Sheer beauty and outstanding functionality – that’s what our stunning new kitchen shutters from the exclusive Regalia range are all about. Core materials like MDF and HDF-HMR act as a seamless substrate for the finish to hold on to. Additionally, the smooth surface allows intricate and beautiful designs.

This esteemed range offers 4 new kitchen shutter designs that are a class apart! Crafted with unparalleled elegance, these designs promise to fit in with your premium lifestyle.

4 Types of New Shutter Designs

Let’s take a look at the new range of modular kitchen shutters:

#1: Shaker Shutters

Regalia shaker shutters will give your kitchen a classy and timeless look
The sleek design will make your kitchen look uncluttered

The Regalia range of shaker shutters are a class apart! These classic shutter designs will ensure your kitchen looks modern yet timeless.

Shutter DesignCNC routing of 4mm
depth at the centre
and 22mm thickness
along the edge
Design CompatibilityClassical and contemporary
UsageWall cabinets, base
cabinets and tall units
Core Material OptionsMDF or HDF-HMR
Finish OptionsMembrane or PU
Compatible HandlesClassical handles
Benefit to Your KitchenA classy and timeless look

#2: Handleless Kitchen Shutters

Handleless shutters will give your kitchen a seamless vibe

If you love minimal simplicity, these handleless kitchen shutters are the perfect option for you! Sleek and seamless, handleless cabinets ensure a clutter-free look for your kitchen. Moreover, invisible grooves at the top of the shutters will help you easily open the cabinets.

Design CompatibilityClassical, contemporary
and modern styles
UsageWall cabinets, base
cabinets and tall units
Core Material OptionsMDF or HDF-HMR
Finish OptionsPU
Benefit to Your KitchenA clutter-free
and clean look

The Regalia range of handleless kitchen shutters offer 2 new options for you.

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Pontis and Navis

End-to-end, well-rounded grooves
  • Pontis – Sleek and modern, these shutter designs have end-to-end grooves, like a bridge, across the cabinets. This enhances the elegance of your kitchen. Additionally, it also provides a smooth and contemporary look
Dip at the centre that acts as a handle
  • Navis – Another seamless option, the Navis kitchen shutters come with a boat-like dip at the centre. This makes it convenient to hold and open. Moreover, it also creates a balanced look

The biggest benefit that the Pontis and Navis shutter designs offer is that the well-rounded edges prevent accidents. As such, these are perfect when you have kids or pets at home.

While Pontis and Navis are the two new types of handleless shutters we’ve introduced in the Regalia range, you can also choose to go with the existing options: G profile, edge profile and Gola profile shutters.

G, Edge and Gola Profiles

Grooves with no protrusions
  • G Profile – These kitchen shutters do not have any protrusions. However, the groove at the top ensure convenience
A slight protrusion attached to the shutter
  • Edge Profile – While these cabinets have a slight protrusion for ease of use, the slim and minimal design guarantees a seamless look
Grooves in the carcass
  • Gola Profile – These shutter designs don’t have any protrusions. Grooves in the carcass help to open the cabinets

#3: Fluted Glass Shutters

fluted glass kitchen shutters
Blur out what’s stored inside while also creating a glam aura with glass in your kitchen
Fluted glass shutters offer a captivating element of mystery

Glass helps to create a more spacious and airy look. However, glass shutters also reveal what’s inside your cabinets. If you want to take advantage of glass kitchen shutters while also maintaining an element of mystery, fluted glass is the best option for you.

Design CompatibilityClassical, contemporary
and modern styles
UsageWall cabinets and
tall units
Core Material OptionsMDF or HDF-HMR
Finish OptionsMembrane
Compatible HandlesClassical and
modern handles
Benefit to Your KitchenProvides an element
of mystery. Additionally,
it also reflects the recessed
lighting aesthetically

#4: Tinted Glass Kitchen Shutters

Tinted glass shutters will give your kitchen an entirely new dimension

All things classy, our tinted glass kitchen shutters will fit in perfectly with your premium lifestyle.

Design CompatibilityContemporary and
modern styles
UsageWall cabinets
Available ColoursBrown and
black tinted
Frame UsedAluminium
Aluminium ProfilesBlack, rose gold,
champagne and
anodized silver finishes
Benefit to Your KitchenAs the visibility is
reduced, it provides a
different look and adds a
new dimension

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  • Regalia kitchen shutters feature advanced technologies like DuraBuild, AquaBloc and AntiBubble

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