Bought your own HDB and looking to renovate it according to your preferences? First, it’s important to compartmentalise your renovation plan room by room. So let’s start with your HDB’s kitchen renovation. Do you have a general idea of what you want but worried about what the kitchen renovation Singapore cost is going to be? If so, you’re not alone! Anticipating the kitchen renovation cost in Singapore is a very common concern among many homeowners. Whether you want to redo your entire kitchen or renovate it in parts, you must know the details of what you are going to be spending on. Even more so if you’re keen on finding a cheap kitchen renovation in Singapore.

With insights from Sheik Abdul Kader, senior interior designer at Livspace, we created this comprehensive guide to help you identify the things that you should consider before getting your kitchen renovated. This also includes budget indications so that you spend smartly.

#1: Resale HDB Kitchen Renovation Rules You need to Know

Always read the renovation rules mandated by the government before any reno project

Make sure you have all the renovation rules jotted down before any sort of renovation takes place. This will help you avoid uninvited troubles. While there are a lot of general rules, such as directions on the kind of contractors you can engage with and sort of hacking activities that are permissible with approvals, certain rules and regulations are specifically laid down for kitchen makeover Singapore. Some of them are as follows:

  • For plumbing: Make sure you only engage with a PUB- (Public Utilities Board-) registered plumber.
  • For pipes: According to the rules for HDB kitchen renovation, all the new pipes that are installed, cannot be concealed. All new pipes have to be external.
  • Timing: General renovations can only be carried out between 9am and 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • For flooring: A waterproofing membrane is laid on the cement screed before completing the floor finishes in toilets. This is to stop any water leakage from going through the flooring to the ceiling of the flat below yours. Therefore, if new floor tiles are required, then carry out waterproofing to prevent leakage. Furthermore, the toilet floor and wall finishes provided by HDB/developer must not be replaced for a period of three years from the completion date of the block for this reason. You can, however, use adhesives to lay new finishes over the existing toilet floor finishes. Just as you have specifics for bathroom renovations, the same would be liable for the kitchen. Make sure you talk to your designer about these specifics to understand your overall kitchen renovation cost.

#2: Understand the Many Factors that Determine Your Kitchen Renovation Cost

Ask yourself if you want a partial or complete kitchen renovation

It is obvious that there are two types of renovations — partial and complete. Of course, these are the major factors that will affect your kitchen renovation cost. Sheik has listed down some common factors below that can affect the cost of your kitchen makeover Singapore:

  • Decide on what changes are needed and what is going to be kept intact. 
  • If you only want to dismantle old cabinets and install new ones, you will incur the cost of hacking and getting new cabinets. The length, quality, material, and accessories of new cabinets during the kitchen cabinets renovation will determine the cost.
  • If getting a full revamp along with kitchen cabinets renovation is your choice, factor in the cost of hacking the tiles, buying and installing new ones, along with labour charges. Also, add the cost of installing new cabinets.
  • Since the kitchen is considered as a wet area, proper testing needs to be done for waterproofing and ponding (application of static pressure by pounding water on the internal face to detect water leakage). This will also add to your kitchen renovation cost.
  • Lastly, post-installation, there will be a maintenance cost in the form of haulage cost and cost to acid-wash the tiles too. Make sure to research maintenance costs in relation to your kitchen renovation cost in Singapore as well.

Wondering what cabinets you should get for your newly renovated kitchen? Check out our Quick and Easy Guide to Getting the Right Cabinetry for Your Kitchen.

#3: Make a List of Factors to Keep in Mind Before Renovation

Prioritise space and storage before deciding to renovate

According to Sheik, there are five major things that you should consider before estimating your kitchen renovation cost:

  • Space: The space of your kitchen is the first factor determining your kitchen renovation cost. Before renovation, as a homeowner, you should have a fair idea of the staff needed for the process. More space would mean more staff, more equipment and subsequently more labour hours. 
  • Layout: Take a call on the layout that is present in your HDB kitchen and consider if it should be something that you can work with. A change in layout would mean a hike in costs.
  • Type of storage: It is necessary to keep a rough estimate of your storage requirements in the kitchen because  storage plays a major role in determining the cost of kitchen makeover Singapore as well as your comfort. 
  • Choice of stove: Note down the type of stove you need — induction or gas.
  • Kitchen model: Are you someone who is a regular in your kitchen or is your space going to be more like a show kitchen? Daily cooking involves a lot of things that will add to your kitchen renovation cost. So be sure to make this decision beforehand.

If you’re curious about which kitchen design will best suit your space, be sure to read How to Zero in on the Perfect Kitchen for Your Home.

