When it comes to renovating your kitchen, a huge chunk of your budget will go into buying and installing the tiles. Tiles are mainly used on the floors and wall of your kitchen (though you might have some creative ideas to use them on countertops, backsplashes and even cabinets!). The kitchen tile installation cost varies depending on the area you want to cover and the type of tiles you choose. Some homeowners decide to blend their backsplash into their worktops or built-in cupboards, while others prefer that it stands out from the counters. Read our complete guide here that includes the types of kitchen tiles and average cost of tiling the kitchen floor and backsplashes. 

Where to Use Tiles in the Kitchen and Why?


Kitchen backsplashes are essential if you cook regularly

Installing backsplash tiles behind the stove is a good idea, especially if you plan to do a lot of heavy cooking. These tiles can guard your kitchen wall against water and oil, and are easy to clean and maintain. It is also important from the perspective of your kitchen décor as it specifies your kitchen’s aesthetics, exudes your individuality, and creates a great mood and ambiance in your kitchen. 

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Floor tiles are durable and water-resistant

Most kitchens usually have tile flooring. Tiles are known for being tough, long-lasting, water-resistant, and also stain-resistant. They also provide less-favourable conditions for bacteria and mould to grow. Due to their high strength, they can be easily used in homes with kids and pets, and complement any type of décor.

What Are the Types of Kitchen Tiles and Kitchen Tile Installation Cost per Square Foot?

You can choose tiles for your kitchen from a variety of options in Singapore. We will walk you through the 7 best types of kitchen tiles options in the sections below. We’ll talk about certain aspects, such as the kitchen tile cost per square foot, thickness, and pros and cons. So, if you’re still unsure about which kitchen tiles to go for, this information can help you make a decision.

1. Ceramic Tiles

They are durable, affordable and water-resistant

These are one of the most popular forms of tiles offered by Singapore tile suppliers. Sand and clay are used to make ceramic tiles, which can be used for backsplashes as well as flooring. These tiles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and textures. They are more durable and water-resistant than other types of tiles, and are easy to clean. Ceramic tiling comes in two varieties: glazed and unglazed. Glazed tiles have a coating that helps keep the tiles from staining. Moreover, the average cost to tile a kitchen with ceramic tiles is quite affordable too.

Cost per square feet: S$0.5 to S$35 per sq. ft.
Composition: Sand and clay
Where to use: Backsplashes and floors
Pros: Durable, sturdier and easy to clean

2. Porcelain Tiles

They are fairly resistant to breaking and scratches

These tiles are known for their remarkable resistance to wear and tear. Because they are fairly resistant to scratches and breaking, they are a perfect option for kitchen flooring. While these features may increase their appeal, they also increase the kitchen tile installation cost of porcelain tiles. There are two varieties of porcelain tiles: glazed and full-bodied. While glazed porcelain is typically used in homes, full-bodied porcelain tiles are more durable and resistant to harsh environments, making them excellent for industrial areas.

Cost per square feet: S$3 to S$10 per sq. ft.
Composition: Sand, feldspar and clay
Where to use: Kitchen flooring
Pros: Scratch and stain resistant, easy to maintain and anti-slip

3. Marble Tiles

An elegant kitchen tile material which is water-and-scratch-resistant

Due to its elegance and posh natural design, marble is regarded as a somewhat pricey material. The three most well-known varieties of marble used for kitchen tiling are Statuary Marble, Calacatta Marble, and Bianco Carrara Marble. In addition to the well-known shades of white and grey, there are also more unusual hues like brick red, beige, and even green. Therefore, if you are seeking a more exotic and unique aesthetic, marble tiles are the best.

Cost per square feet: S$10 to S$25 per sq. ft.
Composition: Silicates or clay
Where to use: Backsplashes and floors
Pros: Water-resistant, easy to clean and scratch-resistant

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4. Terrazzo Tiles

cost-of-installation-for-terrazzo-tiles-in kitchen
An ideal and aesthetically beautiful material for kitchen countertops and backsplashes

Flakes and fragments of marble, glass and quartz are mixed with the basic binder materials (epoxy or cement) to create the distinctive patterns and designs of terrazzo tiles. Probably the biggest pro of terrazzo tiles is that no two tiles will have the same appearance. Moreover, terrazzo tiles come in a wide variety of styles, some of which include epoxy, sand or cement cushion. They can be used not only for countertops and backsplashes, but also for floors!

Cost per square feet: S$30 to S$75 per sq. ft.
Composition: Fragments of marble, glass or quartz in cement or epoxy
Where to use: Backsplashes, countertops and floors
Pros: Elevates aesthetics, durable and low-maintenance

5. Mosaic Tiles

Composed of several small pieces of tiles where each piece is less than six inches

Mosaic tiles are a mixture of various types of tiles (porcelain, cement, glass and ceramic) that may vary in material, size, form, and colour. One tile pattern is made up of several smaller pieces of tile, each less than six square inches. Mosaic tiles are perfect for use in tiny spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom. Also, they come in a wide variety of forms, colours and layouts, making them ideal if you want to give your space a little bit of an “artsy” feel. 

