Admit it, every time you pass by your bedroom, you cringe. You despise the way it looks and you wonder if you’d ever be able to make it your own. We have a solution for you! It’s time to embrace those compact spaces, and with these small bedroom ideas at hand, you will not have to keep your door shut. When it comes to dealing with small square footage, it is important to follow some design rules. Take a look at these do’s and don’ts that our designers have listed down just for you so that you can make your small bedroom a better place to relax in.


#1. Opt for multi-purpose furniture

Do away with side tables

While designing a small bedroom, it is often a nerve-wracking experience for designers to add storage while not making the space look cluttered. The key here is to invest in multipurpose furniture that will work hard to optimise available space. Think sofa-cum-beds, beds with hydraulic storage, built-in wardrobes, and so on. We also suggest doing away with side tables if you do not have the space for it. Instead, you can opt for seating with storage underneath, which can double as a bookshelf, just like in the picture above.

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#2. Think lateral storage

Utilise niches for intelligent storage

Do you think we make full use of wall space? Maybe not always. Whenever you think there’s not enough storage space in any room, look towards the walls. Lateral storage is one of the best space-saving small bedroom ideas that our designers recommend. For this home in the picture above, our designer made sure that every inch of space was utilised. In front of the bed you will see this complete storage unit with a concealed vanity and big drawers. It also has open shelves on the side to keep trinkets.

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#3. Make use of the bedhead wall

Built-in storage around the headboard is essential

If there’s one wall that you must utilise in your small bedroom, then it has to be the bedhead wall. A good built-in unit around the bedhead will make great use of that wall without cluttering the other walls in the room. Storage around the headboard also acts as a nightstand and side storage. Our designer has added enclosed cabinet storage on either side of the bed which can also double up as a bookshelf. We think this is the best use of vertical space.

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#4. Use mirrors

An entire wall made up of mirrors is a great idea

It goes without saying that mirrors can make any space appear visually larger. Take this bedroom for instance. The space is very compact yet it does not seem so because our designer has used mirrors to its advantage. One wall on the left is entirely made up of mirror panels that gives the illusion of a less-cluttered bedroom. Also, the use of white bed linen and curtains is the cherry on top.

#5: Use minimal furniture

A movable vanity unit for saving space

It’s true that a bedroom is incomplete without a vanity, but sometimes we simply don’t have the space for a full-fledged vanity unit. For such small bedroom ideas, we suggest placing a minimal vanity stand with a mirror and a couple of shelves. It’s an excellent space-saving piece of furniture that will look aesthetically pleasing as well as serve the purpose. It is also movable, so you can place it wherever you want according to your convenience.


#1. Choose loud colours

Use a tasteful version of a rich colour

One rule of thumb that you must remember is to refrain from using loud colours in your bedroom. Do not confuse loud colours with dark colours though. Some rich, dark colours can accentuate the look of your small bedroom, just like the one above. While you can choose elegant colours like denim blue or even dark grey for your bedroom walls, it is best to balance it out with light-coloured furniture.

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#2. Get obscenely huge wardrobes

Use corners with L-shaped wardrobes

Notice how our designer has used an L-shaped wardrobe for the compact bedroom above. It is ideal for corner spaces and makes good use of wall space. While you might be tempted to add a huge wardrobe to an empty wall, we would advise against it. Instead of blocking the entire space with a wardrobe, we suggest you get a narrower version and leave some walking space in front. You will be glad you took this decision in due course of time.

#3. Be scared of decorating

Try planters, frames and wall decor

If there’s one concern that we face with small bedrooms when it comes to decoration, it is the fear of the space looking too boring. No, compact rooms do not have to look dull and boring. You can decorate your tiny space however you wish to. For instance, opt for a small open rack and decorate it with little trinkets and frames. Similarly, get your hands on some wall shelves and add tiny plants for some green love. The options are plenty. You just need to choose the right ones.

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