Setting up your dream home? It’s our favourite topic to discuss! We know you must be saving images on Instagram or Pinterest for renovation ideas HDB and searching for interior designers online or talking to people who just got their homes designed. If it helps, here are our latest HDB designs in Singapore that are high on style and functionality. Most importantly, they have happy homeowners, too!

#1: This HDB has a Mediterranean theme going on

A modern Mediterranean-themed home
Platform bed with storage under

Who livs here: Kader S. with Malikka Begum and their toddler son
Size of home: 5-room HDB BTO spanning 112 sqm
Design team: Interior Designer Kader S.
Livspace service: Full home design

Here’s an interesting fact about this HDB: the interior designer of this home is also the homeowner! Kader and Malikka’s home is child-friendly, high on storage and dressed in a modern Mediterranean theme. Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

Ideas to steal: The platform bed in the main bedroom is the perfect solution if you’re looking for maximum floor space usage. In addition, the drawers at the bottom are great to tuck away bed linens, towels or even toys. So if you have the budget for carpentry, a tailor-made unit can fit in comfortably. This is definitely one of the best HDB renovation ideas.

#2: This 3-room HDB is proof that a small home can also pack a punch

A storage cabinet with seating on one end
Country style kitchen with navy blue cabinets

Who livs here: A couple
Size of home: 3-room HDB spanning 85 sqm
Design team: Interior Designer Shim
Livspace service: Full home design

The homeowners wanted a space they could unwind in at the end of the day. So the couple’s living and dining nook are dipped in neutral tones to help them relax. Moreover, to keep things functional, you would also notice a floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet at the entrance and a cosy dining nook at one end of the living room.

Ideas to steal: Probably the easiest way to amplify the look of your interiors would be to play with colours. The kitchen in this HDB is painted in a gorgeous navy blue hue. In addition, the cabinets have been fitted with gold-toned handles to make a powerful and chic statement. Also, pair the look with patterned flooring and you would love spending time in the kitchen!

#3: Learn Renovation Ideas HDB with cool colours

A Scandinavian interior design
A soft-hued walk-in wardrobe with a vanity unit

Who livs here: A couple, Ian Ng and Wong Huiting
Size of home: A five-room HDB
Design team: Interior Designer Noel Tan & Project manager Ricky Lee
Livspace service: Full home design

Airy and light, Ian and Wong love their HDB’s Scandinavian interior design. The home looks refreshing thanks to the cool tones with pops of gold and teal throughout. What’s more, it’s space efficient, too! From having a cosy bar nook in the living room to a dining space that’s separated from the kitchen with a glass partition, the design is clean and picture-perfect.

Ideas to steal: Who wouldn’t want a walk-in wardrobe when searching for HDB renovation ideas? The couple got their dream set-up by converting one of their bedrooms solely into a walk-in wardrobe. The room flaunts dainty white wardrobes on opposite sides and it’s bridged smartly with a vanity unit. Also, if you look closely, you would notice the terrazzo-like table has a glass top on one side to give you a peep into their fancy drawer.

#4: If you’re thinking about Industrial interiors, this is it

Industrial-themed design
Track and wall-mounted lights for the master bedroom

Who livs here: Nigel Ng and Madaline Chin and their toddler daughter
Location: 612B Tampines Greenweave, Singapore
Size of home: 5-room HDB spanning 100 sqm
Design team: Interior Designer Jake Tong and Project Manager Ricky Lee

Interested in HDB renovation ideas that look edgy? Nigel and Madaline wanted an industrial style for their Tampines Greenweave HDB. Black accents, cement screed walls and an intriguingly dark palette dominates the home. Look out for the bold and spacious kitchen that’s sure to give anyone a memorable experience.

Idea to steal: The intriguing mix of lighting fixtures, of course! Don’t restrict yourself to just general lighting and always mix it up. While the bedroom stands out in a raw appeal, the lighting here takes the look up a notch. From the track light that hits the centre wall to the wall-mounted fixtures on either side of the bed, the play of lights and shadows does have a lasting impression in your mind.

#5: This home is modern and flaunts a clutter-free look

Seating and storage by the window
Wood-like laminate panel with a backlit feature for the centre wall

Who livs here: See Zhibin and Tong Shuyi
Size of home: 5-room HDB BTO spanning 92 sqm
Livspace team: Jake Tong for Interior Design and Ricky Lee for Project Management
Livspace service: Full home design

If you love having friends and family over often, take cues from this minimal HDB design for a couple. The open layout works to have a free flow of conversations whether you’re in the living, dining or even in the kitchen.

