The secret to a clutter-free and space-efficient kitchen is ample storage units. And what defines a good storage unit? Yes, it’s the space but also the strength and durability of the shutters. Your kitchen cabinet shutter should be strong and easy-to-use. But how can you be sure of the strength of your kitchen cupboards shutters? At Livspace, we conduct multiple tests to guarantee the durability of our kitchen cabinet shutters. In this article, we talk about our tests as well as different shutter techniques. Read on.

How Livspace Tests the Durability of Kitchen Cabinets?

At Livspace, we pride ourselves on providing durable and long-lasting kitchen cupboards, cabinets and shutters.  All our cabinet shutters undergo 80,000 open and close cycles. Moreover, our shutters are designed to be soft closing and anti-finger jamming, tested and checked in European labs using robotics. We also use Zinc coating to prevent corrosion. Watch this video to know more about the tests we conduct.

Let us take a look at the types of kitchen cupboard shutters.

#1: Hinge/Swing Shutter

Unique and trendy!

If you like old-school designs, then swing door shutters are your go-to option. But, that does not mean you have to deal with creaking hinges. Fit your cabinets with high-quality hardware that lasts longer and does not harm the shutters in the long run. Get creative and play around with the handles or go sleek with handle-less cabinets. You can also choose between a solid shutter and a frosted glass one to add to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

#2: Simply Lift-up

Smooth operators

Most of us want to optimise storage in our kitchens by adding maximum wall units and lofts. If you notice the latest modular kitchens in most homes, you will see lift-up cabinets on the walls. This is great for people who want everything within easy reach. When you’re busy with your cooking sessions, you need to literally lift a finger to open these cabinets. They are very smooth to use and are noiseless, too.

#3: Effortless Soft Close

Stop the slam!

Modern day families are very conscious about noisy cutlery trays and shutters and drawers that make a thud when you close them in a hurry. If you find yourself in this category, then get the soft close mechanism for drawers. No matter how hard you push them, they never bang against the carcass. This not only makes your modules last longer, but also helps reduce the operational noise in your kitchen.

#4: Roller-up for Appliances

For elegance and functionality 

Tandem units or roller shutters, as they are more commonly known as, are one of the best inventions for your kitchen cupboards. Why, you ask? Well, practically speaking, it can be a challenge to keep your kitchen looking neat and clean on a daily basis, especially if you love cooking. Roller shutters can help you hide away all your appliances when not in use while keeping your counters free. It is very smooth and does not make a lot of sound as you might feel, looking at it.

#5: Easy Flap-up

The art of convenience

Flap-up cabinet shutters come in two variants — single and double flap. An extension of the lift-up mechanism, this is perfect for wall units when there is not enough space for a swing door cabinet. Both variants of this mechanism are equally convenient and you can choose any one depending on your preference and height of the overhead cabinet. A glass or frosted glass shutter looks the best with this one.

#6: Retracting Drawers

Maximize your storage space

Retractable drawers are a lazy chef’s best friend. And, it’s not just us who say this. During a recent casual banter, one of our clients from Gurgaon said that he loves the retracting drawers in his kitchen because he often tends to leave them open. The fact that they slowly close on their own is what he admires the most. So, you can cook peacefully while drawers close on their own.

Now that you know what mechanisms you can get for your kitchen cabinets, do not go for the ordinary. Make cooking a delightful activity and let your kitchen hardware help you with it.

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