We feel your impatience as you’re waiting to finally get the keys to your flat in the upcoming Tampines GreenCourt BTO. But all the delays are (hopefully!) coming to an end! With the expected completion date within sight, there’s no better time than now to start planning your home renovation!

Here at Livspace, we’ve taken a closer look at the Tampines GreenCourt floor plan, and came up with an exciting interior design for a 3-room flat that’s sure to inspire you. We’ll guide you on how to implement these layout concepts into your own flat using some intelligent and realistic interior design ideas for the BTO. Get  one step closer to your dream home with these interior design ideas for BTO.

Smart Renovation and Design Ideas for Your New Tampines GreenCourt BTO

From the overall layout to the furniture arrangement, Livspace can help you with every interior design need you might have for your new home. See how our interior design team from Livspace can come up with a stylishly modern home renovation for your future home at Tampines GreenCourt BTO.

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P.S: The interior design ideas for this BTO flat in Tampines GreenCourt have been tailored for a family of three: Robert (40), Gina (35) and their daughter Sally (13), living with their three pets.

1. We Separated the Bedroom and the Vanity Area With a Wooden Partition

Use a transparent partition to segregate the vanity area from the bedroom

Bedrooms in 2-room and 3-room flats have limited spaces to fit in all our requirements for a vanity area. What solution can Livspace come up with, then? We can create the vanity area inside the bedroom using a partition as shown in the picture so that you may have a larger area to get ready for your special days. This Tampines BTO flat interior design idea will make your bedroom look spacious and will give an aesthetic edge to it as well. 

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2. We Designed a Minimalist Living Area With Essentials-Only Furniture

Your living room communicates a sense of your personal style

At the crossroads of “too bare” and “just enough,” minimalist interior design comes together. Your minimalistic living room can be everything but boring if you tightly edit your décor, use clean-lined furniture, use neutral colours, and keep surfaces clear. Look at this living room designed by Livspace. Each object in this minimalist living space is making a significant contribution. Even if the only two pieces of furniture are a seat and a little coffee table, it nonetheless makes an impact and communicates a sense of your personal style.

3. We Added a Bar Unit in the Common Area 

Create a home bar where you are most likely to seat your guests

With a dedicated home bar, you can enjoy a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home. This is an incredible idea to consider for the interior design of this Tampines GreenCourt flat, and you can combine the home bar with your common area just as we did. If you like to call friends over for the weekends, this is a perfect arrangement for you. We added vertical shelves off to the side for storing reds and whites. A unique solution like this one, which incorporates both the common area and the home bar, keeps everything looking consistent and reduces visual clutter.

4. We Transformed the Kitchen Extension as the Laundry Area

Convert your service yard as a separate laundry area or breakfast nook

In the original 3-room flat plan at Tampines GreenCourt, we broke down the walls between the kitchen and the service yard. In the service yard, you now have a separate laundry space instead of just having it inside the kitchen where you can store your laundry.  Livspace also decorated the area with some potted green plants to make it aesthetically beautiful. However, our other recommendation would be to convert it to a breakfast nook out of a built-in storage unit (given you have a good view).

5. We Built A Wooden Platform to Separate Common Area and Dining Area

Separate the common area from the dining area using a wooden platform

We know that open layouts are popular in Singapore as they make full use of small spaces while giving the illusion of space. But it’s not just that, they also make your home more practical and functional. But it doesn’t mean you cannot segregate these areas. In this Tampines BTO flat, the Livspace team helped to separate the common area from the dining area using a wooden platform.  

6. We Used Multifunctional Furniture to Fully Optimise the Space

Use multifunctional furniture to enhance storage and practicality quotient of your home

Perfecting your home’s furniture is a vital aspect of all interior design, including this home Tampines GreenCourt. When you choose to build furniture for your home, you also choose to make your home more functional. The key to preventing a compact home from becoming a visual disaster is using customisable, multipurpose furniture. Nonetheless, who doesn’t want to make the most of their living space? This Livspace home features a storage-intensive wooden platform for the bed, a wooden wardrobe cum display shelf for books and artefacts, and a study table.

