instance, light and neutral coloured backsplash kitchen designs will open up the space and give the kitchen a brighter look. Whereas dark colours will add warmth while making it seem intimate and compact. Also, take into consideration the countertop colour before finalising a backsplash design.

We hope you enjoyed reading up on backsplash materials in Singapore! Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Then you must be keen to find out where to save and splurge on your kitchen.

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