Ideas to steal: The budget-friendly wall treatments are a great way to create a pop in your interiors. Notice the wood-like laminate panel at the back of the bedroom? Opting to cover just half the wall is a smart choice when it comes to keeping things affordable. In addition, the TV feature wall has been dressed with pocket-friendly vinyl tiling to create a focal point in the living room.

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#6: This Kid-Friendly 4-Room HDB BTO Is Light, Bright and Spacious

The glass panel on the right side of the dining table adds character and space to this HDB design
Glass partitioned kitchen makes it partially open while keeping the wet and dry areas segregated

Who livs here: A young couple and their baby

Location:  420A Northshore Drive 

Type of home: HDB 4-room BTO

Livspace team: Interior designer and project manager Shim

Livspace service: Tiling, false ceiling, carpentry, plumbing

Budget: $$

This contemporary HDB design is spacious and tailored to be child-friendly. The warm moody lights and wooden laminate finishes complement the muted palette of greys and whites really well. The HDB interiors are simple yet alluring.

Ideas to steal: Want to know the secret behind this spacious look? The reflective elements in the house. Notice the glass partition of the kitchen or the mirror panel in the living room just beside the dining table. Reflective surfaces, combined with the balanced lighting, are one of the renovation ideas for this HDB we can steal! Also, the plush designs of the dining table, bedrooms and kitchen have been made with materials that are safe for children, making this a great example of a practical yet stylish home.

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#7: Go for an Inspiring Animal Theme Like This HDB Renovation

This animal themed living room is an indulgence to have
Pay attention to the mix of cove, task and recessed lights that come together in perfect harmony

Who livs here: Woo Liew Mei and family

Location: Blk 91 Lorong Toa Payoh

Type of home: 3-room HDB

Livspace team: Interior designer Thomas Chng

Livspace service: Furniture, decor, carpentry, electrical work 

Budget: $$$

Can you believe that this HDB flat is only 72 sq. m.? Yes, and it’s designed to have storage in every nook and cranny! Apart from this  fact,  the HDB renovation flaunts an animal print wallpaper that easily becomes the focal point of the room. The renovation idea for this HDB is all about making this a bright and comfortable space with a hint of trendy contemporary style.

Ideas to steal: The kitchen island that is packed with storage options and finished with laminate is a must-have. The open kitchen layout directly oversees the living area in this HDB design; it’s convenient and space-friendly. One of the renovation ideas from this HDB that everyone can steal is the sliding dining counter that can fit into any corner, making it a space efficient choice. 

#8: Be Inspired by the Pristine White Interiors of This 4-Room BTO

Get handleless kitchen cabinets for a seamless finish
Completely renovate bathrooms with vanity units for storage

Who livs here: Ivan and HuiMin

Location: 58 Havelock Road, Singapore

Size of home: 3 Room HDB spanning 69 sqm

Design team: Interior designer William Chong

Livspace service: Full home design including demolition, masonry & tiling, wall finishing, electrical, lighting, plumbing, flooring, partitions, erection of walls (and full height wardrobe), joinery, painting and shopping for furniture and fixtures.

Scared to renovate your old HDB? This HDB design stands to burst all those fears in a minute. From drab and dingy to bright and clean, this 30-year-old HDB was renovated to give it cool, calm interiors that all of us will want. The white interiors, mixed with a minimalistic touch from our design team, gives this HDB a spacious look.

Ideas to steal: The seamless white kitchen combined with the wood laminate flooring has concealed storage for optimal usage. The toilets have been renovated to have  back-lit mirrors and a vanity unit, a feature that every bathroom should embrace. The ceramic ware is water-resistant with the boxed-in pipelines, giving this bathroom a well put-together look.

#9: The Renovation Ideas from This 4-Room HDB Flaunts Flawless Scandinavian Style

Open kitchen with vertical spaces optimised for storage
The muted colour scheme and wooden furniture maintain a hygge vibe

Who livs here: Alvin & Jeehui

Location: 620B Tampines St 61 

Type of home: 4-room HDB

Livspace team: Interior designer Winny Widodo

Livspace service: Design, Masonry, Plumbing, Carpentry, etc. 

