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10+ Different Types of Tiles and How to Select the Best One for Your Home

Here’s something every homeowner should have access to—the lowdown on the diverse types of tiles available, from purpose, durability, costs and maintenance tips


Which of These 12 Types of Flooring Is the Best Option for You?

A handy guide that details the various materials to choose from, how much they cost, as well as room-wise suggestions to help you select the best flooring options for your home


Ceramic Tiles vs Vitrified Tiles: The Best and Easiest Guide for Flooring

This guide on ceramic tiles vs vitrified tiles cover everything from differences to advantages. Take a look to make the right choice for your home


What’s the Best Flooring to Use at Home? Ultimate Guide

With a focus on materials, comparisons, maintenance, and more, this guide can help you pick out the best flooring for Indian homes


14 Marble Flooring Designs That Can Make Your Home Vibrant and Classy

Our handpicked collection featuring the best marble floor designs


Is Laminate Flooring the Best Option for Indian Homes?

It’s as gorgeous as wooden flooring, but cheaper!


What Are Vitrified Tiles? What Are Their Types, Advantages and Costs?

Learn all about vitrified tiles price, types, advantages, disadvantages, properties, and cleaning tips here


Latest Wooden Flooring Ideas and Costs: Textured Wood Floors for Your Home

Know the latest wood tiling trends that you can use in your home


Marble Flooring Price: What Is the Cost of Different Types of Marble Flooring in India?

We’ve included the prices for different types of marble flooring per square foot along with all the additional costs like polishing, installation, inlaid flooring, etc.


19 Stunning Flooring Tiles Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

From your living room to the lobby, we have multiple flooring tiles design ideas for you

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