When it comes to visualising a kitchen for one’s home, every homeowner has their own requirements. Livspace designers believe in giving kitchen ideas that are unique to every home as they set out to understand customer needs. We have mastered the art of putting homeowners’ demands together to deliver them the perfect kitchen. Are you still looking for kitchen interior design ideas to shape your old or new kitchen? We have got 10+ kitchen ideas with trendy kitchen colours for you to browse through! Check them out below. 

#1: Adapt Flexible Single Galley Kitchen

Suit your big or compact house with an L-shaped kitchen

Most L-shaped kitchen designs are opted for when the homeowners want a show kitchen. The cooking happens occasionally, so it makes sense to have one countertop where you can cook on the go. This IKEA kitchen demonstrates a perfect example of one of the popular L-shaped kitchen designs, with an open layout 

Kitchen Ideas We Love: 

  • The use of glossy laminates which makes this kitchen low maintenance
  • Seamless look with a handleless cabinets in an open kitchen layout that 

Ideal for:

  • Homeowners who want to dedicate small spaces to their kitchens
  • Kitchens that have budget constraints
  • Folks who want everything in their kitchen within their reach

#2: Here’s Why You Should Choose an L-Shaped Kitchen Design

An L-shaped kitchen design with a kitchen island is also a popular choice

A timeless favourite, the L-shaped kitchen design is considered an efficient layout for any house. With corner spaces that can be turned into efficient storage, this L-shaped kitchen design is one of the more versatile ways to incorporate several kitchen ideas. This particular one even has a kitchen island to complete the look!

Kitchen Ideas We Love:

  • The mix of open and closed cabinets that provide multiple storage options
  • An open kitchen layout that helps incorporate more features such as the kitchen island and dining chairs to this kitchen

Ideal for:

  • Aspiring home cooks that love space efficiency
  • Both big and compact floor spaces
  • Maintaining the golden triangle workflow

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#3: Optimise with Multiple Countertops

Multiple countertops for multiple cooks!

If you have the space, then more is always better, especially in the kitchen where a family likes to cook together. Kitchen interior design ideas with multiple countertops is a great way to ensure that you can have zones where multiple people can work at the same time. This pastel-coloured kitchen has classic examples of U-shaped kitchen ideas. 

Kitchen Ideas We Love:

  • Quartz veined countertops that contrast the handleless pastel green lower cabinets
  • Contemporary design with a fully equipped kitchen with in-built appliances

Ideal for:

  • A large family that cooks together or regular cooks
  • Those in need of plenty of storage space 
  • People who like room for experimentation and ample counter space

#4: Steal this Compact Kitchen Idea from IKEA

IKEA kitchens x Livspace make for the best compact kitchen ideas

As discussed earlier, a single galley kitchen design fits into a compact space, as showcased in this kitchen. With its seamless design, it opens directly to the dining room where you can put piping hot food straight from the kitchen. Kitchen ideas that deliver effectiveness on a relatively smaller budget are our favourite kind. 

Kitchen Ideas We Love:

  • Two-toned trendy kitchen colours enhance the aesthetic allure
  • The marble backsplash is an indulgence that defines this glossy kitchen with fine sophistication

Ideal for:

  • Fitting kitchens in a niche when it comes to compact homes
  • Creating an efficient workflow with ease of access to everything
  • Saving space creatively while using vertical storage

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#5: Ever Thought of a U-Shaped Kitchen Ideas for Compact Spaces?

Go monochromatic to make your kitchen appear spacious

We bet you’ll love the idea of optimal space usage in your compact house. For that, get behind the U-shaped kitchen ideas. Scared that it will make your small kitchen look cramped? Take inspiration from the above Livspace kitchen that did it in the most efficient way possible. 

Kitchen ideas We Love:

  • Sleek lower and upper cabinet designs that accommodate maximal kitchen storage
  • The white monochrome that creates the illusion of space in this compact kitchen

Ideal for:

  • Homeowners looking to maximise their kitchen space 
  • People who cannot compromise on multiple countertop requirement
  • Getting multiple storage options in a compact space

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#6: Truly Have It All in a Compact Kitchen

There is always enough space for a cosy kitchen breakfast counter

We always say that limited kitchen space does not mean you need to limit your choices. This L-shaped kitchen design with a cosy kitchen island says it all. This is an ideal kitchen for two. Moreover, this kitchen island can double up as extra counter space to put down prepared food or bottles when needed. 

Kitchen Ideas We Love:

  • Wooden kitchen counter that adds a factor of warmth to this kitchen
  • Multiple hanging shelves for easy access to jars and condiments

Ideal for:

  • A couple that want a complete kitchen with every amenity in place
  • Having a flexible kitchen island that can serve as an extra storage space
  • Keeping an experimental streak alive when it comes to kitchen floor usage

#7: Use Every Trick in the Book on This Open-Concept Kitchen with Island

Open your kitchen to accommodate a kitchen island

Having a lot of space that can be turned into a kitchen is always less of a challenge. This open kitchen layout has plenty of space, even with an island counter in the middle of the room. The grey monochrome leaves space for quirky accents to enhance the look. This kitchen definitely can accommodate a lot when it comes to storage and style. 

