Got the keys to your new HDB flat? Congratulations! Now comes the most challenging task, i.e., refurbishing and furnishing it. We’ve created this HDB BTO/Resale renovation cost guide to assist you in determining how much money you should set aside for repairs.

HDB renovation comes along with a lot of tasks, like finding the right interior designer, and shopping for modern appliances and furniture. During Covid times, the HDB homeowners have had to deal with renovation price hikes brought on by material and labour shortages, but now the pandemic is almost over. So, what is the current scenario of the renovation sector in 2022 and beyond? We make an effort to address these queries using data and market analysis.

How Much Does a BTO Renovation Cost in Singapore in 2022?

Choose smart to make your renovation needs meet the budget

Generally speaking, BTO refurbishing doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you opted for extra fixtures and flooring while purchasing the property from HDB. You might not even need to revamp anything other than the kitchen, and just use furniture units that you can buy at the shop. However, going for built-in carpentry might be an expensive choice. So, how much does renovating a BTO cost in Singapore in 2022 approximately? Take a look!

Type of BTO FlatApproximate Cost of Renovation
3-room BTO FlatS$35,000 – S$40,000
4-room BTO FlatS$40,000 – S$50,000
5-room BTO FlatS$45,000 – S$57,000
Disclaimer: All costs included in the story are the estimates of services provided by Livspace. Mentions of costs, budget, materials, finishes, and products from the Livspace catalogue can vary with reference to current rates. Please get in touch with a designer for more details on pricing and availability.

How Much Does a 3-Room BTO Renovation Cost?

As the number of rooms in your home gets higher, the BTO renovation prices also rise as more material is used to furnish it. A 3-room BTO flat approximately costs the least, of course, between $35,000 and $40,000 to renovate. 

How Much Does a 4-Room BTO Renovation Cost?

The cost of renovating a 4-room BTO apartment ranges from $40,000 to $50,000. It’s an ideal choice for newlywed couples or small but growing families looking for space. You should also try to look out for renovation options that can be reconfigured, in case you intend to have children.

How Much Does a 5-Room BTO Renovation Cost?

It costs extra to refurbish a 5-room BTO apartment because of its size. Prices range from $45,000 to $57,000. 5-room BTOs are ideal for multigenerational families.

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How Much Does a Resale HDB Renovation Cost in Singapore in 2022?

4-room resale HDB flats account for 42% of all Singapore homes

According to statistics, the resale flats account for most of the HDB transactions. 4-room resale HDB flats account for the majority of Singaporean homes (42% of all homes), followed by 5-room (25.8%) and 3-room apartments (23.9%). These flat types, likewise, made a sizable contribution to the overall price increase. A moderate home renovation for a 4-room HDB apartment typically costs roughly S$48,000 to S$60,000. This price covers all of the necessary material supplies and labour to finish the job. 

Type of Resale HDB FlatApproximate Cost of Renovation
3-room Resale FlatS$30,000 – S$50,000
4-room Resale FlatS$48,000 – S$60,000
5-room Resale FlatS$58,000 – S$70,000
Disclaimer: All costs included in the story are the estimates of services provided by Livspace. Mentions of costs, budget, materials, finishes, and products from the Livspace catalogue can vary with reference to current rates. Please get in touch with a designer for more details on pricing and availability.

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Why Is the Cost of Renovation Higher for a Resale Flat?

We’re sure that you’ve heard the theory that the resale HDB renovation costs more. A resale HDB renovation is typically more expensive because of two reasons. Firstly, the residential properties increase in value over time. Secondly, they tend to involve a lot of work to revive the home. Therefore, you should prepare your finances, savings, and budget before making that choice.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Cost of Renovation for a BTO?

Materials Used

The materials used in the renovation of your HDB impact the overall cost. For instance, renovation works like custom carpentry, hardwood flooring will rack up the cost of renovation, whereas ceramic or porcelain tiles are budget options. You need to choose your materials carefully to suit the budget needs. 

Size of Your HDB

As we mentioned before, renovation prices increase with the size of your apartment. This is due to the fact that building your home requires extra labour, raw materials, and furnishings. For instance, painting costs might build up if you have many walls to finish.

Scope of Renovation

The more intricate the design is, the more effort is needed to remodel your home. Naturally, the associated cost will go up. Hacking the walls, tiles and built-in furniture, kitchen and TV cabinets feature walls and getting rid of waste materials are the most cost-intensive areas for renovations.

Who Did You Hire for Renovation?

When renovating your HDB, you typically have three options: interior designers (IDs), contractors, or design-and-build services. The quality of the work, the amount of experience, and the scope of renovation affect the overall price of hiring them.

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How Much Time Does it Take to Renovate a BTO or Resale Flat in 2022?

It takes about 8-10 weeks on an average to renovate an HDB

The duration of renovation is governed majorly by these two market factors: manpower and availability of raw materials. Based on analysis of these two factors, the following is the timeline for renovation completion for HDB BTOs and Resale flats.

Type of FlatTime Taken for Renovation
of BTO Flat in 2022
Time Taken for Renovation
of Resale Flat in 2022
3-room8-10 weeks8-10 weeks
4-room8-10 weeks8-10 weeks
5-room9-10 weeks10-12 weeks

How Can You Reduce the BTO/Resale Renovation Costs in 2022?

Prefer overlaying tiles rather than hacking them to save costs

Contact Interior Designers As Early as Possible

If possible, our Livspace designers advise reaching out to your interior designer at least two to three months in advance—when you’re still in the planning stages. This will allow you and your designer enough time to make necessary adjustments and hire the best contractors in time.

Have a Clear Idea of What Your Design Should Look Like

You should have some idea of how your house design must look like. Make boards on Pinterest for your favourite home designs, visit regional interior design websites for ideas and latest trends. The trends to watch out for in 2022-2023 include minimalism, modern contemporary, versatile spaces, and more!

Prefer Overlaying Tiles rather Than Hacking Them

Not only is hacking tiles an expensive endeavour, but also will require masonry work to repair the floor surface before installing your desired tiles. Go for vinyl floors instead, as they can be cheaper and efficient.

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