How To Decorate For Your Personality Type

Whether you’re a gregarious extrovert or an introspective introvert or simply a bit of both, every personality type has preferences in terms of color, lighting, and aesthetics.  Your home should ideally be designed with these preferences in mind and reflect your tastes. To help you design a space that complements your temperament both aesthetically and practically, we’ve put together home design tips to decorate for your personality type:

1. Extrovert

You are: The life of the party. You love being around people and they love you. You are energized by social situations and plan your life around get-togethers.

What you need: The perfect party pad to help you entertain your huge social circle.

decorate for your Personality type

Layouts: Open plan, multi-purpose spaces are ideal. Since you’re likely to entertain often, make sure you have lots of seating to accommodate all your friends and family. You can also have outdoor dining rooms or an open kitchen with a breakfast bar for those impromptu brunches.

decorate for your Personality type

Colors: Extroverts gravitate towards bright, warm colors – so choose upholstery, paintings and wall treatments with splashes of yellow, orange, red and bright green. You can balance these with solid neutrals on your walls and flooring.

Lighting:  Use a combination of bright wall lamps, chandeliers, and floor lamps to light up your home. You can also invest in mini party lamps and LED lights to set the mood for gatherings.

decorate for your Personality type

Must-Have: Flexible seating like benches, ottomans and bean bags – they can be conveniently moved around as and when you need them.

2. Introvert

You are: The quiet and thoughtful observer. You enjoy spending time by yourself and with one or two close friends. Your perfect weekend involves curling up in your private haven with a good book or movie.

What you need: A nice, cozy space that you can retreat to reflect, recharge and engage in your favorite activities.

decorate for your Personality type

Layout: Design your home to ensure lots of privacy between different rooms, so that even if your family members are entertaining, you still have your space. Create intimate nooks where you can spend time reading by yourself or chatting with a close friend.

decorate for your Personality type

Colors: Studies show that introverts are drawn to cool colors. Do up your home in soothing shades of blue, green and purple. Neutrals like greys and whites are also a good choice. You can use bright colors as accents on pillowcases or paintings.

decorate for your Personality type

Lighting: Introverts can find bright lights distracting, so ensure ample natural lighting, along with subtle ambient lighting. You can get focused task lighting for specific areas like your desk or reading nook.

decorate for your Personality type

Must-have: Storage and shelves to house your trove of interests – books, music, video games etc.

3. Ambivert

You are: The quiet extrovert (or the outgoing introvert). While you are friendly and like to socialize, you also like to have time by yourself to rejuvenate every now and then.

What you need: A home that balances both aspects of your personality.

decorate for your Personality type

Layouts: A flexible layout that has large spaces for socializing, along with sections culled out for privacy.

Colors: Use a mix of warm and cool colors to decorate. Alternatively, use soothing neutrals for more private rooms such as the study or bedroom and do up the living room in bright, cheerful hues.

decorate for your Personality type

Lighting: Get automatic dimmers, so that you can control the brightness levels in each space to reflect your mood.

decorate for your Personality type

 Must haves: Foldable privacy screens or curtains to help you partition off areas if necessary.

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