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Materials 101 | All You Need To Know On Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets

Wondering if you should opt update your kitchen with acrylic kitchen cabinets? Here’s everything you need to know.

7 Stylish Ideas For Your Kitchen Backsplash

Having an eye-catching kitchen backsplash can drastically change the look and feel of an otherwise plain and simple kitchen. Our diverse collection tells you how.

5 Factors That Determine Modular Kitchen Price

Contrary to popular belief, modular kitchens can be pocket-friendly once we understand our personal priorities and the various factors that affect its price.

Open Kitchens or Closed Kitchens – What’s Best for Indian Homes?

Trying to decide between an informal open layout or a more private closed layout for your Indian kitchen? Here’s what you need to know before you make your choice.

Traditional Vs Lift Up? The Better Modular Kitchen Cabinet System For Indian Kitchens

Should you go with swing or lift up cabinets? Read on to find out the pros and cons of the different modular kitchen cabinet systems suited for Indian kitchens.

6 Easy To Grow Indian Herbs For Your Kitchen Garden

Why head to the market when you can grow your own herbs at home? Here’s a list of easy to grow edible plants for your kitchen garden

From Chaos To Chic: A Livspace Kitchen Makeover

It’s difficult to imagine that this compact, organized kitchen was complete chaos before Livspace interior designer Savitha Bai graced it with her magical touch. Read all about this unbelievable transformation

7 Easy Peasy Ways To Upgrade Your Rental Kitchen

Is your rental kitchen screaming for a makeover? Most kitchens in rented spaces are devoid of personality with cabinetry that’s either old-fashioned in design or dull in color. Bad flooring with outdated tiles can also take away from the charm of your kitchen. While there are many challenges, you can still create a stunning kitchen without having … Continue reading

6 Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas to Inspire you

Inspiration and ideas for open kitchen shelving to help you create to create an airy and functional space.

Kitchen Decor: 6 Spots For Displaying Art In Your Kitchen

Adding art to your home is an excellent way to liven up your space. However, you may not have considered your kitchen as a potential spot for displaying gorgeous artwork. Why not? If you, like the rest of us, spend some amount of time every day cooking and feeding people in your kitchen, then you … Continue reading