We all agree that organising the furniture in our home can be a daunting task, don’t we? When you’re faced with an empty room or an empty kitchen, it can be difficult to fill it in a way that is both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Livspace interior designers have identified a number of simple, easy-to-apply principles that you can use while designing your home, whether it is tips to implement in your modern living room or kitchen organisation ideas. If you follow these simple guidelines, you’ll discover that organising furniture isn’t so difficult after all. And when you have IKEA furniture at your home, you can be assured of an effortless arrangement, we promise!

1. Spruce Up the Look of Your Modern Living Room with IKEA Furniture

#Pro tip: Make sure to add variety to the shapes of the living room furniture, such as curved seating combined with a straight-lined coffee table

While redecorating your living room, there are multiple factors to consider, including personal taste, lifestyle, budget, etc, but the best place to start is with the furniture layout. In other words, deciding on how you want your sofas, chairs, tables, storage cabinets and other pieces to be arranged will determine the decor of the room. And before you start getting anxious about how to go about it, worry not! Because we’re here to sort your furniture woes out!

This modern living room has been decorated using IKEA furniture and accessories. The off-white five-seater sofa has been positioned well to form a good conversation area in the living room. People should be able to communicate with one another without having to crane their heads or necks across the room. So, it’s always a good idea to place the sofas and chairs so that they face each other or are next to each other so that people can chat without having to raise their voices.

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A good-sized coffee table is good for both aesthetics and function. It serves as a focal point for the space, with enough room for people to set their drinks or for you to exhibit your favourite accessories. The grey chair at the back adds more to the seating area and gives one the comfort to read with a floor lamp next to it. The bookshelf with the cabinets not only offers space to display the collection of books and the artefacts but also provides optimum storage space in this modern living room. 

2. Use IKEA’s Modern Kitchen Design and Embrace Natural Materials

#Pro Tip: Glass cabinet fronts are a good choice only if you organise your kitchen on a regular basis

Looking for special IKEA kitchen organisation ideas to give your kitchen a more homely feel? Well, wood is a fantastic material for this. Just like we have designed the cabinets in this kitchen, you too can use a combination of glass and wooden cabinet fronts to create a modern kitchen design that incorporates natural elements. Glass panelling in your upper cabinets can assist you in quickly finding objects in your kitchen.

Keep in mind however, that while glass doors on your cabinets can look appealing, they may not be the best choice if you have untidy cabinets due to their great visibility. However, they could definitely be an added design statement if you are the kind of person who organises the kitchen on a regular basis.
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3. Keep Your Bedroom Organised with Modern IKEA Furniture

#Pro Tip: IKEA furniture such as these accent side tables are a huge trend for 2022

The colour scheme for this bedroom is dominated by whites and beiges, with a mix of neutrals and dark contrasts.This space is ideal for working or relaxing. Outfitted with a queen bed from IKEA, this bedroom’s style is enhanced by the nightstand, a paper wall art and a blue table lamp. The wooden flooring is balanced by the hand-knotted rug. The two IKEA accent tables next to the bed holding a flower vase and table lamp don’t just serve a function but enrich the design as well. The big window to the right makes sure that an ample amount of natural light enters into the room. 

4. Organise Your Kid’s Room Using Light IKEA Furniture

#Pro-tip: Bed lifts are a great option in the children’s room to increase storage space under the bed

Organising your child’s room can be the most difficult and time-consuming task in the organising process. However, we can make that process a little easier for you. The first step is to separate the room into different zones, if size allows — dressing zone, sleeping zone, playing zone and reading zone, for example. You can then organise the furniture based on these zones. 

The bed should take centre stage in the sleeping area. To prevent any of the toys or accessories from getting lost, stuffed animals or blankets should be stored exclusively in this zone as has been done in this room. The child’s dresser and closet are the focal point of the dressing zone. However, it’s possible that the reading and playing zones might overlap. Make sure there is enough space for playing and reading in these areas. Toy storage should also be provided. This room is the perfect example of how your kid’s room can be spacious and functional at the same time. And for your furniture needs, there’s always the IKEA store!

5. Transform Your Bathroom Into a Feel-Good Space with IKEA

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#Pro Tip: Installing wooden shelves in the bathroom is a great bathroom design idea to help maximise storage space while being handy and beautiful

This bathroom is decorated in grey and white and is quite spacious. A glass divider separates the wet and dry regions. A wooden vanity unit with plenty of storage space is also included. The bathroom also displays additional storage space in the form of racks to the left as well. Such cabinets and racks, as well as other bathroom accessories, can be easily bought from an IKEA store near you and self-installed with very little effort. Your bathroom design ideas can find modern and easy-to-implement solutions with IKEA!

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