Budget: $$

The homeowners wanted visually light interiors and it shows up in the renovation ideas for this HDB flat. Following the open floor plan, this is a design idea that can inspire anyone and their own renovation journey. The house also has an overlying grey palette which allows the gold lighting fixtures to dazzle in their own right. An example of this is the pendant light above the dining table.

Ideas to steal: The open layout kitchen that accommodates a dining table. It saves space and makes it convenient for the cook to place piping hot food directly on the table. This way, the dining table becomes extendable and can be placed anywhere according to the homeowners whim. Let’s not forget the living room which flaunts a custom, storage-intensive TV unit. The TV unit fits in the living room with its sleek design and still leaves ample walking space in the room.

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#10: There’s a Surprise in Every Corner of this Freshly Renovated HDB Flat

The coffee station made with a wooden console, features interesting artwork too
Notice how the wooden wardrobe acts as a partition for the walk-in-closet in the bedroom

Who livs here: Anandh Kumar with his wife, Sumana

Location: 878B Tampines Ave

Type of home: 4-room HDB Resale

Livspace team: Interior Designer Juhi Rajesh Shah and Project Manager Daniel

Livspace service: Furniture, decor, carpentry, electrical work 

Budget: $$

The renovation ideas for this HDB never fail to amaze us. The homeowners wanted their HDB interiors to be cosy and at the same time, easy to maintain. As you can see, we can put every nook and cranny to use with our premium furniture which is low maintenance. The light wood furniture not only complements the colour pallet, but also makes the space look overwhelmed.

Ideas to steal: See the cute coffee station tucked away in the corner? We bet any coffee addict would love to have that spot at their home.We should also pay attention to the walk-in closet partitioned from the bedroom which also doubles as a vanity unit, thanks to the wall-to-wall mirror attached to the wardrobe. Look at the entire home tour here for more exciting ideas!

#11: Cosy Renovation Ideas from this Homely HDB Resale Flat

 A cosy dining room to hangout with your buddies
Adding the glass window coupled with the warm moody lighting brightens up this room 

Who livs here: Yvonne Yeo

Location: 637 Veerasamy Road

Type of home: 3-room resale HDB

Livspace team: Interior Designer Wanting Liu and Project Manager Kent Huang

Livspace service: Design, demolition, masonry, electrical, plumbing, ceiling, partition, painting, carpentry

Budget: $$

Grey can be a fun colour and the renovation ideas from this HDB prove that. Made carefully with marble and stone features, this HDB design flaunts clean aesthetics that can inspire anyone. The glossy tiled floor opens up the space and is carefully chosen to complement the entire colour pallet. 

Ideas to steal: The favorite corner of the homeowner is the dining area of the HDB and for good reason. The marble tabletop with half painted walls and a mirror above gives it a trendy look. Another feature that this house flaunts is the store room that the homeowner converted to a home office, and we are floored to say the least. Perfect for the boss lady Yvonne (the homeowner), it is laid out with a workstation and an open storage unit, and also features quirky artwork that Yvonne personally picked. Now that is a home-office anyone would love to have to  WFH!

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#12: Fresh Renovation Ideas for HDB? Modern Industrial Interiors may be the answer! 

Use bold patterns in tiles to make the kitchen stand out
Partition the walk-in-closet with curtains in your HDB design

Who livs here: Prem and Tracy with their kids and dog

Location: Block 666, Yishun Ave 4

Type of home: 3 Gen jumbo resale HDB

Livspace team: Interior Designer Pallavi Bhagwat and Project Manager Jamal Ali

Livspace service: Design, demolition, masonry, electrical, plumbing, aluminium works

Budget: $$$

This HDB has one of the most unique HDB interiors. And guess what? It is child and pet-friendly too as the homeowners Prem and Tracy have two kids and a dog running around. Adorned with modern industrial aesthetics, the renovation ideas for this 30 year old HDB are absolutely steal worthy. The HDB design ideas are brought to life by the grey interiors and wooden laminate furnitures.

Ideas to steal: The cafe-style breakfast counter that fits in a cozy corner in the kitchen. Match that with the black smouldering interiors of the kitchen and you get an automated kitchen that serves to be kid-friendly. The walk-in closet in the bedroom is another feature we recommend if you have vertical space in the bedroom. The couple’s walk-in-closet, as you can see, is well lit and declutters the bedroom. 

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