Open concept kitchens are a rage the world over. If we just talk about Singapore, from the new BTO (Build to order) units to condos, all come with no walls between the kitchen and the dining room. So, whether it is your preference or not, you get an open kitchen. But believe us, it is a good thing—open concept kitchens look modern and rather atas. Of course, we’re here to help you with tips and tricks to make it work for you.

Perks of an open concept kitchen
open concept kitchen-grey acrylic finish-built-in oven
Classy grey open kitchen for a touch of luxury
  • Spacious look for your home

As Singaporeans, we are no strangers to limited square footage in our homes. So, an open kitchen design is a blessing as it makes the space look bigger. What’s more? with fewer walls, in most homes, you can expect better lighting—both artificial and natural.

  • New design possibilities

Open concept kitchens work well when designed in congruence with the living and dining room. You can choose a seamless style for the whole space or make one area the visual focus. One way or the other, you and your designer have a great canvas to bring your creativity to life.

  • Uninterrupted conversations

Open concept kitchens allow you to enjoy your time with family and friends, even when you’re cooking or entertaining. If you have toddlers or kids that you need to keep an eye on, an open kitchen helps you do that too.

Things to keep in mind
open kitchen-small space-white and brown kitchen
Small kitchens can be made bright with an open concept
  • Lingering food scents

Invest in a good hood to avoid food scents from spreading to your other rooms, especially if your culinary preferences lean towards fried food and recipes with strong aromas. In your layout allows for good ventilation, it’s an added advantage. You could also use diffusers and room fresheners to keep unwanted smells at bay.

  • Keep it clean

Now that walls can’t block the view to your kitchen, keeping your kitchen tidy will need to be a priority. While you’re choosing options for your kitchen, opt for easy-to-clean finishes to make your life easy.

  • Storage and organisation

Because you lose an entire wall that may have been utilised for storage, an open concept kitchen calls for advanced storage and organization options. Think of add-ons like island counters, compact breakfast bars as well as organizers that can be placed on your countertop or fixed on to the backsplash

Open kitchen ideas for you
  • Combine it with your dining room
open-concept kitchen-dining room-niche storage
Built-in appliances save big on space

If you like to entertain, having your dining table close to the kitchen will be a good thing. You can move around easily and it is also convenient to pass the food around. This setting also works quiet family dinners or indoor date nights, when you’d rather not be distracted by contraptions of the modern world—like TV and Netflix!

  • Meet us halfway
open-concept-kitchen-glass partition-dining room-semi open kitchens
Add a glass partition to curb scents

Not fully sold on the open concept kitchen? You can opt for glass partitions or a sliding glass door that separates the kitchen from the living or dining room.. As an advantage, by default, you will restrict food smells to the kitchen.

  • Add a breakfast bar
kitchen with breakfast bar-slate grey finish
More counter space with a breakfast counter

If your HDB or condo is too compact to fit a dining table, opt for a breakfast bar. This works especially well if you believe in wolfing down your meals. This also doubles as a hot pad to serve your food when you have company.

  • Island counter for more storage
island counter-storage and sink
Island counters can double as a breakfast bar

Explore the option of an island in your open concept kitchen as it not only gives you more storage but also adds to the counter space. That ultimately means that your kitchen work triangle will be bigger or more comfortable.

To sum it up, you just need to think creatively to make the most of your open concept kitchen. It’s a trend that is both functional and holds an aesthetic appeal.