Every hallway tells a story. When guests visit, you can set the tone of their experience with each aspect of decor, from wall colours to the choice of hallway pictures. On the other hand, passages on the upper levels of your home are great for a display of family photos. Take a look at these innovative and smart ideas that may inspire a hallway remodel!

Passage Design Ideas #1: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
mirror design ideas-mirror panels for walls
A mirror adds poshness to hallways while making them look wider

Of all the ideas to decorate your passage, installing a full length mirror is an infallible way to create the illusion of space and brighten up what might otherwise be a dark walkway. To take it up a notch, install a single wall shelf across the mirror and add a floral arrangement or a curio.

Passage Design Ideas #2: Cosy Conversation Starters
round mirror design-tufted ottoman designs
A space for me and you, just us two!

If you have a spacious hallway, turn it into a cozy space for conversations. With warm lighting, comfortable seats and hallway pictures to set the tone, you could even turn it into a date night corner. A simple round brass-framed mirror can be your pièce de résistance to complete the look.

Passage Design Ideas #3: Wooden Delight
passage design ideas-wooden panel designs-buddha statue designs
The zen passage to a peaceful home

A monochromatic passage wall can be offset with mahogany ceiling panels and a matching wooden footwear cabinet. Enhance the mood with a touch of brass and your hallway will come alive. Your design ideascould also include a simple potted plant and a classic Buddha statuefor a calm and tranquil vibe.

Passage Design Ideas #4: A Dash of Colour for the Daring
passage design ideas-yellow wall designs-white console designs
A dash of colour the daring!

Stray away from tried and testeddesign ideas and make a statement with an accent wall. Imagine playing around with a mustard yellow wall beside a deep blue door. Hallway pictures, along with a pinewood console and rustic pendant lights, add some quirkiness of the setting.

Passage Design Ideas #5: Flaunt your China
crockery cabinet designs-black and white wall designs
Black and white never goes out of fashion

One of the simplest ways to design your passage is to convert your crockery into decor, and display your finest china in the hallway. Take inspiration from this Livspace home that has merged form and function, to flaunt plates, cups and teapots. 

Passage Design Ideas #6: The Hall of Memories
photo frame designs-gallery wall designs
Pick frames that are just as vivid as your memories

Turn a long passageway into a timeline with pictures of your family’s most cherished moments in multi-coloured frames. This is definitely one of those design ideas that are timeless, and you can never go wrong with it.

Passage Design Ideas #7:  Embrace Minimalism
passage design ideas-scandinavian design ideas-minimal design ideas
his monochrome hallway that comes to us straight from Scandinavia

In true Scandinavian style, this Livspace home proves that sometimes, less is more. The white toned walls, clean lines and black embellishments lend a sophisticated and minimalist look to this passage. 

Passage Design Ideas #8: Say it with a Statement
Add a spotlight to enhance the focus

Open your passage with a statement. Think focal point combined with minimalism for a clean and powerful entry. And highlight it with a spotlight to complete the look.

Passage Design Ideas #9: Say bye to Clutter
passage design ideas-console table designs-round mirror designs
Sleek, simple and stunning 

A sleek console in a narrow passageway can lend an elegant look, without cluttering up the space. Framed hallway pictures and mirrors can brighten up the space, while small potted plants complement the graceful setting.

Passage Design Ideas #10: Whimsical Wonder
passage design ideas-pendant light designs-wall moulding designs
The Hogwart-esque hall of fame

Globular pendant lights like these create a magical aura and make the ceiling appear taller. Adding an antique clock, hallway pictures, moulding and grooves will leave you with a Hogwarts-like sense of wonder and joy!

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— editor@livspace.com