Who doesn’t love a good fit? Especially when it comes to items we use on a regular basis. Besides our daily appliances and accessories, one such commodity that can make or break our day is the mattress we sleep on. Just as it plays such a pivotal role in our lives, it’s no surprise that the more we know about our mattress, the better. In terms of sizes, queen size mattresses are a common fan favourite among most Singaporeans as they can comfortably fit in smaller homes. Given their popularity, we’ve put together a guide on queen size bed dimensions in Singapore that you can refer to while making your purchase. 

Whether you’re currently in the market for bedding and associated fittings or not, it’s still good to know what options are available for you. So read along as we take you through everything you need to know about your queen size bed measurements, and more!

Dimensions of Common Mattresses in Singapore

The dimensions featured in the image are typical of US mattress sizes (mentioned in inches) and can differ from Singapore measurements

While this article largely focuses on queen size bed dimensions in Singapore, it’s also good to know what other sizes are available in the market. If you’re currently on the fence about what type of mattress will fit in your room, this table can simplify things for you. However, please note that there can be a slight deviation of about 2cm for each of the below measurements. Correspondingly, keep aside a slight margin of deviation while finalising your queen size bed measurements.

Mattress TypeDimensions (width x length)
Single91 x 190 cm
Super Single107 x 190 cm 
Queen 150 x 190 cm
King182 x 190 cm

There can also be a bit of discrepancy between the dimensions of mattresses from different geographies and locales. So here, it is important to remember that not all queen size beds are the same size across geographies. Consequently, for queen beds and the like, it is advisable to only purchase a mattress based on the queen size bed dimensions in Singapore.

So, How Big is a Queen Size Bed in Singapore?

Most queen size bed dimensions in Singapore are 150 x 190 cm or 60″ x 75″; give or take a few centimetres or inches depending on the brand. One thing to note here is that the height of the mattress can vary based on the design and material used. So, while the average queen size bed measurements are 150 x 190 cm, the height of the mattress can fluctuate between 27 cm to 30 cm or higher.

How Much Does a Queen Size Bed Cost?

Now that you know what your queen size bed dimensions are, the next question that might cross your mind is how much will it cost you? While the prices for most queen size bed dimensions can vary from one brand to another, an average range can give you a good idea of what to expect. 

Most queen size mattresses in the market range from S$1,000 to S$3,000, depending on the quality and materials. Most brands have tiered options that include basic and premium prices for queen size bed dimensions. However, there are also other basic and affordable options to consider within the range of S$700 to S$1,000, depending on the brand. 

If you’re looking for a good deal on a quality mattress, you could also consider getting it through an interior design service like Livspace while renovating. At Livspace, we work with various vendors for quality furnishings and fittings, so you can explore discounts through your designer as a cost-effective option. If this is something you’d like to try, consult with a designer for more details!

Here’s a simple list of costs on queen size bed related purchases that you can refer to:

AccessoryAverage Price
Mattress with queen size bed dimensionsS$700 to S$3,000 (ranging from basic to premium materials and design)
Bed frames that support queen size bed dimensionsS$600 to S$1,700 (ranging from basic to premium materials and design)
Budget bed frames from IKEAStarting from S$300 (based on style, size, and material)
Please scroll horizontally to view the full table

*Please note: the prices mentioned here are an average range based on the prices sourced from various brands and suppliers. The price ranges do not account for additional/hidden costs such as delivery/shipping and assembly fees. Similarly, the prices could be subjected to change on the basis of the brand’s or supplier’s discretion at any given time.

Types of Bedroom Layouts That Fit Queen Size Bed Measurements

Queen size bed dimensions are, without a doubt, larger than single size beds. While this might not seem like much of a problem, it can pose certain restrictions for smaller rooms. So, before you purchase your bed and its accessories, ensure that it meets the minimum room size for a queen bed. Typically, a room that has 10 x 10 square footage (9 sqm) is the ideal room size for a queen bed. However, rooms with 9.6 x 10 sq. ft. (8.9 sqm) can also work fairly well for queen size bed dimensions in Singapore. 

Besides knowing the ideal room size for a queen bed, it’s also important to know the various layouts that can support it. Whether your mattress meets the minimum bedroom size for a queen bed or not, a good layout can certainly help with space constraints. Below are a few types of room designs that work especially well for a queen bed in a small bedroom layout.

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#1: Square-shaped Rooms

A square-shaped bedroom can easily support your queen size bed dimensions

A square layout offers a great opportunity to design your space in a convenient way due to the symmetry it offers. Since square rooms are proportionate, it makes placing a queen bed in a small bedroom layout a lot easier. Your queen size bed dimensions need not overpower the space as the bed can be positioned against any free wall while keeping the room symmetrical.

Just be sure to place it against the centre of the wall to ensure easy traffic flow on each side of the bed. Likewise, you can place your dresser and other bedroom furniture on the opposite side of the bed or against the remaining two walls of the room.

#2: Atypical L-shaped Rooms

Move your queen size bed to the side of your room to open up space for other activities

While L-shaped rooms might not always offer the kind of symmetry that would be perfect for your queen size bed dimensions, you can still make things work. To make the most of an L-shaped small bedroom with a queen bed, consider placing the bed into a corner of the room. By doing so, the bed is only accessible from two sides to help open up the rest of the room. 

