Whether you’re renovating your home or designing a new one from scratch, finding the right design style can be intimidating, more so when there are a plethora of interesting varieties to choose from based on your specific needs. And it can certainly get confusing with interior design constantly reinventing itself. This is why finding a simple room design that stays timeless is the best way to go about it. 

As minimalism is quite popular in Malaysia, we’ve put together a few similar simple living room designs to get you inspired. Here’s our list of simple living room ideas to bring the right level of understated style into your home:

#1: Industrial-Style Living Room Design

Add a rustic touch to your industrial living room with some warm brown palettes

The industrial style has been around for a fair amount of time but still retains relevance in design. Comprising charming brick walls, use of exposed pipes and raw concrete, the industrial look can easily be brought to your home to create a simple room design. By simply playing around with different textures and colours, you can change the vibe of your industrial-style home.

Cement walls bring a raw grunge effect to your industrial interiors

Though there are different ways to reflect these elements in your living room, there are a few staple and simple room decor ideas to get the look. If you do not want the rustic look of exposed brick walls, you can go in for a raw concrete-style wall or flooring treatment. Similarly, be sure to accessorise your living room with metal accents and glossy surfaces for that added effect.

#2: Minimal Style for a Simple Room Design

Minimalism is a great style to explore for simple living room designs

When it comes to simple room decor ideas, minimalism has always been a strong contender. It’s hard to imagine simple room design without incorporating a few minimal elements into it. For elegant yet simple living room designs, the first thing you’d need to do is declutter. Strip your living room down to its bare essentials and see what you have to work with. 

Go in for neutral or monochrome palettes to complete the look. Doing so also allows you to manipulate the illusion of space based on the size of your home. Similarly, no minimal look is complete without a few houseplants for a vibrant pop of colour! Bring together your favourite indoor plants with some simple artwork to finish the look.

#3: Scandinavian Design that Plays with Natural Light

Living rooms that receive ample natural light can easily recreate this aesthetic

What makes Scandinavian design unique is the balance it strikes between natural elements and minimalism. It focuses on using functional furniture and natural finishes to create a warm and simple room design. These interiors often make use of wood and light colour palettes to accentuate the natural aesthetic.

Pastel colours are one of the easiest simple living room designs to implement in spaces that are bathed in natural light

To recreate this design in your living room, make sure your space receives ample natural light. Opt for furniture that has a wood-finish in neutral or pastel colours to make your room seem more spacious. 

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#4: Zen-Inspired Room Decor Ideas

Japanese design elements are assured to bring a sense of calmness into your living room

Akin to the minimalist style, we have zen design that reflects components of Japanese and East Asian aesthetics. Much like Scandinavian interiors, the zen style also makes use of natural materials and sunlight. This helps create a clean and calming living space, perfect for homeowners looking for a simple room design. 

A few simple room decor ideas you can use to create this style are shoji screens, bonsai plants and elements of stone wherever possible.

#5: Modern Design for Sleek Interiors

Less is more when it comes to sleek modern design, so try not to overaccessorise

Flush with clean lines and simple metallic elements, the modern style is a timeless example of simple room design. For lights, fixtures with metal accents are most popular. Similarly, go in for chrome or stainless steel finishes to derive a minimal luxe aesthetic.

Try to incorporate as many clean lines as you can to create simple modern interiors

Most modern interiors make use of darker colour palettes to create a sleek impression. However, it’s not necessary to only stick to darker colour palettes. You can also introduce variations of primary colours to your living room based on the look you’d like to go for. 

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