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Customers Dos & Don'ts

Last Updated: [07/11/2019]

Customer Do's and Don'ts

Livspace endeavors to provide you a premium home design experience with its professional services and highly skilled team of professionals. Help us in this process by following some of these simple instructions. 


  • Please read our Customer policies (including Terms of Use, Livspace Quality Promise, Cancellation Policy, Return, Exchange & Refunds Policy and Privacy & Cookies Policy) before you book your project with us and pay the booking amount.
  • Please be clear and explicit about all your requirements, including any specific requirements, restrictions, deadlines, etc at the initial stages of discussion with our design partners or personnel.
  • Please read, verify and confirm the Bill of Quantity (“BoQ”) that will be sent to you before the final order is placed. We will not be able to make any changes to the BoQ once the order is finalised and a sales order is placed.
  • Treat our professionals with respect. If you have any concerns regarding their behavior or attitude, please let us know and we will aim to resolve it quickly at our end. 
  •  If any additional work/services are required to be done, please contact the community manager in charge directly and do not give such instructions to anyone else.
  • In case you are unhappy with the product or our services, we are happy to address your concerns through our customer care executives. You could also contact the community manager in charge and we shall try our best to redress your concerns, subject to our policies. Please refer to our Escalation System for more details. 
  • Please ensure that all the products you purchased from us are maintained in accordance with the Care Instructions. In case of any query, feel free to contact our customer care executives.


  • The design outline (2D and 3D) and/or BoQ in relation to your project has exclusively been prepared for you. You shall not share such design outline and/or BoQ to any third party without the prior written consent from our authorised personnel.
  •  Do not threaten or intimidate the professionals if there are any issues with the products or services. Reach out to our customer care executives who are always happy to help. Please refer to our Escalation System for more details.
  • We have zero tolerance towards any form of sexual harassment or discrimination. If any such harassment or discrimination is reported by our professionals, it shall be investigated and appropriate actions shall be taken in accordance with our policies, including, policy on prevention of sexual harassment. 
  • At Livspace, we respect everyone’s privacy and we hope that you would too. Please do not take photographs/videos/audio recording of our professionals at any time, including without limitation, the time of site visit, meetings, delivery or installation. If you wish to take photos or videos of the installation process, please check with our professionals. Failure to obtain the consent of our professionals prior to taking such photograph, videos or audio recording shall be construed as violation of their right to privacy and a violation of our policies and appropriate legal actions shall be initiated against you.
  • Livpsace has a very strict anti-bribery policy and we request you not to pay our professionals for any special/ speedier services. If any of our professional makes such request, please report it immediately to our customer service or to your community manager so that appropriate actions may be taken. 
  • Please do not leave any valuable items at home when our team takes over your house to carry out the installations. While we shall take reasonable care of your property during the installation period, we are not liable for any loss of valuable items left unattended at your home.