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Types of wardrobes

Your wardrobe influences your daily routine. Choose one that fits right.

Why choose a Livspace wardrobe?
  • Unmatched Quality

    with an automated process for error-free cabinets

  • Patented Technology

    with DuraBuild, AquaBloc and AntiBubble technology

  • 5-year Warranty*

    enjoy peace of mind with the industry's best warranty

  • On Time Delivery

    say goodbye to delays and hello to on-time delivery

  • Eco-friendly Material

    non-hazardous and formaldehyde-free MFC doors

  • Design Freedom

    with a wide range of customisable modules

T&Cs apply: *5-years for modular and semi-modular products. For full scope on warranty, please visit livspace.com/sg/interiors/service

Wardrobes for everyone

A wardrobe is personal. Let's create one unique to your needs.

Core materials we use

Your wardrobe is a big part of your life. Superior quality materials at the core ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Style your wardrobe

Add elegance to your room by getting the look that you want.

Wardrobe Shutter Types

Wardrobe Shutter Finishes

Select from 200+ options across solids, textures, metallics and glass.


What's in your wardrobe

Choose from our cabinets, add ons and accessories

The Cabinets



Know your wardrobe inside-out

Get familiar with the components that make your wardrobe a splendid piece of woodwork.

1. Advance connector mechanism for robust cabinet construction.

2. Cabinets assembled with chipboard screws protected by PVC sockets ensure durability

3. Soft-closing hinges reduce vibrations everytime a cabinet shuts, keeping it stress-free.

4. Cabinets rest on PVC legs keeping them safe from moisture

5. Gap between walls and cabinets to prevent moisture from affecting the woodwork.