Sure, attractive furniture and a well-planned layout are key aspects of a living room design, but do you know what literally sets the mood? Living Room Lighting. With white tube lights going out of trend, there are quite a few options to explore in the lighting department for your HDB flat or condo apartment. The possibilities are endless, ranging from modest recessed lights to over-the-top chandelier pieces. In fact, new homeowners  have learned to layer lights for the living room. However, the question is, “How do you choose the correct lighting for your living room?” Here are 7 of the best lighting options available!

#1: Put Even Focus in the HDB Living Room Lighting With Recessed Lights

Use recessed ceiling lights for even-focused  illumination

The purpose of recessed lighting is to light the living room evenly. If brightening your living room is the goal, recessed lighting is a good way of providing ambient light. Alternatively, recessed lights are also ideal to create focus on artefacts or effects of your preference.

Where to Use Them in Your HDB or Condo?

Use them for general lighting in your living room. They can also be layered with cove lights to be focused on specific spots.

Where Not to Use Them?

You may not want to solely depend on recessed lights to light up your entire living room as they can dull the whole interior. Layer them with other lights ideas to add more character and focus.

#2: Set the Mood of the Living Room Lighting Using Profile Lights

Illuminate sections of the living room with profile lighting

Having taken care of the basics of general illumination of the living room, you can use profile lights to draw attention to specific sections of it. This is one of the suggested small living room lighting ideas that will jazz up your interiors. Profile lighting basically sets up the right mood for your living room. 

Where to Use Them in Your HDB or Condo?

Profile lighting works wonders everywhere – from above the TV unit to the dark corners and under display shelves. You can also use the lights paired with a round or angular diffuser for a unique effect.

Where Not to Use Them?

There are nowhere profile lights cannot fit in! You can have a freehand when using these  lights for the living room.

#3: Add Track Lights for Contemporary Living Room Lighting

track lights-living room
Need a contemporary touch in your living room? Use track light for living room in your HDB

The living room lighting idea to replace outdated ceiling lights is perfectly done by track lights for living room in HDB. These are the best wall lights for living room as they do not draw much attention to fixtures, making it easy for any HDB or Condo. You can run a straight track of these lights through the hallway and aim them at artwork or other features on the walls. These definitely are the

Where to Use Them in Your HDB or Condo?

If your aim is to give a contemporary look to your living room, this is one of the best living room lighting options for you. However, feel free to consider other lights for the living room if you want Vintage or Traditional vibes.

Where Not to Use Them?

Low ceilings and track lights do not make the best HDB living room lighting options. Opt for recessed lights instead if you have a low ceiling.

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#4: Play Up Your Living Room Lighting Game with Pendant Lights

Position your pendant lights intelligently for optimal illumination

In the living room, pendant lights accentuate a specific region or light up a dark corner. As you can see, like a pendant on a chain, the pendant lights hang down from the ceiling on a chain or rod. They’re also great for making a statement as pendant lights are usually designed to stand out.

Where to Use Them in Your HDB or Condo?

Pendant lights are preferred for task lighting as they can fit in small spaces. This focused lighting option works well in cosy corners where you can have intimate conversations.

Where Not to Use Them?

The one place where pendant lights for the living room are not suited for is anywhere near the TV. Pendant lights can reflect on TV screens and interrupt your viewing. You should also make sure that there is enough headroom when you walk underneath a pendant lamp.

#5: Secure the Living Room With Sensor Lights

sensor lights
Prevent accidents due to the dark room with motion-sensor lights

If you have elderly relatives and small children at home, this is one the small living room lighting ideas that you must follow. These living room lights are also beneficial if people wake up during the night, and need to navigate their way around. Place them at a height of six to eight  feet, such that they have a birds’ eye view of the place.  

Where to Use Them in Your HDB or Condo?

These lights for the living room are well placed close to a passageway and the walls of the room, so that it is easy to find a way in or out in the dark. Also, corners are a good placement for sensor lights as they can prevent bumping into the walls.

Where Not to Use Them?

Make sure you do not place them too high; they need to be close enough to detect movement to work.

#6: Use Chandeliers as Decorative Lights for Living Room

Make a bold statement in your living room with chandeliers

Want to add a bold touch to your living room? Just add the right chandelier! You can use this idea that hangs down from the ceiling and adds to the ambient lighting. They also bring a breath of fresh style in your living room design. Chandeliers can easily become the focal point of your living room; so pick the the best decorative lights for living room!

Where to Use Them in Your HDB or Condo?

The  best placement for a chandelier in the living room is above the centerpiece of your couch. It also works well in a dull corner of the living room, or even a sitting nook.

Where Not to Use Them?

Avoid using these lights in living rooms that have low ceilings. It will make the space look cluttered.

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#7: Cozy Up Your HDB Living Room Lighting With Floor Lamps

living room lighting ideas-floor lamp-tufted sofa
Choose a floor lamp that fits in with your living room decor

Floor lamps are the most versatile lighting option. Place them next to a cosy sofa, or beside the writing desk. These lighting ideas can fit in any nook and cranny of the room. We believe that lamp lights for the living room can never go wrong as they can easily be moved around the room.

Where to Use Them in Your HDB or Condo?

Floor lamps can be easily used to define a cosy coffee corner. Add seating and place yourself with an interesting book for a perfect evening!

Where Not to Use Them?

Keep them out of people’s walking radius. That’s it!

How to Choose the Best Living Room Lighting Option for Your HDB?

Keep the furniture and wall colours in your mind before choosing the lighting for your living room

Lighting is a highly individual and subjective choice. Some could favour a bright living room lighting design, while others would prefer a cosy, dark setting. According to experts, to light a home, you typically require between 150 and 200 lux (a measurement of the bulb’s intensity). 

However, there are multiple other factors to determine your living room lighting design including who uses the place the most and for what activities, colour of the walls and furniture, and the type of mood you want for your living room. Keep these factors in mind while choosing the living room lighting for your home.

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What Are the Best Lights to Use in a Singaporean Living Room?

Although lighting is a personal choice, you must consult your interior designer to get the most suitable lighting plan for your home. You might want to use white light in some rooms of your house and warm light in others. Standing lamps and elaborate chandeliers are both examples of lighting fixtures. However, as a general pointer, we’ll recommend using LED lighting ideas for living room as they use a lot less energy and can last a lot longer than conventional or incandescent bulbs. 

Before completing your renovations, it is advised to have a thorough conversation about lighting alternatives with your interior designer or contractor for the best outcomes. Livspace will be happy to help you here.

How to Layer Light in Your Living Room?

Layer ambient, accent and task lights for ambient lighting

For high-quality living room lighting design, layering your lighting sources is the best strategy. There are types of lighting options that can be used for layered lighting: ambient, accent, and task lighting. Where you can, try to use these three lighting options but don’t push the use of all three types of lighting in areas where they are not required.

Also make sure that the various lighting types on your final layered lighting plan should be colour-coded. Choose one colour for wired-in lighting (ceiling and wall lights) and a separate colour for plugged-in lighting (floor and table lamps).

How Do You Add Ambient Light in a Living Room?

Use recessed lights for an even-focused ambience lighting

Ambient lighting is very crucial for a living room as it prevents you from tripping over objects. It acts as a substitute for natural light. There are many ways to bring ambient light to space. For instance – in the centre of the living room, hang a chandelier, pendant light, or flush-mounted fixture from the ceiling. Add lamps with transparent shades as well to spread the lighting across the room.You can talk to your interior designer for recommendations according to your room size and theme.

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