If there’s one decor idea that appeals to everyone, it’s the gallery walls. They can be great ice-breakers, an exhibition of antiques, a collection of captured memories, a bunch of travel souvenirs, an exciting display of your hobby and so much more! Here, we show you 15 different ideas of how to do up a blank wall at home. These wall decor ideas will surely encourage you to give a room the pick-me-up it deserves. 

#1: A Gathered Art Gallery

A candid display of art collection for living room wall decor ideas

A gallery wall doesn’t have to be photos only, it can be a haphazard collection of paintings, plates, masks and more too. This stunning mix of artwork placed in an asymmetric pattern is a great living room wall decor idea to give the blank wall an elegant lift. Living rooms and foyers are best places for such wall decor ideas as this way they become the first object of interest to your guests. Alternatively, try using them in your balcony — the outcome might surprise you!

#2: A Classy Mirror Collection

Dining room wall decor ideas can be elegant mirror gallery in golden frames which matches the warm tones in this space

This warm-toned room comes to life with a lot of lighting, and a mirrored gallery is one of the more interesting dining room wall decor ideas you can implement to add a luxurious touch. This collection features similar frames of different shapes gathered beautifully but you can also choose to use different frames. This mix matches the elegance of the room. People commonly embellish their dining rooms with an array of mirrors as they can make spaces look bigger while also enhancing the lighting in the room.

#3: Polyptych Wall Decor Ideas

Polyptych paintings conveniently cover every kind and size of bare wall

Since we are discussing wall decor ideas that involve collaging, let’s discuss the easiest way to do so. Polyptych art comes in sets of two, three or more canvases and the best part is that you don’t have to decide which part goes where, as these sets generally make up one large painting. So all that there is to decide on which painting and where it can go. Choose a set that works with the aesthetics of your home. These are one of those wall design ideas that can go anywhere in your house so pick any wall that can fit them.

#4: Set of Art Frames

A set of similar-toned and themed artwork is great idea for large walls

A set of paintings in similar tones and themes is a great DIY wall decor idea. What you need to keep in mind when picking such frames is that they collage together beautifully. The shape of such collages is generally a rectangle and they are perfect behind-a-sofa wall decor ideas.

#5: Pop Art Wall Decor Ideas

Pop art wall decor ideas for any wall and corner of your house

Pop culture is astonishingly becoming the most relatable and widely accepted form of quirky home decoration. These never-out-of-style wall design ideas are meant for every generation and luckily, for every part of your house too. Since they are meant to ironically fit wherever you put them, the colours and theme don’t necessarily need to match your room aesthetics.

#6: Hobby Wall Decor Ideas

A proud display of your hobby or even professional work is one of the best personal wall decor ideas

Framed is forever, they say. We couldn’t agree more. If you’re a closet photographer or an artist, you can use the opportunity to show off your best work! Again, the idea is to create a wall space that you would enjoy looking at day after day. This DIY wall decor will infuse character and colour into any room in your house.

#7: Mix and Match Collection

Wall decor ideas where you mix and match your frames so they seem thoughtfully put together

Love quirky wall decor ideas? Have a lot of random gifts from friends and don’t know what to do with it yet? Your gallery wall doesn’t need a theme. It just needs to add to your room decor and make you smile. Put up an assortment of art on the wall and turn it into an accent wall of sorts! These bits are lively living room wall decor ideas but foyers and balconies can be made to look fun with these too.

#8: A Gripping Grid

Space-defining grid hangings are great wall design ideas and can be efficiently engaged anywhere in your house

A grid of frames is another way to decorate your walls, especially if you love streamlined designs. They help define how you perceive the space and their direction can sometimes add length to your room. For example, you notice the high ceiling of this balcony as soon as you notice the three frames stacked vertically. Interesting wall decor ideas for passageways also enhance the aesthetic in otherwise small and boring spaces.

#9: Your Travel Gallery Wall Design Ideas

Souvenir souvenir on the wall; where I’ve been tell them all!

Here’s another wonderful wall decor for living rooms for the adventurous souls out there. Combine this travel-inspired decor by interspersing photographs with fun elements like directional arrows and compasses on the wall. This idea works great in your living room and maybe near the fridge in your kitchen.

#10: Wall Decor Ideas for Captured Memories

A collage of fond memories next to the dining table to reminisce

This is a fun DIY wall decor and makes your house start feeling like a home. Objects of sentimental value tend to add character in your house, be it through wall decor for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, foyer or passages. You should place them wherever you can pause and reminisce. There are various ways to get this done and you don’t have to follow a grid, a proportion, a colour scheme or a theme. Become as candid as you may with these photos but do lay out your composition on the floor once before putting the frames on the wall. There is only one thing you should keep in mind the composition you create must be aesthetically pleasing.

#11: Wall Decor Ideas That Play with Proportions 

Overlooking lines and proportions in gathered gallery wall decor ideas

It often happens that when you are collecting wall hangings of interest, staying true to the frame size and line can be challenging. What we have noticed is that overlooking or even flirting with these aesthetic rules can render creative results. What matters is that these hangings look like they belong to the wall. And we’re always game for some fun and innovative wall decor ideas!

#12: Minimalistic Art Matched with the Wall

Decidedly minimal and seamless wall decor ideas for home offices

Not all gallery walls need to stand out; this gallery wall blends into the decor of the room. As intended, these are muted wall art pieces that don’t take away attention but at the same time, fulfil the aesthetics of the room. Such wall decor ideas are great for home offices and kitchens.

#13: Antique or Tribal Art Wall Decor

Colourful tribal craftwork as wall decor designs to peak interest in the foyer and living rooms

In traditional Malay houses, the use of wooden masks can possess a lot of ethnic value as they symbolise the spirit world. But in modern households, while mirrors serve to manipulate our perception of space, high-interest objects like tribal craftwork or antique objects serve to grab attention. If there is a corner in your house that can benefit from such favours, then this is one of the best wall decor ideas for you.

#14: Timeless Black-and-White Wall Design Ideas

Ageless black-and-white art pieces supplement the colour scheme of this living room

The ageless black-and-white concept is irreplaceable in the design industry. Its flawless accomplishment as wall decor for the living room is a case in point. It is very difficult to go wrong with black-and-white canvases but a clever choice of frames can definitely make them stand out in a room. The black frames in this example work wonderfully because of already existing black details in the furniture of the room. You should do the same for your living room by having wall decor that picks out or echoes design elements around your space.

#15: Metal or Ceramic Wall Decor Ideas

A display of ceramic plates adds colour to the entrance of this house
Rich and elegant metallic elements for bedroom wall decor ideas

The use of metals and ceramics is not limited to the kitchen and the crockery anymore and they can work in every corner of the house. There are beautiful and unique items of local and imported craftsmanship made out of metal and ceramic for display and can add unmistakable glam if applied as bedroom wall decor ideas. However, do remember that they make for precious and pricey wall decor and need some maintenance for durability.

These were our favourite and timeless wall decor ideas! We hope you liked our article and have found fun and exciting solutions for your bare walls! 

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