When it comes to small bedrooms, there’s a lot of untapped potential you might not be aware of when designing the space. In most cases, this gets overlooked purely because of poor planning or a lack of knowledge on how to make the most of a space. Given how important our bedrooms are to us on an individual level, knowing a few basic design principles can go a long way in transforming the space to your tastes. For this reason, we’ve put together the top five small bedroom ideas you need to keep in mind while designing your space. 

So, let’s get right into it by looking at what we should and should not do in a small bedroom design. Read on for some common design mistakes you might be making in your small bedroom layout and how to fix them:

#1: Your Bed is Too Big for the Size of Your Room

If you’re running very low on space, go for a simple single bed

A Common Mistake

You might like the look of a king size bed but it might not be feasible for the dimensions of your room. Similarly, any bed that’s half the size of your room’s dimensions is a bad idea in terms of small bedroom design. This will only overpower your room and make it look smaller than it is.

How to Fix It

Before you start any design process in your small bedroom, be sure to measure your entire space. By doing so, you can avoid furnishing your small bedroom with items that might be too big for it. So if you’re looking for small bedroom ideas that feature large beds, be sure it works with your room’s dimensions before buying it. 

Pro Tip: Go for a trundle bed, murphy bed or even a simple pull out bed to get more out of a single bed design.

#2: Obstructing the Flow of Natural Light with Furniture Placement

Always embrace small bedroom ideas that amplify natural light in your room

A Common Mistake

Some small bedroom ideas might encourage the use of storage units to boost space in small homes. This could lead to using large wardrobe units wherever there is space. And if you only have one source of light coming into your room, chances are your furniture is covering the spread of light if not placed correctly.

How to Fix It

Natural light is an integral part of your small bedroom design as it has the power to improve the overall vibe of your room. If you do have a lot of furniture in your small bedroom, you might want to consider moving it to the side that does not receive sunlight. So while trying out different small bedroom ideas, try to keep windows and balcony doors free from obstruction.  

Pro Tip: The more cluttered your floor space, the smaller your room might look. So avoid this by trying to declutter your bedroom furniture and keep only the units you absolutely need.

#3: Cluttering Floor Space with Storage Units and Furniture Items

A small bedroom doesn’t have to forgo a study unit if you design it right

A Common Mistake

When you have less space, you might try to make use of every nook and cranny possible. While this might seem like a good way to make the most of what you have, it can also lead to cluttering. This becomes a problem when you no longer have any room to even move around.

How to Fix It

If floor space is hard to come by in a small bedroom layout, try going vertical instead. Use your wall space to the best of your ability by adding small shelves or racks. But be sure to avoid installing bulky storage units on your walls since this could be counterproductive. 

Pro Tip: If you’re keen on exploring small bedroom ideas that include a study unit, you can make this happen with specific bedroom furniture too. Just be sure to select minimal-style furniture pieces that have exposed legs as they look sleeker and show off more floor space. 

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#4: Restricting Traffic Flow in Your Small Bedroom Layout

Natural accents are clever small bedroom ideas that can elevate a space

A Common Mistake

In some cases, we don’t really think about the utility of our bedroom and instead just look at the decor aspect of it. By doing so, we decorate it with various types of bedroom furniture without bearing in mind how this could affect the flow of traffic in our small bedroom layout.

How to Fix It

Try to position your bed in a way that allows movement on all sides of it. You might also want to try avoiding the placement of any bedroom furniture around the sides of the bed as it further restricts free movement. Similarly, while designing your small bedroom, be sure to plan the space based on the utility you seek from it. So remember: the small bedroom ideas that are layout-friendly are the ones you should consider first. For more ideas, check out 10+ Easy Master Bedroom Design Tips That Make for a Functional Bedroom.

Pro Tip: Segregate your small bedroom layout based on the functions of each section, such as sleeping, dressing, working etc. You want to ensure these areas have their own space and do not coincide with one another to avoid breaking the flow of traffic.

#5: Using Colour Palettes That are Not Space-Friendly

A sliding-door wardrobe can be a space-saving investment in small bedrooms

A Common Mistake 

Oftentimes, we select colours based on our preference for them rather than their utility. While this is relatively inconsequential, there can be design-related concerns when it comes to small rooms.

How to Fix It

To know what colours to choose, you must first know what works for different spaces. In a small bedroom design, darker colours can have the ability to make the room appear smaller than it already is. Avoid this from happening by embracing lighter palettes for your walls and floors. However, if you find neutral palettes too dull, you can also bring in an element of colour through your soft furnishings. 

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for small bedroom ideas that inspire furniture selection, you could try switching out hinged wardrobes for sliding-door wardrobes. This door type offers a cleaner look in smaller spaces as it does not protrude outwards or pose any space constraints. 

We hope you found these small bedroom ideas useful! For more design inspiration, check out 10 Small Room Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Tiny Bedroom More Efficient.

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