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vastu-myths-busted-by-vijendra-bathija 1

Vastu Expert Vijendra Bathija Busts 10 Myths You Were Made to Believe

From the direction of your entryway to having a south-facing home, find all your FAQs on vastu myths answered


How to Fix Pooja Room Vastu Doshas? 12 Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

From direction to colour choices, here’s everything you need to know to rid yourself of pooja room vastu doshas


Top 10 Kitchen Colours to Attract Positivity Into Your Kitchen As per Vastu

A complete guide to help you choose the best kitchen colours as per vastu for different parts of your kitchen—and a list of colours to avoid too


8+ Tips to Help You Improve the Vastu for Your Home’s Entrance

Use this list to know the dos and don’ts of home entrance vastu, and discover some clever tips that will help you create a vastu-compliant space with ease


Vastu for South-Facing House: Tips and Remedies for a South-Facing House

Worried about whether your south-facing house has vastu doshas? We’ve got some simple vastu remedies for you to try out.

17 Important Things to Know About Your East-Facing House Vastu Plan

17 Important Things to Know About Your East-Facing House Vastu Plan

Take a look at all the important dos and don’ts, you never knew about an east-facing house vastu plan.


Vastu for Bathroom: 10+ Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Vastu-Compliant

A bathroom vastu guide can help you get rid of toxic energies from your home and make space for positivity. Check out these vastu for bathroom tips and welcome home good vibes


8 Vastu Tips for Every Room in Your North-Facing Home

From ideal vastu placements to must-know dos and don’ts, this comprehensive list will ensure that you’re getting the most out of your north-facing home


Vastu for Doors and Windows: Top 8 Tips From Experts

Channelling positive energy throughout your home is not a game of chance. You can control the energy using these vastu tips for doors and windows


5 Plants That Are Not Good for Your Home, According to Vastu

Wondering which plants are not good for home vastu? Steer clear of these 5+ plants that can bring home misfortune

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