When it comes to creating a home, a lot of things come together to make a coherent space. Things like decoration, lighting and sticking to a theme are mostly what makes a space look balanced and aesthetic. However, without professional direction, the home owners become oblivious to some of these very common room design mistakes that can silently ruin their interiors. You don’t need to worry! We have curated this ultimate guide to help you through the design mistakes, room by room so you can fix them before they happen. If you already spot some of the issues existing in your home, we have tips on how to fix them. Read on!

#1: Consider These Common Mistakes Homeowners Make

These common room decoration mistakes may just save you a very costly home renovation.

Failing to Establish a Focal Point in the Room Design

When a room is cluttered with too many room decorations, there won’t be a single focal point.
Establish a focal point that will draw the eyes

Design Fix:

Simply put, highlight the best feature of the room. Natural focal points can be windows, feature walls, vaulted ceilings and in some cases, angled walls. Consider building your own focal point in the absence of a natural one. Accent walls, backsplashes, art work and statement furniture can serve as focal points.

Pro Tip: Decide on the layout and furniture beforehand. This gives you a clear vision of the room design.

Misjudging the Lighting Options of a Room Design

Sticking to one type of lighting can look quite flat.
Mix natural and home lights for optimal lighting

Design Fix:

Experiment and mix and match your lighting options. Don’t forget to take note of your lighting sockets and existing power outlets. The lighting size should be appropriately compliant to the room design and room decoration.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that under cabinet lighting can be very important.

#2: Check out These Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid Them in Your Room Design

It doesn’t matter if you are an occasional cook or an aspiring home chef, kitchen mistakes like below will make your cooking experience a kitchen nightmare.

Ignoring the Work Triangle in Your Room Design

The work triangle in the kitchen comprises the hob, the sink and the refrigerator making an equi-distant triangle.
 Look at this image when designing a kitchen

The solution is quite simple. It’s one that can be solved with a measuring tape. The key is to make sure that the three most used zones – the sink, the stove and the refrigerator – are placed in an easily accessible triangle formation. It can be difficult to change the positions of the sink or hob so work to create the best version of the work triangle.

Pro tip: Never leave dead spaces. Every nook and cranny can be put to use. How do you do that? Read here!

Choosing an Unproductive Kitchen Design Layout

The wrong layout can manifest in various ways: insufficient storage space, a skewed work triangle or inefficient lighting.
Choose a layout that accommodates your storage efficiently

Design Fix:

It won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible to change the kitchen layout. For example, storage furniture such as a tall wall unit can make the layout change from L-shape to a U-shape. The only thing to lose in this tradeoff is floor space.

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#3: Distance Your Bathroom From These Room Design Mistakes

Had a hard day and want to take a long, warm shower? Then these mistakes should not be happening in the bathroom. Check them out!

Overlooking the Need for Storage in the Bathroom Design

Most bathrooms need storage not just for bathroom accessories but also to make the space neater and more organised.
Adding storage space will declutter your bathroom

Design Fix

Storage is a must. Consider built-in storage such as ones behind the mirror, shelves or vanity unit. Other room ideas include using hooks, handlebars or floating shelves that can provide extra storage space. 

Pro Tip: If you have a really compact bathroom, you can save up on space and still have storage by utlising your vertical space. 

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Making no Room for the Shower Area 

 Dividing the shower area is convenient and cost-effective as it also stops the water from seeping into your tiles.
Get shower divisions to keep your bathroom more organized and easy-to-maintain

Design Fix:

Shower divisions can be installed later as well. Given their popularity, pick one that is low maintenance and can increase the visual value of the bathroom. 

Pro Tip: Discuss the dimensions of the shower area you may need to go for. The more accurate the scale, the more balanced your bathroom would be!

If you are looking for a bathroom renovation, get the deets here!

#4: Avoid these Living Room Design Mistakes

Here are some design mistakes that have underwhelmed the look of the living room.

Confusing the Colour Scheme in a Room Design

Too many accent walls will do nothing but give the impression of clutter and design disarray. 
Add pops of colour to contrast the rich, dark colours of the living room

Design Fix:

Use pops of colour in a monochrome room. Also, pick a colour scheme and try to stick to it within the room design in order to not make the mistake of too many accent walls. 

Going Overboard with the Room Decoration

Too much wall decor makes the space appear less
Add the right decor to give the illusion of space

Design Fix:

The answer is simple. Keep the room decoration to the bare minimum. Also, mix and match the wall decoration with the desk accessories.

#5: Keep Your Bedroom From These Room Design Mistakes

Bedroom design becomes harder if you make these room design mistakes.

Selecting the Wrong bed for Room Design

A bigger bed will only reduce your floor space
Measure scale-to-scale to get a bed that leaves walking space in your bedroom

Design Fix:

It is ideal when the measurements are taken before the bed is purchased. Stick to the scale. If that is not the case, then your best bet is to reduce the already present clutter in the room. 

Pro Tip: Choose headboards that are multipurpose. Also, their bulkiness should be based on the room size.

Buying A Bigger Wardrobe

Check  the size of wardrobe before picking it as it can make or break the look
Get a custom wardrobe to accommodate the storage with the design of the room

Design Fix:

The measuring tape should again come out to decide on the appropriate size of the wardrobe you want. This is especially important when opting for a standing wardrobe.

#6: Do Not Design Kids Rooms Without Reading This!

Kids can have very specific needs as they are still growing and developing.. So it is important to keep yourself from these room design mistakes. 

Forgetting to Account for Storage Space That Grows With Your Child

It is important to leave space for them to express themselves
Construct a wardrobe that provides extra storage space for the kids

Design Fix

The best way is to avoid filling the room with storage. Do the essentials and leave room for more things to be changed.

Going With Colours That are Hard to Tweak

Think twice before choosing bold colours or themes that your kids might quickly get bored of.. 
 Keep it bare and beautiful with neutrals, beiges and whites in the growing kids room

Design Fix:

Keep things simple! Bare is beautiful and in a kids room, it is the best option as they can still have room to make their creative decisions in the room.

#7: Home Office? Make Sure You Don’t Make These Mistakes

These mistakes can make Work From Home an unpleasant experience. Spot them before it’s too late!

Keeping the Good Lighting Away from You

You may love reading lights or colourful, moving (disco) lights but it will be too distracting for a home office room design. 
Use a mix of lights to create ample lighting in the home office

Design Fix:

Make sure you have ample lighting and focal lighting for your home office, especially if you plan on being productive.

Lazing When it Comes to  Decluttering Your Home Office

Cluttered home offices can bump down your productivity considerably
Declutter regularly to avoid cramping up your home office

Design Fix:

Choose minimal decor, opt for storage packed furniture and come back to your home office and clean it when needed.

#8: Avoid These to Rain Down on Your Balcony Room Design

These may be silent mistakes but they are still enough to ruin your balcony room design.

Forgetting to See it as a Functional Area

Most people either overuse and clutter the balcony or leave it bare without realising that it can be optimally used.
Use your balcony as a relaxing haven by adding seating and decor

Design Fix:

Set up the balcony in such a way that it can accommodate seating or plants, depending on your preference. 

Inability in Addressing Privacy Issues

Most of the cramped condos open to another building which can become a privacy issue for most people
Get privacy by using shutters, plants or higher parapets

Design Fix:

The balcony can be covered up with plants or a higher parapet. Hanging chairs are also another great option.

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