#4: What Kitchen Renovation Package to Expect in Terms of Budget Estimates

Get a rough estimate for your kitchen renovation

Generally, kitchen renovation packages in Singapore cost between 3 and 8 percent of the home’s overall renovation cost. This might cost anywhere from $200 for basic renovations to $27,000 or more for extensive ones. Painting and re-tiling are examples of simple renovations, whereas a complete kitchen makeover requires extensive work. However, a kitchen makeover package costs about $5,000 on average for moderate kitchen upgrades.

The breakdown of the typical costs included in a typical kitchen renovation package is provided below. It includes tasks like replacing worktops, re-tiling floors, and upgrading kitchen cabinets.

Scope of WorkAverage Cost Range
(Basic to Extensive)
Dismantling and Hacking Work$500 – $3,200
Kitchen Flooring and Wall Tiles$9 – $15 per sq. ft.
Renovation of Kitchen Cabinets
Using Livspace Private Label
$5,000 – $20,000 overall
(depending on materials,
accessories, and the length
of the kitchen)
Renovation of Kitchen Countertop$60 – $350 per ft. run
(depending on material)
Plumbing Work$200 – $2,000
Painting Work$200 – $500 
Electrical Work$150 – $600
Installation of Kitchen Appliances$500 – $1,200 (excluding
the cost of appliances)

*The prices mentioned above are estimates and might vary from the actual renovation prices.

Dismantling and Hacking Work: $500 – $3,200

  • Hacking the kitchen sink, stove, and cabinets
  • Dismantling the kitchen flooring
  • Hacking kitchen wall tiles
  • Removing the already existing countertops

Kitchen Flooring and Wall Tiles: $9 – $15 per sq.ft.

  • Selection of tiles, for instance, ceramic kitchen flooring tiles typically cost between $9 and $12 per sq.ft., marble and granite tiles can cost up to $15 per square foot
  • Removing the previous flooring before installing the new one

Renovation of Kitchen Cabinets Using Livspace Private Label Kitchens: $5,000 – $20,000 Overall

  • Installation/renovation of wall cabinets
  • Installation/renovation of bottom cabinets (under the countertop)
  • Installing sliding racks to make up for any extra space 
  • The total price depends on the materials, accessories, and length of the kitchen
  • Livspace Private Label offers a warranty period of 5 years compared to carpenters who offer a 1 to 2-year warranty

Additionally, your cabinets will require finishing. Here’s how the Livspace Private Label cabinet finishes are priced:

  • Matte Laminates: $
  • High Gloss Laminates: $$
  • Anti-Fingerprint Laminates: $$$
  • Acrylic: $$$
  • PU Spray: $$$$

Renovation of Kitchen Countertop: $2,500 – $8,000 

  • Selection of material for the countertop
  • Determining the length and width of the countertop
  • Planning countertop edges

Plumbing Work: $200 – $2,000

  • Redoing the sink
  • Replacing sink with new fixtures
  • Having new pipes installed

Painting Work: $200 – $500 

  • Painting the kitchen’s walls and ceiling
  • Colouring the toilet door frames and pipe frames

Installation of Kitchen Appliances: $500 – $1,200 (excluding the cost of appliances)

  • Depending on the brand, model, and quantity of electric kitchen appliances, installation of  refrigerators, toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves 
  • Electric fitting of all these appliances

#5: Determine Your Financing Options

Consider if you want to take a renovation loan

There are two ways to finance your kitchen renovation — through a bank loan or your own savings. Both options can also be combined according to your needs. Certain banks provide renovation loans up to a whopping S$30,000. However, it requires you to provide a kitchen renovation contract to apply for it. The bank does it to make sure that the money is being used solely for renovation purposes.

There are about four to five banks in Singapore that provide loans for renovation projects. However, if you choose to avail Livspace services for your kitchen renovation, we have a tie-up with Maybank, which provides a 0% interest-free loan. This could be especially helpful in determining how much you can afford to spend for your kitchen renovation cost.

#6: Consider These Tips to Reduce the Kitchen Renovation Singapore Cost

Opt for materials that are easy on the pocket

While there quite a few ways to reduce your kitchen renovation cost, here are some quick pointers

  • Save up on materials: Do your research and opt for budget materials for the countertop and backsplash. This goes a long way in reducing the overall cost of kitchen renovation Singapore.
  • Carpentry designs: Choosing a rather simple design for carpentry is a great way to skimp on the budget. It does not need to look boring but the complex design can be toned down.
  • Tile work: Save up on a huge chunk of cost by simply overlaying tiles instead of completely hacking and installing new ones. 

These are the major points that you absolutely need to keep in mind while planning your kitchen renovation cost. If you want to know about the entire home renovation cost, check this out: HDB Renovation: 6 Must-know Steps to Begin.

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