Kitchen Ideas We love:

  • How the kitchen makes space for kitchen appliances
  • An open kitchen layout with a storage equipped kitchen island

Ideal for:

  • Extending the open kitchen with a kitchen island
  • Owners that want their options open to change the layout or add extra countertop space
  • Free movement owing to this kitchen’s open layout

#8: Fit Your Kitchen Anywhere

Work in the tricky layouts to fit in a compact space, like this semi-open kitchen

Sometimes super-compact homes do not have an assigned space for a kitchen. We look at this as an opportunity to get our creative juices flowing. The above shows a semi-open kitchen with a small L-curve that fits into a niche. It is completely equipped with modern appliances and its custom-made design is cleverly suited for the compact home. 

Kitchen Ideas We love:

  • The use of metal for vertical storage giving this kitchen a chic industrial inspired look
  • Glossy laminate finish with exposed brick wall which makes it a breeze to maintain

Ideal for:

  • Homeowners who have tricky layouts
  • Having an extra spare kitchen when you have a large, unused space
  • Super-compact spaces such as studio apartments

#9: Eliminate That Dining Area Altogether

Replace your dining area with a couch!

Whoever heard of the dining area being an extension to the kitchen really knew what they were talking about. If you really are a couch potato, consider eliminating the dining table altogether. Among the several  I-shaped kitchen designs is this one, which opens up to a living room couch. We bet you can imagine yourself enjoying your hot meals watching your favourite show while being comfortably seated here. 

Kitchen Ideas We Love:

  • Open layout that leaves ample walking space 
  • Foldable partitions that can change the kitchen layout easily as per convenience

Ideal for:

  • Couch potatoes who love to binge on their sofas
  • Studio apartments where creating a niche for kitchens is necessary with flexible partitions
  • People looking to have a compact show kitchen

#10: Keep the Bar High!

Notice the beautiful kitchen island-cum-bar-unit!

This L-shaped kitchen design is a versatile masterpiece with a great kitchen bar design. This is one of those kitchen interior design ideas that can work for compact or big kitchens. We also know that it soothes the souls of fellow wine lovers who would have noticed the kitchen island-cum-bar quite easily. 

Kitchen Ideas We Love:

  • Craftily turning the L-shaped kitchen design into an island
  • Accommodating the island with a kitchen bar design that can be easily converted to conceal the collection

Ideal for:

  • Homeowners who want to have a displaying bar unit
  • Compact homes that want to flaunt a kitchen island
  • Someone who wants flexible work zones

#11: Run with the Parallel Kitchen Design

This parallel kitchen runs for both big and small houses

Parallel kitchen or galley kitchens are another popular kitchen interior design ideas that are popular. These are suited for both small and large homes. However, small homes prefer this as it can provide them with two rows of countertops that can be used as separate dry and wet areas. This small space parallel kitchen design is a case in point. 

Kitchen Ideas We Love: 

  • Natural lighting in this small space parallel kitchen design makes the colours pop
  • The backsplash walls that really take the hero element of this kitchen

Ideal for:

  • Separating wet and dry areas in the kitchen
  • Allowing compact kitchen with more counter space to work on
  • Kitchen that have a large width

#12: Construct a Semi-Open Kitchen Layout

Get a semi-open layout to get privacy when required

Can’t decide between an open kitchen layout or a closed kitchen? Choose a semi-open layout and get the best of both worlds. The glass separation ensures privacy while it is flexible enough to open and let you continue the conversation happening around the dining table. Here are the other elements we love about this kitchen. 

Kitchen Ideas We Love:

  • The small space parallel kitchen design to keep with the compact space
  • The placement of the dining table right outside the kitchen to set down the cooked food immediately

Ideal for:

  • People who love their privacy but also like to entertain guests
  • Separate their cooking areas as per their convenience
  • Homeowners looking for contemporary, trendy designs

#13: Mix Trendy Kitchen Colours with Efficient Designs

Use bold and trendy kitchen colours for your space

Colours are becoming quite the trend among young Malaysian homeowners. And we love to see a kitchen in beautiful, bold colours. Take this kitchen for example. It has been splashed in the Pantone’s Colour of the ear in 2022, Very Peri. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Kitchen Ideas We Love:

  • The obvious trendy colour wash 
  • The contrasting wooden floor laminate that brings out the bold colour

Ideal for:

  • People looking to go bold and experimental with their kitchen 
  • Renovated kitchens that can be helped with a new colour change

The best thing about these kitchen ideas is that you can mix versatile options and experiment with different styles for your kitchen. If you enjoyed reading this, we have more! Read Best Small Kitchen Design Ideas For Your Home.

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