Fed up of compact house renovation ideas coming from palatial mansions compared to your average sized HDB or condo? We hear you. Compact flats require detailed planning and a lot of forethought. Even so, the lack of space has resulted in these ingenious design hacks that can make the most of the square footage available. These are tried and tested tips from Livspace designers.

#1: Kitchen island doubles up as a dining table

orange chairs-kitchen island-dining table-pendant lights-grey industrial design
A kitchen island can double up as a dining table with the right ergonomics

When square footage comes at a premium, some design aspects need to take a backseat. However, dining in comfort is not one of them! If your flat does not have space for a dining table, a kitchen island can do the trick. A sleek kitchen island can serve your cooking and dining needs. Any island can work as a table as long as the seats are at a height of approximately 91cm while the counter is approximately 100cm.

#2: No walls? No problem!

house renovation ideas-partition wall-tv unit divider
Wall dividers can create an open walk-in wardrobe space

One way to get a TV or vanity unit in your bedroom is by opting for a wall partition with a built-in unit. While this house renovation ideas requires a little more floor space, it’s multipurpose and works as a private screen for the wardrobe. Take some cues from this stunning demonstration of a multipurpose room divider.

#3: Make way for multi-purpose units

tv unit-study unit-brick wall design-pendant lights-entertainment-room
A TV unit design you will want for your compact room

Modular TV unit designs are versatile and allow customisation with multiple arrangements. Wall-mounted TV units are a great way to maximise on floor space. With a standing unit out of the way, you now have space to add a “floating” table that can double up as a study unit. Additionally, you can also pair it with a comfy chair as and when you need it.

#4: Small savings with sliding wardrobes

house renovation ideas-green wardrobe-green bed-sliding wardrobe-openshelves
Sleek sliding doors for wardrobes do not require extra floor space

Here’s an obvious hack to end your wardrobe conundrum. Since hinged doors take up extra floor space, sliding doors free up a considerable area for you to get a larger bed or facilitate unhindered movement around the room. Moreover, the light green hue of this wardrobe doesn’t give the room a cramped feel.

Pro tip: You can also opt for sliding bathroom and bedroom doors to save more space.

#5: House renovation ideas to add storage

house renovation ideas-wooden bed-platform bed-storage hack
A wooden panel platform bed with sliding drawers

One part of your home that you are neglecting as storage space is underneath your bed. A platform bed incorporates the foundation of floor storage and the design of a bed. This house renovation ideas allows you to place a mattress right over the storage box without a bed frame. Moreover, you can store twice as many items in your platform bed compared to a wardrobe.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting a platform bed:

  • Look for a strong structure and perfect installation that will support the weight of a mattress. 
  • Ensure that the storage box has holes for ventilation in order to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Opt for sliding drawers or lift-up hydraulic storage. While accessing drawers in the middle of the box will be difficult, hydraulic beds require mechanism maintenance.

#6: Finding furniture hacks with vertical shoe racks

house renovation ideas-vertical shoe rack-space saving furniture
A vertical shoe rack stores several shoes while taking up less space

Livspace designer Songhao Chua highly recommends opting for a space-saving furniture piece such as this one. A vertical shoe rack takes up less space when compared to a regular shoe rack due to its sliding shelf mechanism. This innovative piece can hold several pairs of shoes and can be attached to the back of your door or at the end of your entryway.

#7: Nestling tables can save space

house renovation ideas-Marble top tables-space saving tables-furniture
Marble top tables that slide in to save space

Another great way to save a few inches is by investing in a beautiful set of nestling tables. These compact wonders can be moved around when in use or can be stored away without taking up too much space. Moreover, they can be used as nightstands, coffee tables and vanity units.

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