Since this corner will function as your bed area, you can use the rest of the room to store other items or place furniture. This type of layout for a queen bed is more suitable for young kids or single dwellers as it limits traffic flow to only two sides of the bed. 

#3: Elongated or Narrow Rooms

Pick the wall with the least obstruction for bed placement in a narrow room

Long, narrow rooms might pose some restrictions to your queen size bed dimensions as it leaves less space for placement along the width or length of the room. This is because either the wall along the length of the room might be too short to fit queen size bed measurements; or the width of the room is too narrow for a central placement against the longest wall. 

Here, you’d only have two options to create the minimum room size for a queen bed. You can either place the bed against the narrowest wall or against the centre of the longest wall. If the narrowest wall can fit your queen size bed dimensions, you can use the area across it as a work or dressing zone. 

Go for a central placement against either wall to make space for other furniture in the room. This also helps facilitate movement on either side of the bed if more than one person uses it. However, if space does not permit, you can also move the bed to one side of the room to make space for a wardrobe or a study table.

#4: For Rooms with Multiple Entry Points

Go for a convenient central placement if you have many doors around your bed
Keep most of the room open to facilitate easy entry through each door

The image above is another example of a queen size bed placement in a long and narrow room. A room over 10 x 10 sq. ft. (9 sqm) allows plenty of space for queen size bed dimensions. In turn, making this the ideal room size for a queen bed in a bedroom with multiple doors on all sides. 

The bedroom has a door on each wall of the room barring the wall the bed is placed against. Though most of these doors are sliding in nature, hinged doors could easily pose a problem in a smaller room. 

Much like the bed placement for square rooms, you can overcome this issue by placing the bed against the centre of a door-less wall to maintain symmetry. This leaves sufficient space around all sides of the bed to access each door without incident.

Room Sizes That Are Ideal for Queen Size Beds

Since queen size bed dimensions are around 5 x 6 feet in size, it’s important to have a room that surpasses these measurements for a comfy fit. Besides the minimum bedroom size for a queen bed, here are a few other space-related dimensions for queen size bed measurements you should know:

Ideal room size for a queen bed (with clearance)9.8 sqm (105 sq. ft.) to 12 sqm (131 sq. ft.)
Minimum room size for a queen bed8.9 sqm (95 sq. ft.) to 9 sqm (100 sq. ft.)
Ideal amount of clearance space to leave around each side of the queen size bedMinimum of 76.2 cm (30 inches)
Please scroll horizontally to view the full table

Here Are Some Ideas to Style a Queen Size Bed in a Small Room

Now that you’re familiar with all the technical aspects around queen size bed dimensions, it’s time to look at some ideas on how to style a queen size bed in a small room. Here are some easy and functional edits you can make to your space to modify how it looks with a queen size bed.

1: Use a Rug to Create Visual Interest

Either go for a full-size area rug or keep it minimal with a short under-bed rug

Smaller rooms might throw the majority of attention onto your queen size bed dimensions as it takes centre stage in confined spaces. This, in turn, can leave the rest of the room looking plain and bare. To combat this, bring in some visual interest by adding a rug under your queen size bed. You can either go for a large area rug or smaller to add a touch of cosiness to the space.

2: Position Your Bed Against the Least Busy Wall for Visual Depth

Create a standalone statement by placing your bed at the heart of the room

Nothing makes a small room appear smaller like clutter. Similarly, since queen size bed dimensions take up the most amount of space in a small room, it can quickly make the room look smaller depending on its placement. To avoid this, try to place your bed against a wall that is solid and bare (without doors/windows/fixtures). 

Opt for minimal fixtures or a statement design on the least busy wall to add interest to the room. Otherwise, let the bed be the sole statement piece if it has a defined headboard or supporting accessories.

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3: Replace Night Stands with Bedside Tables

Ditch bulky nightstands for simple, open storage solutions by the bed

Night stands can occasionally be bulky and consume more floor space in small or narrow rooms. Instead, you can explore open storage ideas to style your queen size bed in a small room. A sleek bedside table can complement your queen size bed dimensions in a way that does not consume more space.

4: Use Accessories and Soft Furnishings To Your Advantage

Keep things bright and spacious with neutral colours and minimal accents

Since your queen size bed dimensions are bound to become the focal point of a small room, certain accessories can help you trick the eye. Soft furnishings like your curtains help draw the eye upwards when fixed higher up the room. This helps create vertical length giving the appearance of a higher ceiling and more spacious area. 

Similarly, neutral or light room paint colours can reflect light and add to the depth of the room. Higher headboards can also create the impression of space. Try to club these ideas together to make the most of a small bedroom with a queen bed.

#5: Keep Your Furniture Minimal

Stick to concealed storage units or multipurpose seating areas to make the most of available space

As we know that clutter does not work well for small rooms, it becomes imperative to pick the right furniture for a cleaner look. You can do this by only opting for furniture that has a minimalist design without any bulky features. Save the majority of space for accommodating your queen size bed dimensions and dress up the remaining areas with limited furniture pieces. Go for simple concealed storage options or tables with exposed legs for a lighter visual. 

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