Bathrooms are one of the most-used spaces at home and, as a result, one of the most commonly renovated areas as well. Whether it is the bathroom in your new flat or you are just in the mood to give your current bathroom a makeover, you have come to the right place for some inspiration! It is absolutely possible to renovate a bathroom on a budget and still manage to rehaul the entire space. This time around we have some amazing bathroom transformations lined up for you. From dull and drab to bright and fab, these before-and-after remodels will surely inspire you to make some changes to your bathroom. Check them out.

#1: Giving those tiles an upgrade

Change the colours as well, for a fresh look

First up, we have this typically dull and boring bathroom that was given a twist with the right tiles. Choosing tiles for your bathroom is a very important step that takes you closer to achieving the right look. You can pick bright tiles for the floor and simple honeycomb-patterned tiles for the walls, just like we did. Not only does it give your bathroom a clean look but also uplifts the entire space. We also suggest opting for a floating vanity unit if you are low on square footage. Lastly, cover up the window with waterproof blinds.

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#2: From shabby to modern with clever design

Make optimum use of space for storage

A rule of thumb to follow when you renovate a bathroom is to make sure that you make optimum use of available space. When you buy a very old resale flat, you end up with old fittings and fixtures in the bathroom. We suggest you do away with those and opt for sleek, modern fittings and accessories that make your bathroom more functional,like we’ve done here. A major portion of the wall is utilised by adding a long vanity counter with open shelves. Your designer can elevate the aesthetic by concealing ugly pipes (that are very common) with columns that blend with the design.

Homogeneous tiles are a must. Half-and-half tiles on the wall are passé.

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#3: Add one highlight feature to make it stand out

Blue tiles are an evergreen choice for bathrooms

While you might feel that the before-renovation toilet looks okay-ish, it definitely lacks a much-required design touch. Adding that one highlight when you renovate a bathroom can upgrade your design. All we have done is replace the old sink with a wall-mounted vanity and added bright blue tiles to highlight the shower area here. This is all you need to do to change the look of your bathroom.

#4: Concealing pipes with smart design

Cover up pipes using columns

How often do you spot unsightly pipes in the bathroom of your flat? Everytime, right? This is a common concern with homeowners in Singapore but there is a workaround for this. Your designer can conceal or hide these pipes by adding wall columns that do not look awkward at all. Also, in a compact bathroom like this, we suggest you opt for a vanity with open shelves that do not make the space look cramped. Notice how we have added some extra wall ledges for toiletries and pendant lights on either side of the mirror.

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#5: Sleek fixtures and a pop of colour to brighten it up

Give your toilet a pop of colour with trendy fixtures

Let us introduce you to a huge trend in bathrooms this season — black fixtures. Yes, matte black bath fittings and fixtures are going to be big this year. So if you are not looking for a lot of storage, we suggest you opt for stylish and trendy fittings like the one we have used here. To complement that striking element, you can choose bright tiles for the walls and keep the rest of the look simple. Also, make sure you separate the shower area with a glass partition to keep the wet and dry areas demarcated.

#6: Adding a large mirror to make the space appear bigger

Go all-white for a cleaner look

We often get questions about ways to make a compact space look bigger. When you renovate a bathroom, you will also come across this problem. While there are many ways to deal with it, a simple trick is to use mirrors and light colours, preferably white. Adding a big mirror on the wall as opposed to a smaller one will add considerable visual depth to your bathroom. Also, floating fixtures and trendy patterns can be added to make your bathroom look modern.

Here’s How to Design a Bathroom That Stands the Test of Time

How to renovate a bathroom step by step?

Create the right highlight with Peranakan tiles

Here are 8 easy steps to a perfectly renovated bathroom:

  • Plan your bathroom renovation in advance
  • Think about your likes and dislikes while choosing a design
  • Remove the current fixtures
  • Install new plumbing fixtures
  • Install floor tiles
  • Work on the walls next
  • Install new cabinets and vanity
  • Add accessories and extra storage shelves, if needed

How to remodel a bathroom on a budget?

Get the basics renovated first

Everyone loves saving a few bucks on renovation, especially when it comes to bathrooms, which are in constant use. So how can you save money when you renovate a bathroom? Here are few tips:

  • Use low-cost lookalike materials
  • Refinish your bathtub instead of replacing it
  • Paint or polish your wooden floor
  • Refresh cabinets with new hardware
  • Install a prefabricated shower
  • Try some DIY ideas
  • Resist the urge to break down everything at once; do it in parts
  • Use extra material in other bathrooms

Check out this stunning family home:

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