7. We Considered Handleless Cabinets for a Seamless Design Flow

Handleless cabinets give your kitchen a contemporary makeover

Handleless cabinets are an excellent choice if you want a modern design in your kitchen. The clean lines are stylish and simple, giving your kitchen a contemporary air, just like this one. We designed this kitchen to be functional yet stylish, and the choice of handles definitely plays a part to that end. Our Livspace designers can help you choose the best kitchen configuration, as well as the suitable materials and handle choices that suit your family and lifestyle. 

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8. We Installed Storage-Intensive Bathroom Vanity Area

Storage-intensive cabinets in compact bathrooms are a boon

In the 2-room and 3-room apartments in Tampines GreenCourt, there is always a lack of storage space. In that case, one must know how to utilise the area to maximise their storage options, especially in compact bathrooms. Our designers can help alleviate that problem! This bathroom, designed by Livspace, has storage-intensive wooden vanity cabinets to store the maximum accessories. Segregation of wet and dry areas in the bathroom adds better functionality to it. 

9. We Created a Parallel Kitchen Design to Separate Dry and Wet Areas

Keep the colour scheme and cabinet designs consistent on the parallel sides

You can’t exactly go for a fantasy open kitchen with the layout of flats at Tampines GreenCourt. However, you can explore a parallel dry and wet kitchen arrangement, such as this one. We placed a kitchen island (dry kitchen) on one side and the (wet) kitchen with the wash basin on the other side to make it more functional. 

To save room, we advise to use the island for baking or preparing light meals while also using it as  an eating area. We kept the colour scheme and cabinet designs consistent so that the two regions seem connected. 

10. We Built a Bath-Tub Instead of Shower Area

bathroom-interior-design-for-tampines-green court-with-bath-tub
Replace shower area with bathtub to give your bathroom a luxe look

What makes a normal bathroom look luxurious? A bath-tub. What if you could fit a bath-tub inside your compact master bathroom in Tampines GreenCourt? We added the solution for that too. We replaced the shower area with a bath-tub. You can, now, enjoy a spa-like rejuvenation with essential oils in the comfort of your home.

11. We Used a Wooden Partition for Combined Dining Area and Kitchen Storage

Try using dining counters instead of dining tables for compact homes

Letting go of the conventional dining areas with a huge centre table is one of the most revolutionary interior design ideas for BTOs. That’s why, for compact homes, Livspace tried using dining counters with the kitchen storage on the other side of a wooden partition. As you can see in the picture, the common room is also next to the dining area. So, adding a kitchen storage unit next to these places can help in serving your family and friends better. 

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Tampines GreenCourt: Property Overview

A highly accessible and affordable property in Singapore

Tampines GreenCourt is bordered by Tampines North Drive 2, Tampines Street 62, and Tampines Avenue 12. Tampines GreenCourt is around 19 minutes (1.5 kilometres) from Tampines MRT. This project consists of 19 apartment blocks ranging in height from 7 to 16 stories. You can choose from 2,192 two-room Flexi, three-, four-, and five-room flats. Prices start at $201k for a two-room apartment, $367k for a three-room apartment, and $522k for a four-room apartment, excluding grants. 

The nearby primary schools to the property are Poi Ching School and Tampines North Primary School. The nearest grocery store is located at Giant at Tampines North Drive 2. We’ll give three stars to Tampines GreenCourt in terms of accessibility, amenities, and affordability. Furthermore, with the completion of the Thomson-East Coast Line in 2024, the East will not only be better connected than it is now, but it will also be a greener area to live for nature lovers.

Name of the ProjectTampines GreenCourt
Sales LaunchNovember 2017 BTO
Type of ProjectBuilt-To-Order (BTO)
Total number of Units2,194
Types of Houses3-, 4-, and 5-room flats
Number of Blocks and Floor19 and 16 respectively
Length of Tenure99 years

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