When it comes to any design style, it is easier to recognise it when you see it rather than read about it. Therefore, we thought it would be best to explain them with the help of kitchens we’ve designed so far. You will be surprised that you might not know your kitchen design style so well after all. Moreover, this is your chance to try out a new style for your kitchen interior design. Check out these interesting styles and features that you can add to get the look.

#1: Modern

Classy look with a pop of colours

Modern kitchen design style embodies sleek sophistication and a clean look sans any adornment. You can introduce pops of colour in a modern kitchen and emphasise high-quality materials. Think frameless cabinetry, simple hardware and largely neutral colours when envisioning a modern kitchen. Use a combination of ambient and task lighting that accentuates the seamless look of your kitchen.

Hallmark style features

  • Sleek and sophisticated
  • Luxurious, high-end materials
  • Clean lines
  • Minimal look

#2: Traditional

The cabinetry is what defines this kitchen

A traditional kitchen style makes use of classic design elements with a dash of fresh colours to make it look timeless. Therefore, you can use white as the predominant colour that provides visual appeal and a sparkling vitality. Try details like shaker-style cabinetry and panelled or glass cabinet doors. As for the countertop, this style definitely calls for some timeless marble.

Hallmark style features

  • Elegant and timeless aesthetic
  • Clean and inviting vibe
  • Hints of Modern American design elements

#3: Contemporary

Always opt for neutral colours when going contemporary

Contemporary kitchens by rule are very clean and sleek. While Modern kitchen interior design style and Contemporary style overlap sometimes, the latter is often more playful in form and finishes. Keep it simple with smooth finishes and minimal patterns and texture.

Hallmark style features

  • Artistic elements
  • Straight and horizontal lines
  • Uniquely bold simplicity

#4: Scandinavian

No loud colours or patterns in this design style

Scandinavian design by definition is a design movement characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It is very popular since it treads the path of clean lines and functional spaces. In kitchens, this design style is very useful and makes the space look better than ever. Also, natural light is central to Scandi kitchen interior design so keep a large window or carve out one. Also, whites or neutrals with seamless finishes (no visible handles and smooth surfaces like acrylic) are preferred.

Hallmark style features

  • Light and bright (plenty of light wood)
  • Straight lines
  • Minimalist (uncluttered)

#5: Farmhouse

Pay attention to little details like handles and knobs

Cozy, happy and unpretentious, a cottage kitchen takes us back to simpler times that evokes a sense of a happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Marked by soft colours, vintage cabinetry, wooden flooring and dated accents, this kitchen interior design style is unique. Also, you can put woven baskets and delicate china sets on display. Brick accents and vivid pops of radiant colours are all fantastic components in this kind of kitchen style.

Hallmark style features

  • Intimate and cozy environment
  • Highly decorative
  • Natural and premium materials

#6: Eclectic

Choose contrasting colours to make a mark

Coming to one of the most fun and adventurous kitchen interior design styles out there—Eclectic style. It is an ultimate study in mixtures, contrasts, composition, and scale. Therefore, bold paint choices and various textural elements are commonly incorporated within eclectic kitchens. The trick here is to be a rebel with a cause. As this style is essentially personal, no two eclectic kitchens look the same.

Hallmark style features

  • Multifaceted approach
  • Highly personalized and curated
  • Visually stimulating

#7: Industrial

A raw unfinished look is your best bet

One of our favourites in this list is the Industrial kitchen interior design style. We are huge fans of this style ever since we have seen our designer work his magic in this kitchen for a client. Would you look at the lovely outcome? Black metal lights and fixtures, distressed or membrane finish, cement screed walls and flooring and the overall unfinished look are the highlights of this style.

Hallmark style features

  • Lots of brick, metals and wood
  • Open concept
  • Darker lighting

#8: Mediterranean

Introduce a pop of pattern when choosing this design style

Mediterranean style kitchens have classically Grecian styling notes that are reminiscent of the art and culture. So, it incorporates bold colours with earthy undertones that make for a perfect combination. Moreover, visual interest is of paramount importance in a Mediterranean style kitchen. You will often find décor accents like terracotta tiles, intricate mosaics and stunningly unique backsplashes in these kitchens.

Hallmark style features

  • Intricate and high-quality details
  • Old-world opulence
  • Bold colors paired with earthy neutrals

#9: Shabby chic

This style should take you back to old times

A shabby chic look can give an old kitchen a facelift without any structural renovation. So, if we were to explain the shabby-chic style in brief, it would be a look that you can pick out of a garage sale. Therefore, think of your kitchen as a cozy and personal space which has jars and jars of your favorite spices and pickles that sit on pretty open shelves. There are no major rules to follow when it comes to this unique kitchen interior design style.

Hallmark style features

  • Old decor elements: distressed table, flooring and cabinets
  • Old knick-knacks that you’d find in a pawn shop or garage sale

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