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The Livspace renovation calculator

Get a detailed estimate of renovation costs based on the nature and scope of work you wish to get done. Simply select your preferred options and we’ll do the math for you!

3 steps is all it takes to get your quote

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    Choose your property type

    Help us understand the size and type of your property

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    Select the renovation work

    Help us determine the scope of work based on your inputs

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    Get a quote

    Plan your interiors easily with a personalised renovation cost estimate

How does the home renovation calculator work

Our renovation calculator creates an estimate based on the details shared by you. Your selection of house type, the rooms that need to be renovated and the nature of work required, together help us asses the scope of work for calculating the renovation cost.

  • House Type

    The renovation cost estimator will understand the configuration of your home based on whether it is a condo or a HDB, new or a resale unit. Further, the selection of rooms that you wish to renovate will help generate an accurate estimate for your renovation package.

  • Select the type of work

    When you choose the services required for each room, it helps us determine the scope of work involved. In addition you can select the extent of each service needed from 3 options - light, moderate and extensive.

  • Get your quote

    Once you have filled the details for the renovation package, our estimator will work the numbers for you. With an estimate renovation cost, you can now go ahead and book dream interiors for your home.


1. How do you calculate the cost of renovation?

2. Does renovation include furniture?

3. Can I customise my requirements?

4. What type of homes do you cover in the renovation calculator?

  • Livspace is Asia’s fastest growing interior design and home renovation platform that connects interior designers, homeowners and vendors. We provide homeowners with personalised, stylish yet functional home interior designs. Looking to make your dream home come true but need a renovation cost estimate to plan ahead? We’re here to make it easy for you.
  • The Livspace Renovation Calculator is an interactive tool that helps you build your own renovation package as per your requirements. This renovation cost estimator tool lets you select the kind of services you want such as carpentry, electrical work, hacking, false ceiling etc. The nature and scope of work involved is taken into consideration while estimating your renovation cost.
  • We believe every product or renovation package you choose needs to fit your needs and lifestyle perfectly. The final price of your renovation package may be lower or higher than the estimate depending on the choice of products and services you make. Further, our designers will make sure you understand the process better by providing you with all the additional details you would need. So get started with our renovation calculator, make your choices, and get your renovation cost with our fairly accurate calculator.