Wardrobes are a one time investment for most homeowners. Given the fact that most Singaporeans prefer installing wardrobes in their bedrooms, it is important to define the wardrobe design beforehand. That shouldn’t  be done without researching all the available options. This guide will help you define your wardrobe needs by giving you a range of design options to choose from.

The most important aspect of your wardrobe should be the durability it offers to you. Yes, we want a good looking wardrobe but one that is durable too. Here are some of the important qualities every wardrobe should have. Make a list!

Essentials Bedroom Wardrobe Quality Checklist:

The carcass of wardrobes are usually made with plywood or MDF

Quality of material:

The most popular materials used for the bedroom wardrobes are plywood, MDF, particle board, glass and wood. All of these  are versatile options and are easy to maintain.


Drawers are classified  as accessories  for bedroom wardrobe designs but every designer will confirm that they’re necessities. Pull out Drawers are ideal in your wardrobe to store small items such as undergarments, ties or even makeup. 

Hanger rods:

Yet another accessory but a lifesaver when it comes to bedroom wardrobe designs. A  hanger rod is your Monday morning friend that can help to  save you from a crumpled up shirt massacre. 

Ample storage:

The key to having ample storage is having an estimate of your storage needs. However,  it is also always better to leave some extra space. 

 The more the accessories, the more the cost of customisation of the wardrobe

Types of Bedroom Wardrobe Designs Based on Choice:

Based on choice, there are two types of wardrobe designs to choose from:

#1: Choose Free-standing Wardrobes for Flexibility:

Move anytime with your freestanding wardrobe

Freestanding bedroom wardrobe designs are ideal for renters or people who move constantly. They are available in a range of sizes, materials and cost. If measured carefully, they can be tucked well in a niche. They also come with fitted accessories such as drawers and rods. 

#2: Custom-make Your Bedroom Wardrobe

Customise your wardrobe to suit your storage needs

Customised bedroom wardrobe designs are usually encouraged by designers as they can be made to fit the demand of the homeowner. It is a one-time investment and cannot be moved. However, the customer has a complete say in its construction and these wardrobes have  a record for being more effective in terms of both form and functionality. 

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Wondering about Hinged vs. Sliding Door?

Hinged wardrobes are low maintenance
Sliding wardrobes offer more walking space

Hinged bedroom wardrobe designs have doors that open in the room. Sliding wardrobe designs have sliding doors, fitted in the carcass of the wardrobe, giving the room a more seamless look. If you have a smaller space, pick sliding wardrobe designs.

Types of Bedroom Wardrobe Designs Based on Room-size:

#1: Accommodate Your Bed with Built-in Wardrobe Designs

Built-in hanging shelves to display your art
Wardrobes can be used as partitions

Built-in wardrobe designs are customised to fit-in every object in the bedroom and help make it decluttered. This design, for example, is built around the bed to accommodate its shape and it also serves as a partition between bedroom and living space. 

#2: Amp Your Bedroom with a Walk-in Wardrobe

Flaunt the luxe appeal of a walk-in wardrobe
Light up the space aptly in your dresser-cum-walk-in wardrobe

If you have ample space in your bedroom, create a niche and get  a walk-in wardrobe designed for a luxe experience. If the space allows, a dresser can fit in as well. Here are 5 Perfect Ways to Make Space for a Walk-In Wardrobe in the Bedroom.

#3: Partition His-and-Hers Wardrobe

Customise each side according to your demands

A U-shaped layout is ideal for couples as they can efficiently separate their storage. This helps the couple have custom storage for their individual needs.

#4: Contain Existing Bedroom Designs 

More storage space is never a disadvantage

The top benefit of having a custom wardrobe design is that it can accommodate any existing room designs or accessories while maximising on storage. This above wardrobe design is an apt example of this.

#5: Edge for Corner Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Leave no dead corners with this one!

Corner bedroom wardrobe designs use up dead spaces. If you do not have ample wall space, corner wardrobes can work like a charm.  

#6: Built-in Wardrobe Designs with Open Shelves

Please your inner Monica with this layout

Open-shelved bedroom wardrobe designs work the best for small spaces as they tend to open up the space. However, you may need to organise them  often as they can easily look messy.

#7: Opt for Glass Doors for Your Wardrobe 

Glass doors are easy to clean too!

Glass wardrobe doors are a good way to give your wardrobe an open look. They also stop dust from settling down on your things. They’re more suited to people who are neat and organised since everything will be on display.

#8: Protect Your Privacy with Opaque-Shutters on Your Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

 Keep in mind that opaque shutters come in different colours

Opaque doors fill in aptly for glass, retaining the airy look while maintaining your privacy. They  also make the space appear less cluttered.

#9: Illusion of Space with Mirror Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Exude a posh look with this wardrobe design

Mirrored wardrobes are all about making the space airy with its reflective quality. They  can also act as  makeshift dressers.   

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#10: Get Wall-to-Wall Custom Bedroom Wardrobe Designs

Wall-to-wall wardrobe uses up every corner of the wall

Wall-to-wall built-in wardrobe designs are custom made to optimise the space completely. You can also add a running loft for the same. However, it may cost you extra.

As you can see, here are a range of options for your every need. Still confused? Read How to Pick the Right Wardrobe for Your Room?

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