When you have kids running about your home, safety is an everyday concern. Decorating your home can become challenging if you don’t have kid-friendly interior design hacks to help you through.

Lucky for you! We’ve all the tips and tricks you need to achieve a child-friendly interior design that’ll not only give your home an aesthetic edge, but also make it a safe cocoon for your little ones. Let’s get started!

1. Choose Strong & Rounded Furniture

While having kids, it’s important to have furniture pieces that are baby proofed and have no sharp edges. However, there’s another thing to consider. Opt for strong and long-lasting furniture items that’ll take the wear and tear of their growing years.

Choosing wood items or rattan furniture pieces might be a good idea. Try to avoid going for glass items as it can not only require a lot of maintenance but also be painful in case of an accident.

2. Consider Washable Fabrics

While opting for fabrics for your upholstery —bedding, pillows or curtains—be mindful to choose items that can be easily machine-washed.

You might also consider going for performance fabrics as they’re durable, beautiful and fade-resistant. It’s also available in soft pastel shades and multiple patterns, so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

3. Get Easy-to-Maintain Walls

Anyone who has had kids knows that their creativity runs unabated when it comes to walls! So, one of the first secrets to having a child-friendly interior design is to opt for a washable paint.

In case you want to take the wallpaper way, opt for kid-friendly wallpapers that aren’t high-end and run the risk of easy damage.

You can also mitigate this problem by installing a chalkboard or a laminate surface in a designated spot to help them unleash their inner creative genius without making your space a mess!

4. Ditch a Closed Floor Plan

A good child-friendly interior design can thrive only in an open floor layout. There’s more space for your kids to run around, and you can keep an eye on them while you’re working or cooking.

So, for your kid-friendly living room ideas, remove walls that you don’t need and open up the floor plan. This is especially helpful if your kids won’t have access to a garden or an outdoor space. Make your HDB a kid-friendly HDB design by breaking down walls that are mere obstructions.

5. Repurpose Outdoor Rugs for Kid-Friendly Interiors

With kids around, it’s a smarter choice to opt for rugs and carpeting in areas that see a lot of traffic. That’ll take your mind off keeping your kid-friendly home design squeaky clean all the time.

Now, choosing for fancier rugs may not be the best plan with kids around. Hence, you can try going for outdoor rugs. That’s because they’ll be easy to clean and dry in the sun. They’ll also last longer as they’re designed for the rough usage in outdoors.

In any case, avoid going for light-coloured rugs, as they can be a recipe for disaster.

6. Double Storage in a Kid-Friendly Interior Design

When you’re starting a family or have growing kids, you need a home that grows with their needs. Opt for multipurpose furniture and get as much storage as you possibly can!

You’ll need all the storage you can get, and try not to opt for chunky furniture items that can make your space look cluttered and feel miserable.

Instead, anchor all your cabinets and drawers to the wall so that there are no accidents waiting to happen. Moreover, going for multipurpose storage pieces also allows you to bring style to child-friendly interiors.

More Tips to Get Child-Friendly Interiors

  • Choose soft seating options like ottomans, pouffes and floor cushions to introduce some style to a child-friendly interior design
  • Display your kid’s art with pride and have a designated spot to showcase them
  • Use wall-fitted televisions and appliances in a kid-friendly interior design to remove the risk of tangled cables
  • For your kids room, go for a timeless look and feel rather than opting for a design that you’ll have to throw out in a few years
  • Choose durable materials and go for a clean, fuss-free look for your kid-friendly interior design

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