There’s no doubt that sleek furniture and a beautifully designed bed can transform your bedroom in the blink of an eye. However, if you’re really looking to optimise your space, you might need to make a few catered and intentional changes. Among the many master bedroom ideas that you’ll find are currently trending, a few tried-and-tested methods are sure to help you get the job done. Ranging from minimalist bedroom ideas to modern small bedroom ideas, there’s an option for every preference. Instead of just rearranging your furniture/wall art every time you feel inspired, why not give a new layout a go? 

So, if you’re hoping to nail that modern master bedroom design vision board you’ve favourited on Pinterest, we’re here to lend a hand. Read on for some modern bedroom ideas you can easily incorporate into your space:

#1: Identify the Right Placement of Each Element for a Modern Master Bedroom Design

If you have a beautiful view to admire, place your furniture in a space that overlooks it

Be it feng shui or other practices that lead you to design your space a certain way, there are certain modern bedroom ideas that improve the functionality of your bedroom. Master bedroom ideas such as placing your headboard against the main wall of your room is said to improve the flow of energy in the space. However, avoid placing your bed against a wall that holds plumbing pipes as this can disturb your sleep. 

Based on the shape of your room, you can also divide the space into various functional zones. You can use these zones as work, sleep and dressing areas depending on the utility you are looking for. In smaller square bedrooms, you could consider modern small bedroom ideas such as placing your bed against a wall in the centre of the room. 

These master bedroom ideas and placements ensure that every element is positioned in a harmonious way. By locating the right place for bigger elements like the bed, it becomes easier to experiment with minimalist bedroom ideas for a modern master bedroom design. 

#2: Modern Small Bedroom Ideas Encourage the Use of Windows to Guide Traffic Flow

Go for master bedroom ideas that are minimalist in nature to prevent cluttering the space

Sleek fittings, monochromatic palettes and modular furniture are just a few examples of small bedroom decorating ideas you can explore. But if you’re looking for the right layout to support these modern small bedroom ideas, there’s an easy solution for you. Some care should be taken when the space you have to work with is small. 

This is because smaller rooms might come with limited floor space which can hinder the traffic flow in your room. If certain parts of your bedroom become inaccessible due to blocked traffic flow, it could pose restrictions to your layout. 

Therefore, some useful modern small bedroom ideas that can counter this is using your window as a point of reference. Depending on the height of your window, try to plan your layout accordingly. Place furniture away from windows and try to avoid selecting bulky units as well.  

Most master bedroom ideas include the use of natural light to open up small spaces where minimalist bedroom ideas could be the decor of choice. Consequently, avoid blocking full-length windows with your bed or furniture to keep this space accessible and bright. 

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#3: Your Master Bedroom Will Have Sufficient Seating with These Modern Bedroom Ideas

Carve out functional zones with dedicated furniture sets like reading chairs and workstations

What do you do when you have a surplus of space in your bedroom? Use master bedroom ideas that best utilise the space! Bigger bedrooms offer more untapped potential when it comes to decorating and infusing your bedroom with furniture and appliances. With more space, you can include various seating areas and give your room additional utility. 

In the same vein, plan your layout from big accessories to smaller accessories to avoid design mistakes. First, explore master bedroom ideas for spacious layouts or modern small bedroom ideas for smaller spaces. Once you know the area you have to work with, look at placing your bed first. Depending on how much room you have around this placement, you can decorate the space with furniture to create functional zones. 

Go for a modular sofa with a coffee table that doubles as a workstation, or carve out a comfy reading nook with a bookcase and armchair. However you choose to furnish this space, you’re sure to get a stunning modern master bedroom design by following these ideas. 

#4: Embrace Symmetry in Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Murphy beds fall under handy master bedroom ideas to explore for smaller rooms

Modern small bedroom ideas often go hand in hand with minimalist bedroom ideas, and for good reason. When you have less space, small bedroom decorating ideas take on greater significance so that you can make the most of what you have. Go for a symmetrical layout by keeping your room minimal and clutter-free. 

For small square rooms, consider placing your bed up against a solid wall, preferably at the centre to leave space around all sides of the bed. Another useful tip from common modern small bedroom ideas you can explore is maximising vertical storage. 

Make use of floating shelves or open storage units wherever you have free vertical space to reduce the number of storage units you’d need on the floor. Try to mirror your small bedroom decorating ideas on either side of your room to bring in a sense of symmetry to the space. 

#5: Make Your Bedroom Luxurious with an Open Walkway

Keep the path between doors free for a spacious walkway-style design

Looking for master bedroom ideas that can add a bit of style and glamour to your space? With an open walkway, you’re guaranteed to transform your room into a luxury hotel room. Similar to how it’s important to keep the flow of traffic from windows unobstructed, the same goes for your balcony doors. 

The best way to create a streamlined walkway is to keep the path from one door to another free for movement. Push your furniture to the sides of your room or align it beside your bed for a clean look. Such layouts and master bedroom ideas work best for larger rooms that have the space to spare while making the room feel airy. 

Bonus Tip for Kids’ Rooms

Use bunk beds to maximise on available floor space for kids to play

Kids’ bedrooms can be difficult to design as you have multiple factors to consider before narrowing down a layout. However, unlike some hard-and-fast modern small bedroom ideas you might come across, kids’ rooms can offer more flexibility. 

Similar to the modern small bedroom ideas of embracing vertical storage for primary bedrooms, you can also recreate the same look in children’s rooms. Alternatively, since children are bound to grow as they age, bunk beds or trundle beds might be a good option for young kids. 

As they use minimal space, both types of beds free up floor space for playtime. Position your furniture towards a side of the room and keep the centre open for daytime activities. Also consider carpeting the space with a full-sized rug or carpet for a child-safe design

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