Having a small living room can be a challenge to decorate and leave you baffled. So if you’re wondering how to go about getting the most out of your compact space, we’ve got you covered.  These easy tricks and ideas will lend your small living room a sophisticated look, without crowding up the space or compromising on comfort. No matter how compact, every living room can be made lively with these tips.

#1: Check for Symmetry

Make use of vertical space for a clean look

Symmetry is one of the most underrated elements. When one thinks of elegance in interior design, it defines how neat the room looks to the naked eye. Take an example of this living room. Everything is a vertical symmetry which maintains the sophisticated aesthetic of this compact living room. The visible lines give the illusion of length to the living room. The clean cut edges create architectural detail that accentuates space. Homeowners can do multiple things to achieve this vertical symmetry- framed artworks, matching lamps or lined architectural structures. The best part is, these are cost effective and easy!

#2: White Out!

Add sophistication with white-on-white in compact living rooms

White and neutral tones are your best bet if you want to create the illusion of space in a small area. Pair these hues with beige or brown furnishings and watch your room instantly open up. Make sure to add pops of colour in the form of smaller accents to the room so that it does not look monotonous. This living room has a soothing aura with its wood furnishings, white interiors and the contrasting background of greens that make the room look dynamic and interesting.

#3: Use an Upholstered Ottoman

Textures can seal the deal when it comes to giving compact living rooms layers of depth. This is especially true for spaces that will mostly employ neutral or white colour schemes because it offers depth and dimension rather than making the space look flat or lifeless. Upholstered Ottomans are a wonderful place to start when adding texture to a space.

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#4: Whip Out the Measuring Tape

Use a measuring tape to figure out the best-sized furniture for it

The measuring tape is a new homeowner’s best friend. Always make sure you measure everything before deciding on your couch and other furnishings. A large couch looks beautiful and comfortable but as far as small living room ideas go, it’s a definite no; it can overcrowd  the living room and make the space feel cramped. Always buy your furnishings according to the dimensions of the room you are decorating. A small couch like this one gives a small space boost and makes the living room appear bigger

Pro Tip: Always consider lightweight and flexible furnishings so you can move them when needed. It also balances the space in the room, giving it a modern look.

#5: Multipurpose Storage

small-living-room-simple-storage-coffee-table white-and-grey
Equip your small living room with flexible storage space

Hidden storage spaces are an absolute win for a small living room. Storage spaces can come in many forms — a stylish coffee table, TV unit or multipurpose cabinets. These just don’t look stylish, they actively declutter and help manage your space wisely. Singaporeans do storage like no one else, so make sure you find the right one for your needs.

Use acrylic and lucite furniture in compact areas that begin to appear disorganised visually. You may rely on them to blend into the background because they are translucent. A coffee table with a waterfall in this compact living space

#6: Add Elegance With Plants

Feng shui recommends adding an indoor tree for luck — and to dress up the space!

Plants are important in small living rooms for two reasons. First, they are really great if you want to brighten up the space with pops of vibrant colour and give the living room a modern, somewhat rustic appeal. You can pick any plant of your choice according to your preferences. And second, plants are considered to bring good luck to homes according to feng shui. For that reason, most homeowners tend to choose bamboo, as they are considered lucky according to feng shui. Click here to find out why.

#8: Go for Acrylic Furniture

Use acrylic furniture in compact living rooms that as they create clutter visually. You may rely on them to blend into the background because they are translucent. This wardrobe with acrylic finish in this compact living space is the perfect example of such visual clutter.

#9: Play Around With Mirrors

The ability of mirrors to enlarge your area is one of its greatest advantages. We are, therefore, here to assist you in making a room that is more useful rather than merely offering you suggestions for mirror decor. If you have a compact space and a limited budget, consider using pieces of mirrors rather than a whole mirror to give the illusion of a bigger space.

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#10: Play With Curtains

Lengthy curtains raise the bar for small living rooms

Raise the bar of your curtains, literally! Long curtains that start at the ceiling and end at the floor create the illusion of space in a small living room. If your living room offers you a higher ceiling, even better. Put it to good use with longer curtains. In case it does not, longer curtains are to be mounted on a higher angle so the ceiling looks higher. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to choose light-coloured curtains as they will allow more daylight to filter into your room, brightening it up effectively. 

#11: Lighting It Up

 Pick accurate lighting to give your small living room a boost

A well-lit room looks more spacious. Choose lighting that will not clash with the theme of the room. Another important point to consider is that your lighting options don’t occupy too much floor space. Luckily, there is a wide variety to choose from, including pendant lights to wall lights and recessed lighting in the ceiling. If the choices have you confused, check out this guide curated from the advice of experts on how to pick the best lighting for your needs. 

#12: Invest in Minimalist Small Living Room Ideas

If you want to maintain a minimalist look, pick leggy furniture

Minimalism is all about buying smartly. With leggy furniture, the living room will look visually lighter and have more empty space, unlike a bulky sofa or chair.. Notice the instant difference in perceiving the space when the furnishings of a room have less  to show (think of that huge camelback couch). It instantly diminishes the space and look of the room. Opt for open furniture such as hanging shelves or open cabinets that give you storage without compromising on the Scandinavian look. 

#13: Reflective Elements

Choose reflective elements and watch your small living room transform

As small living room ideas go, mirrors and other reflective surfaces are great go-to options.  They instantly make the space seem larger. Note that the glass dining table, the sliding glasses in the background and the white furniture also add in. Reflective elements don’t need any extra effort to make them work, when you choose and place them wisely. These small living room ideas will instantly boost your compact space and not just make it seem larger but also more elegant.

#14: Use Space-saving Seating Ideas

Use multifunctional furniture for seating options

You should absolutely take a futon or couch bed into consideration when coming up with space-saving living room solutions. Both of these ideas for small-space furniture are multifunctional because they may be utilised as either seating or a bed, depending on the circumstance. They can even be used as space-saving bedroom furniture by being placed in spare.

#15: Keep It Cosy

Keep your living room design cosy. Don’t try to add too much design in it as it might make it look more cramped. Just a sofa with a blanket is enough for a living room design if t works for you, just like this living room.

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1. How Can I Decorate My Living Room When It’s Small?

You can decorate your living room by adding mirrors, reflective surfaces, multipurpose furniture and ottomans, and multiple seating ideas.

2. How Can I Make my Living Room Beautiful?

You can make your living room beautiful by playing with textures, colours and patterns.

3. How Do You Maximize Space in a Small Living Room?

Add reflective surfaces, mirrors, acrylic furniture, innovative seating ideas and multipurpose furniture ideas to maximise space in your compact living room.

4. How Do You Make a Small Living Room Cozy?

To make a living room cosy, add only those pieces of furniture that are important to you. Do not clutter the space as it makes it look smaller.