For a home interiors journey that’s nothing short of perfect

For a home interiors journey that’s nothing short of perfect

How it works

Here’s a snapshot of the complete home interiors journey with Livspace.

Meet Designer
Seal the Deal
Place the order
Installation begins
Move in
  • 1. Meet your designer

    1. Meet your designer

    • Fill form

      It all starts with a simple form where we understand your basic requirements.

    • Tell us what you need

      Our designer then meets you, discusses your needs further for a better understanding and has a look at your floor plans.

    • Get quotes & designs

      A free design proposal and quote is prepared and given to you.

  • 2. Book Livspace

    2. Book Livspace

    • Pay 10%


      Liking what you see in the initial design? Book Livspace to take your dream home interiors forward.

    • Finalise designs

      It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Your designer collaborates with you to help finalise the details of the design.

  • 3. Execution starts

    3. Execution starts

    • Pay 40%


      Place your order for all products and services on the basis of the final design.

    • Work begins

      Civil work commences at the site. Parallelly, all decor and furniture are sourced or manufactured as needed.

  • 4. Final installations

    4. Final installations

    • Pay 50%


      Make your final payment of 50%. All products are delivered and carpentry work starts on site.

    • Delivery and installation

      After completion of carpentry and installation work, decor and furniture are added to finish your home to perfection.

  • 5. Move in

    5. Move in

    • It’s all done

      Your brand new #LivspaceHome is ready!

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