Cost per square feet: S$6 to S$350 per sq. ft.
Where to use: Backsplashes
Composition: Porcelain, cement, glass and ceramic
Pros: Creates good visual aesthetics

6. Peranakan Tiles

Adds a traditional yet colourful design touch to your kitchen backsplash

Peranakan tiles typically include a lot of geometric designs and bright colours, giving them a charming yet vivacious appearance. In case, you’re seeking a more traditional design, these tiles might be ideal for you. While some of these tiles feature lovely flower patterns, others feature geometric shapes. Since these tiles are made up of ceramic as the primary material, their pros and cons are somewhat similar to ceramic tiles. 

Cost per square feet: S$15 to S$35 per sq. ft.
Composition: Ceramic
Where to use: Backsplashes and floors
Pros: Gives traditional appearance to the kitchen, durable, sturdier and easy to clean

7. Glass Tiles

A classy yet functional kitchen backsplash material that stands out

Glass stands out from other materials due to its transparency. As a result, glass tiles are quite popular for ornamental uses such as backsplashes or wall tiles to give your kitchen an extra “wah factor“! Because they are non-porous, stain-resistant and don’t support bacterial growth, glass tiles are perfect for kitchen backsplashes. Moreover, they are available in a variety of colours and shapes, enabling you to design stunning artistic patterns in your kitchen. Glass mosaic patterns are equally popular among Singapore homeowners.

Cost per square feet: S$20 to S$30 per sq. ft. (for tempered)
Composition: Small pieces of glass
Where to use: Backsplashes
Pros: Visually beautiful, easy to clean, moisture and stain-resistant

Here’s a table that represents the pros, cons, thickness and the average cost of tiling the kitchen floor:

Type of TilesProsConsCost per sq.ft.Thickness Available in Singapore
Ceramic Durable, sturdier and
easy to clean
Can be installed in
structurally sound
areas only as they
are heavy and dense
S$0.5 to S$353mm-10mm
PorcelainScratch and stain
resistant, easy to
maintain and anti-slip
Grout needs
heavier than others 
S$3 to S$104mm-10mm
easy to clean and
Prone to stains and
cracks, can’t be
S$10 to S$25Above 12mm
TerrazzoElevates aesthetics,
durable and low
Needs professional
installation, expensive
S$30 to S$75Above 15mm
Mosaic Creates good visual
Needs professional
installation, fragile
and expensive
S$6 to S$350Varies as per
base material
PeranakanGives traditional
appearance, durable,
sturdier and easy
to clean
expensive due to the patterns
S$15 to S$353mm-10mm
Glass (tempered)Visually beautiful,
easy to clean,
moisture and stain-
Expensive and
S$20 to S$30Multiple varieties
*The prices mentioned above are the approximate prices offered by Livspace

How to Calculate Your Kitchen Tile Installation Cost?

There are four types of kitchen tile installation costs that need to be considered to calculate the kitchen tiling price in Singapore. However, each cost depends on the type of property (HDB, condo, landed property). Please refer to the table to know the indicative prices offered by Livspace.

  1. Cost of labour
  2. Materials cost
  3. Cost of tiles
  4. Cost of cleaning (removing dust and dirt after tiling process)
Types of CostFor HDB
(per sq.ft.)
For Condo
(per sq.ft.)
For Landed
Property (per sq.ft.)
Cost of labour
for wall tiling
S$7.50 – S$10.0S$8.50 – S$10.0S$10.0 – S$11.0
Cost of labour
for floor tiling
S$7.50 – S$10.0 S$8.50 – S$10.0 S$10.0 – S$11.0
Cost of materials
for wall tiling
S$3.0 – S$5.0S$3.0 – S$5.0 S$10.0 – S$11.0
Cost of materials
for floor tiling
S$3.0 – S$5.0S$3.0 – S$5.0 S$10.0 – S$11.0
Cost of tiles for
wall tiling
Cost of tiles for
floor tiling
Cost of cleaning
for wall tiling
S$200 onwardsS$200 onwardsS$200 onwards
Cost of cleaning
for floor tiling
S$200 onwardsS$200 onwardsS$200 onwards
*The prices mentioned above are the approximate prices offered by Livspace

All you need to do is add all the involved costs and multiply it with the total area in square feet. For instance, if you want floor tiles for your HDB kitchen with a total area of 100 sq.ft., your total cost for tiling will be:

Cost of labour + cost of material + cost of ceramic tiles + cost of cleaning
= (S$7 x 100 sq.ft.) + (S$3 x 100 sq.ft.) + (S$0.5 x 100 sq.ft.) + (S$200)
= S$1,250
*(please note, we have considered the minimum, approximate kitchen tile installation cost for each)

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