Is your small bedroom bogging you down? We are here to help you. Just because your bedroom is tight in space, you do not have to compromise on style or comfort. With some amount of planning and some great ideas for small bedrooms, you can design yours to have everything that you want. These small bedroom ideas will infuse life into your tiny room and maximise space. Check out our favourite small bedroom designs in Singapore to see which one works out best for your bedroom.

Small Bedroom Ideas #1: Go for a Simple Layout

ideas for small bedrooms-simple-layout-bed-placement
Placement of the bed will define the layout of your bedroom

When you have ample space to work with, you can play around with the placement of your bed and the style of your room in general. But with a cramped bedroom, it is essential to keep the layout simple. Other efficient tiny bedroom ideas include placing your bed on one corner wall and leaving maximum space to walk around. You can also place it in the centre of the main wall. This will let you have some free movement and space for other things if you’d like.

Small Bedroom Ideas Singapore #2: Keep Furniture Minimal

ideas for small bedrooms-minimal furniture
Keep only essentials that you know you will use

There are a few basic design rules for a bedroom and if you get it all right, you’re good to go. But wait, what do you do if you have no space to spare? Then you will need ideas for small bedrooms and we suggest you go for the barely essential tiny bedroom ideas. If possible, just keep a bed, a table on the side and that’s about it. Let the floor be free to walk around. But make sure to follow the fundamentals of small bedroom design Singapore. In the above bedroom image, the homeowners stuck to a feature wall and TV unit on the opposite with plenty of storage overhead and below as well.

Small Bedroom Ideas #3. Allow Natural Light to Flow In

ideas for small bedrooms-natural light-windows
Do not install tinted glass on your windows

Of course, this depends on whether you have a source of natural light in your room or not. If you do, then make sure you do not cover it up by any means and follow these modern small bedroom ideas. If not, you can always bring in the lights in the form of artificial light. Pendants, small table lamps, sleek floor lamps and wall sconces are your ideal bet. Before you set out to buy these, narrow down on the types of lighting you need based on ambient, task and accent.

Modern Small Bedroom Ideas Singapore #4.Opt for Wall Lights

ideas for small bedrooms-wall lights-sconces
Wall lighting fixtures look sleek

These are one the best ideas for small bedrooms because it will practically give you more free space. Instead of heavy table lamps, consider mounting your lights on the wall. This is especially useful for anyone who has a teeny-tiny nightstand, or none at all. You can use vertical space and keep other things on the side table instead.

Modern Small Bedroom Ideas Singapore #5. Use Full-length Drapes

ideas for small bedrooms-drapes-curtains-long curtains
Opt for a sheer fabric that flows all the way down

Another one of great ideas for small bedrooms is to hang your curtains and drapery as close to the ceiling as possible. This trick works in adding visual length and tricks your eye into believing that your room is bigger than it actually is. Also, pick light fabrics for curtains—sheer cloth works best. This will keep the light coming in and not make your room look heavy.

Designs for Small Bedroom #6. Add More Plants into Dull Rooms

ideas for small bedrooms-plants-greenery
A small plant will not take up a lot of space

Why should plants always stay outside the bedroom? Especially for plant lovers, you can bring greenery to your bedroom as well. When it comes to decorating with plants, choose a corner and place your favourite planter right there. Not only will this give a fresh feel to your interiors, but also help uplift your mood if ever the size of your room starts bothering you. 

Designs for Small Bedroom #7. Go for Hidden Storage

ideas for small bedrooms-hidden storage-fitted furniture
You can look for fitted beds with headboard storage as well

Having a small bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean lesser clothes or accessories. It simply means that you need to use every inch of space at your disposal. One of the best ideas for small bedrooms is to have concealed storage in the form of fixed furniture. You can have an elevated platform and have drawers that come out of it. This is a clever way to add storage without making it too obvious. Our designer has also answered how to fix the most common bedroom design issues to help you get the best out of the room. 

Tiny Bedroom Ideas #8. Add Texture with Rugs

ideas for small bedrooms-rugs-carpets-texture
Pick up a woven rug that will keep your feet warm

Instead of doing up your walls, look down. Your floor can have some texture in the form of a rug. A little bit of texture goes a long way in adding some depth to a room. Choose something that merges with the rest of your decor or go all out with a bold colour. You will not regret either.

Designs for Small Bedroom #9. Use Platform Beds with Storage

ideas for small bedrooms-platform bed-under-bed storage
Drawer storage under your bed is a great idea

Another great way to add more storage is to have it underneath your bed. And platform beds are one of the most popular ways of squeezing in storage in small bedroom design for Singapore homes. For this, you can go for a regular bed with hydraulic storage or opt for a platform bed. You can also look for a bed that has an option or shelves for storage. A platform bed serves a dual purpose of being a bed at night and a makeshift daybed during the rest of the day.

Small Bedroom Ideas #10. Use Integrated Furniture to Save Space

ideas for small bedrooms-integrated furniture-study table
Make your furniture work double-time

Now, this is a great hack within this list of ideas for small bedrooms. An attached study table with a platform bed, that’s genius. So, if you are someone who has to work out of your bedroom but is dealing with a lack of space, then this one’s for you. And that’s not all, you can have hidden storage below the desk and the elevated platform. There’s no dearth of storage space now!

Those were some ideas for small bedrooms, but if you’re looking for design tips for small homes, check this out: How to Make The Most of a Home That is Under 80sqm.

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