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Always measure the room and the furniture before making any purchases

Could you spot the mistake in the design above? If you’ve made this mistake during a renovation in Singapore, you probably guessed it right! Buying furniture that doesn’t fit the room is one of the most common mistakes you can make as a homeowner. Purchasing sofas, tables or even storage modules without measuring the room can result in a cramped space like this one. Not to mention, the TV is placed at an angle that’s not comfortable viewing from the sofa or the study! 

Therefore, this process requires plenty of planning and attention to detail in order to avoid permanent mistakes. Rectifying these mistakes is a costly and time consuming affair and in some cases they are not possible at all. 

So before you go ahead and book a new design, take a look at a list of mistakes you could be making!

#1: Some design-related mistakes you could make

renovation in Singapore-green drawer-yellow sofa-blue walls
Do not opt for primary colours, instead opt for complementary colours from the colour wheel

Following trends blindly

The problem with following trends for a renovation in Singapore is that some of them may not be relevant to your region for practical reasons. For example, a design dominated by wooden interiors is a big no-no for humid regions, as they swell up and require constant maintenance. So, make sure to consult a designer to see the practicality of every design style that you consider.

Choosing colours before anything else

Picking out hues and shades is probably the most exciting part of the design process. However, the process should begin as soon as you’ve acquired the home. Visualising the colours will help you get an idea of the end result. Ensure that you and your designer consider complementary colours that are in the same hue for the entire home. 

Layout planning

Don’t wait for a designer to understand the layout. You should plan your space beforehand. Scan every room to see how much space is available for storage and furniture. For example, if you are interested in getting a hinged wardrobe, make sure there’s sufficient space for the door to open comfortably. Your preferences should be clear for your designer to incorporate your requirements.

#2: Common mistakes made while purchasing furniture

renovation in Singapore-blue sofa-white chairs-hanging lights
Avoid buying furniture that is too big for the room that will make it look cramped

Buying furniture before checking how much space is there

If you’ve had your heart set on a sofa, you’ve probably already purchased it, only to find out that it’s too big or small for your living room. This can happen with any furniture that you’ve picked out without measuring the room and the space allocated for it.

Buying furniture that you might not need

It’s definitely worth taking out a considerable amount of time to purchase the right kind of furniture. Before you contact a designer for your renovation, it’s important to get in touch with your personal preferences and requirements. Make a list of must-have furniture, especially for your child’s room or even elderly parents.

Saving where you should splurge

Speaking of purchasing furniture that you might not need, homeowners often splurge on designer furniture or expensive lighting fixtures early on in the process. But before you get to this, make sure to dedicate your budget to essentials like plumbing, flooring and storage first. Decorative elements in Singapore homes can be opted for as add-ons.

#3: Hiring the wrong expert to renovate your home

renovation in Singapore-colour swatches-designer-planning
Ensure that your interior designer is a skilled and experienced professional

Connecting with the right kind of interior design firm and designer is the first step to an easy-going process. Appoint a designer that is competent and experienced. Your designer should take initiative to supervise, advice and appoint a team that can deliver a high-quality design. Also, make sure to see their portfolio as well to make an informed decision.

 #4: Errors made while budgeting

budgeting-home interiors plan
Avoid planning a budget once the design process has started

Not having a budget

Planning a design without a budget is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Consider keeping a good enough range to include inputs from designers that you may have missed in the planning stage. Avoid sticking too close to your budget for this reason. 

These are some questions to ask your designer before allocating a budget for your renovation in Singapore:

  • What is the payment structure?
  • What is the deposit and installment plan?
  • Do I pay the entire sum upfront? 
  • How much is the designer fee?

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Not keeping aside some amount for emergencies

Misappropriation of funds can cause more haywire than you can foresee! A great way to find the design budget for each room is by finding out the value of each room in terms of the overall house value. While renovating the room ensure that the room-wise budget does not cross the value of the room. This total amount should cover any emergency changes, if any. Take a look at How Much Does Renovation Cost in Singapore? for an all-inclusive guide.

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