The most stunning homes are not the ones that boast a luxurious design with high-end materials but the ones that are clean, well-organised and clutter-free. Now, we understand that most of us lead busy lives with literally no time to organise every day. But trust us, the right storage solutions can change your lives! And to help you, we have compiled a list of 7 must-have IKEA storage cabinets that will ensure you have a well-organised home.

#1: Foyer Catch-all

A space to keep your keys without losing them

How often does it happen that you’re in a rush to leave but cannot find your car keys anywhere? We tend to ignore the foyer area but it’s crucial that you have a table with drawers or a foyer catch-all at your entryway. This storage unit from IKEA not only looks contemporary but also comes with ample space where you can keep your keys, glasses, sanitiser and other important things.

#2: Off-the-floor Bathroom Cupboards

Makes floor cleaning so easy!

Organisation is only one part of home maintenance. Clean-up plays an equally important role. Dragging around heavy furniture just to reach those elusive, dusty corners is something that we have all done. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to invest in off-the-floor IKEA storage cabinets. Off-the-floor cupboards are especially helpful in the bathroom where there is absolutely no space to move around floor cabinets and clean.

#3: Open and Closed Kitchen Cabinets

Closed cabinets reduce cleaning while open cabinets make the space look bigger

If there is one thing that we can all agree upon, it’s that there is nothing worse than an untidy and cluttered kitchen! These open and closed IKEA kitchen cabinets ensure that you will never run out of space, irrespective of whether you are a minimalist or a hoarder. A benefit of having open and closed kitchen storage is that you get to display your fine china while also ensuring cleanliness.

#4: Bedroom Side Tables

Keep a bedside table for a space to keep your phone when you are sleeping

Did you know that a cluttered bedroom can make you feel low and stressed? And for those of us who eat, sleep and work in our beds, a bedside table is a must-have! You can also choose IKEA storage cabinets and use them as bedside tables if you want extra storage. Also, if space is a concern in your bedroom, floating shelves are a good option for you.

#5: Coffee Table With Storage

A coffee table with storage is a smart option to save space

Not all of us have large and spacious homes that we can fill with innumerable storage units. For those who have compact homes, smart storage trumps more storage. Most of us have a coffee table in our living rooms. However, instead of just buying a table, investing in a coffee table with storage is a much better idea. This will provide you with a space to keep your phone, earphones, charger etc when you are working in your living room, watching TV or just relaxing.

#6: Plenty of Wardrobe Space

A wardrobe design with lofts will help you maximise on storage space

The easiest way to avoid that lone chair in your bedroom that is always overflowing with clothes is to have a wardrobe with plenty of space (and the willpower to put away your laundry on time). While a 2-door wardrobe is normal, you can even buy a 3-door wardrobe design if you want more space. Choose sliding shutters if you have a compact bedroom and don’t forget the lofts!

#7: Display Cases With Bookshelves

An IKEA bookshelf and display cabinet is a storage must-have!

Even if you are not a bookworm, investing in display units and bookshelves is a must. Bookshelves can be used to display more than just books, after all. These types of display units and bookshelves by IKEA come with maximum storage space. Whether you want a place to show off the souvenirs you picked up during your travels or an organised unit to keep your important files, this storage unit will serve all your purposes.

These IKEA storage cabinets are your first step to leading a more clutter-free and well-organised life. Also, check out the 9 types of storage that will help you declutter post-pandemic

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