In these modern times, we spend a lot of time and money determining the quality of our lives. It controls a lot of what we allow to happen in our environment and what we want to surround ourselves with. The design choices we make, including our personal tastes when it comes to home decor, are an obvious example of this phenomenon. And living room design is an integral aspect of the way we choose to live.  

Modern living room designs have grown increasingly experimental, allowing the users to experiment with tastes and requirements to produce unique, particular solutions. It might be difficult to categorise such living room designs because they incorporate elements from a variety of interior designs. So, to make your decisions easier, we have  compiled a list of Livspace’s seven most efficient alternatives when it comes to living room designs. Let’s start!

1. Clean and Contemporary Living Room Design

This modern living room is adorned with neutral colours and minimal decor.

The modernism of the mid- 20th century defied the trend of over-decorating dwellings and limited the use of unnecessary furniture . Natural materials for surface finishes were also a priority for them. As a result, the modern living room design style was born, and it continues to inspire mid-century modern, post-modern, contemporary, minimalist and industrial design trends to this day.

Design Tips

To add a tinge of colour and brightness to the living room, place a sectional sofa with a bright-coloured fabric. In addition, paint the rest of the surfaces in neutral colours to adhere to the design guidelines.

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2. Modern Minimalist Living room Design

This minimal living room is adorned with bare essentials and neutral colours.

Modern design style worked as the source of inspiration for the minimalist interior design in the 1950s. Minimalism inspire this living room design and it uses a monochromatic colour palette. It pares down the space to the minimum elements which add value to your lifestyle. Moreover, this design adheres to the open-concept layout of a modern living room while maintaining its minimalistic looks.

Design Tip

Keeping the size of the coffee table really small or removing it entirely from the modern minimalist living room allows for better movement. Also, go for monochrome sofa and laminate wall finish to complete the minimal living room design.

3. Modern Luxury Living Room Design

This modern living room is adorned with layered lighting and full-sized paintings.

Metallic embellishments and extravagant elements are common in luxury living room design. This type of interior is common in huge houses with high ceilings. Therefore, the designers carefully plan such a design to make it appear exceedingly comfortable. Moreover, you can add ambient lighting to highlight different features of the living room design. Paint the walls in neutral colours, with modern accent furniture added for drama.

Design Tips

Try using hardwood laminates and golden sconces on some walls. In addition, you can make the living room space visually tasteful by adding layered lighting and enormous paintings.

4. Traditionally Inspired Living Room Design

This minimal living room is adorned with decor pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries.

These are contemporary living room designs that borrow decor concepts from traditional European residences from the 18th or 19th centuries. There is great use of curving lines, accessories and opulent furnishings, and completely avoids  minimalism. Designers prefer to use dark wood in such designs because it makes for an aesthetically beautiful contrast with the neutral walls.

Design Tips

Use dark wood with curved, detailed features to adorn the neutral-coloured walls. In the centre of the room, use a big traditional rug. In addition to it, use luxurious materials like silk, leather or velvet to create the upholstery.

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5. Scandinavian-Style Living Room Design

This living room design is adorned with clean surfaces and straight lines.

Scandinavian living room design is an early 20th-century style that emphasises adding light and bright colours to the rooms with a sense of hygge, which loosely translates to cosy togetherness. In the 1950s, Scandinavian design influences started impacting modern, mid-century modern, and post-modernism design styles all across the world. This living room design has an amazing interior design craftsmanship.

Design Tips

Use only light colours with fluted oak panels and mirrors to enhance the design elements and natural illumination in the room. Moreover, adding a soft white carpet will contribute to the hygge  vibe. In addition to it, you can add bright-coloured pillows on the sofa to add a splash of colour.

6. Eclectic Living Room Design

This living room is adorned with a blend of design ideas from different styles.

It is natural to admire specific features from a variety of genres; a single style may not have all the elements you are looking for in your living room design. Therefore, going for an eclectic blend of modern living room design components is a good choice. The blue couch is modern while the lounge chairs are from the 1950s. In the meanwhile, we have an oriental centre table with a marble top. Ultimately, these disparate pieces have come together in an innate symmetry, even if there is no defined logic to it.

Design Tips

Try to mix and match different colours in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Find decor items from different eras and adorn your living room with them.

7. Industrial-Style Living Room Design

This industrial-style living room is adorned with monochromatic colours and high ceilings.

The use of raw architectural materials such as concrete, iron and bricks. They also used exposed features like conduits and piping, are distinguishing elements of this style. The designers also used monochromatic colours such as whites, blacks and greys . This modern living room design features high ceilings and large windows, and ancient factories and industrial settings are the inspiration for this living room.

Design Tips

You can use track lights to provide task lighting above the TV unit or other elements in the living room. Instead of fancy chandeliers, use an industrial halogen-like chandelier that hangs over the dining table. 

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